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  • * the [[scattered disc]] ... Ceres|Ceres]], the largest object in the asteroid belt; and the scattered disc object Eris. The IAU is evaluating other known objects to see if they fit w
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  • ...]. The objects within the Kuiper belt, together with the members of the [[scattered disk]] extending beyond, are collectively referred to as [[trans-Neptunian ...1980. The belt and the objects in it were named after Kuiper following the discovery of {{mpl|(15760) 1992 QB|1}}.
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  • ...[Eris (dwarf planet)|Eris]]. There have been more than two hundred planets discovered [[extrasolar planet|orbiting other stars]] to date.<ref name="Encyclo ...nce with the [[heliocentric model]]. However, when subsequent planets were discovered in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the naming practice was r
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  • | discovery = yes | discoverer = [[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde W. Tombaugh]]
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  • of SO2 by explosive volcanism on Venus," <i>Journal of Geophysical Research</i> 104: 18,899-18,906.</ref> ...sow (1995), "The global resurfacing of Venus," <i>Journal of Geophysical Research</i> 99: 10,899-10,926.</ref> Earth's crust is in continuous motion, but it
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  • ... and mythologies were generally quite portable, as they could retain their discrete forms without interfering with the various cults already in practice el ...mic plan or cyclical transformations required by it.<ref>Jan Assmann. ''In search for God in ancient Egypt,'' Translated by David Lorton. (Ithaca: Cornell Un
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  • ...ons is large enough, at their respective orbital radii, to cover the Sun's disc as seen from the surface of the planet. Eclipses of the moons by Mars are n ...edictable once their orbital elements were known. During the 1670s, it was discovered that these events were occurring about 17 minutes later than expected
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  • |national_motto= Unity, Discipline, Faith <br/> (Urdu: {{lang|ur|{{line-height|2|{{Nastaliq|اتحاد، ...[[jackal]]s, [[hyena]]s, wild cats, [[panther]]s, and [[leopard]]s roam in search of food. In the north, some of the rarest animals in the world can be seen
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  • ...types and are not in themselves remarkably valuable. One consists of shell-disc [[necklace]]s (''veigun'' or ''Soulava'') that are traded to the north (cir ...ake the circuit. The valuables are kept in constant motion, encircling the scattered islands in rings of social and magical power.
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  • ...[zither]]. One of his kanteles is made of the jawbone of a giant pike. His search for a wife is a central element in many stories, although he never finds on ... forges himself a wife out of gold and silver but finds her to be cold and discards her. Ilmarinen then robs the sister of the Maid of the North from ''Poh
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  • ...y be expected to have, or who require professional assistance with their research. media such as [[microfilm]], [[microfiche]], [[audio tape]]s, [[Compact disc|CD]]s, [[Gramophone record|LP]]s, [[compact cassette|cassette]]s, [[video t
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  • ...met in Lincoln County at the home of justice of the peace Squire Wilson to discuss the possibility of a deal.<ref name=Etulain> Richard W. Etulain, "Billy ...nd killed him. Realizing what they had done and now demoralized, the posse scattered, allowing McCarty and his gang to slip away. McCarty later wrote to Governo
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