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  • ...f> However, the [[English language|English]] word pertains to two distinct concepts: [[religion|Religious]] or [[spiritual enlightenment]] ([[German language| ...''[[moksha]]''' in [[Hinduism]] and other Indian religious traditions. The concept does also have parallels in the [[Abrahamic religion]]s, that is, in the [[
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  • ...[[Situational ethics|situationist]] approach challenged the relevance of [[self]] and [[personality]] in psychology. to social psychology remain an important counterpart to psychological research in this area.
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  • ...ize behavior modification when attempting to guide children’s habits and self management skills. Discipline can take the form of behavior modification wh ...itive psychology]] to behavior therapy. Further developments may include research from cultural, spiritual, neurological, and biological sciences.
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  • Today, the TAT is widely used as a tool for research in areas of psychology such as [[dream]]s, fantasies, mate selection, and w ...limit the range of personality characteristics that the TAT can explore. Research has shown that factors including race, gender, and [[social class]] of both
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  • ...develop treatments for, even the most severe [[psychosis|psychoses]]. This search for satisfaction via personal involvement with others led Sullivan to chara ...en the incentive for his later interest in [[psychiatry]]. Sullivan's keen self-awareness contributed to his later work, ''Schizophrenia as a Human Process
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  • ...Morag'') in East Prussia, Herder grew up in a poor household, educating himself from his father's Bible and songbook. In 1762, an introspective youth of se ...laim to have founded a new school of German political thought. Although himself an unsociable person, Herder influenced his contemporaries greatly. One fri
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  • ...]] in mid-1974 to visit [[Neem Karoli Baba]] at his Kainchi [[Ashram]], in search of spiritual enlightenment. When they reached the Neem Karoli ashram it was Walter Isaacson "...he came to like the idea of having a uniform for himself, both because of its daily convenience (the rationale he claimed) and its a
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  • Few concepts in human [[history]] have generated as much fascination, intense longing, ... and disciplining them in an effort to raise them well. In addition to the conception of God as a divine Father, other depictions of God include Mother, frien
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  • ...esthetics]], and can use [[art]], [[music]], and [[literature]] to express concepts and feelings. Their mental capability, natural [[curiosity]], and [[anatom ...preciate [[beauty]] and [[aesthetics]], combined with the human desire for self-expression, has led to [[culture|cultural]] innovations such as [[art]], [[
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  • ... birth; however, some systems teach that a soul is created at birth (or at conception) and becomes immortal thereafter.</ref> ...ures posit more than one soul in each person (see below). The metaphysical concept of a soul is often linked with ideas such as [[reincarnation]], [[heaven]],
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  • ...ach the question from the perspectives of [[revelation]], [[enlightenment (concept)|enlightenment]], and doctrine. Generally, religions have in common two mos ...fe in a philosophical sense, but some studies bear on related questions. Researchers in [[positive psychology]] study factors that lead to life satisfaction
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  • being survives [[death]] to be reborn in a new body. This reincarnated self carries with it some essence or identity of the past life into the next lif ...ries of past lives, and find recalling such memories helpful in therapy. Researchers such as Ian Stevenson have explored the issue of reincarnation in a [[sc
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  • ... and represent knowledge. Many people believe that God was revealing God's-self through the ancient laws and ethical principles contained in Hindu scriptur ...t) or the Universal Soul from which the many emanates: "Being thought to itself: 'May I be many, may I procreate'” (''Chandogya Upanishad,'' Embree: 37).
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  • ...ruel disciplinarian figure holding his son Berndt in higher regard than herself, despite the fact that he bought her gifts and even took her for sea voyage ...igrated to the [[United States]]. Horney quickly set about establishing herself. Her first career posting in the United States was as the Associate Directo
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  • ...velopment, but acting in a different way. This same confusion has pervaded concepts of the dialectic in philosophy, particularly in Marxism. ...tiated by [[Aristotle]], the dialectic refers to a movement of the mind in search for truth.
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  • ...t known for a series of novels and the modernist play, ''Six Characters in Search of an Author.'' This play demonstrates the impact of [[relativism]] in mode ...ily of Lina, which demanded that Luigi abandon his studies and dedicate himself to the sulfur business so that he could immediately marry her. In 1886, dur
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  • ...en he requires the same liking from others; he then judges not just for himself but for everyone, and speaks of beauty as if it were a property of things." ...Riefenstahl]], presents us with this problem in an extreme way: The film itself is an aesthetic and cinematic masterpiece, yet it functioned as propaganda
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  • ...hy of [[Human_being|human]] needs, of which the highest were the need for "self-actualization" through creative and productive living. ... work. There, he met [[Kurt Goldstein]], who introduced him to the idea of self-actualization.
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  • ...ies in recent decades suggest strongly that the great apes have a level of self-consciousness as well. this mainstream view, a small group of neuroscientists has persisted in searching for evidence suggesting the possibility of a human mind existing and ope
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  • ...nt role in encouraging women to question traditional female roles and seek self-fulfillment.<ref name=Friedan>Betty Friedan, ''The Feminine Mystique'' (New ... boasted 200 exclusively female members. The feminist movement developed itself again in [[French Left|Socialist]] movements of the [[Romanticism|Romantic]
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