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  • ... engineering''' is a field of [[engineering]] dealing with the design of [[structure]]s that support or resist [[structural load|load]]s. Structural engineering ... designs satisfy given design criteria, predicated on safety (for example, structures must not collapse without due warning) or serviceability and performance (
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  • ...sotope|isotopic]] composition of elements in a compound, determining the [[structure]] of a compound by observing its fragmentation, quantifying the amount of a ...Douglas Harper, 2001. [ Spectrum]. ''Online Etymology Dictionary''. Retrieved October 17,
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  • ...;1930&nbsp;[[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde&nbsp;Tombaugh]] was working on a project searching for a ninth planet at [[Lowell Observatory]]. Tombaugh's work was to sys ..., 2007}}</ref> The work continued after Lowell's death in 1916. Lowell was searching for a theoretical [[Planet X]] to match observations seen in Uranus and
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  • ==Structure== ===Internal structure: core, mantle and crust===
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  • ...he active molecule becomes concentrated in tissues of interest; then the research subject or patient is placed in the imaging scanner. The molecule most comm ... images. This is very useful in showing detailed views of moving organs or structures with higher amounts of anatomical variation, such as are more likely to oc
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  • === Discovery and early research === ...edge of pyroelectricity with their understanding of the underlying crystal structures that gave rise to pyroelectricity to predict crystal behavior, and demonst
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  • ... The ends of a nanotube may be capped with a hemisphere having a buckyball structure. Nanotubes are categorized as [[#Single-walled|single-walled]] (SWNTs) and ....gif|thumb|240px|This animation of a rotating carbon nanotube shows its 3D structure.]]
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  • magnetic field on the interplanetary medium creates one of the largest structures in the solar system: the [[heliospheric current sheet]].<ref>[http://quake ...Pitjeva, M. V. Vasilyev and E. I. Yagudina, [ “Hidden
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  •, and [[energy]], and under three distinct and interrelated organization structures of rhythm, [[harmony]], and [[melody]]." Since music is natural, it can be ..., 2000).</ref> These aspects combine to create secondary aspects including structure, texture and style. Other commonly included aspects include the spatial loc
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  • and other religious buildings, and Islamic arts were expressed in those structures and their accoutrements. Royal patronage also extended to secular arts. ... repetition, field effects, symmetry/asymmetry, perceived mass, subliminal structure, linear dynamics, tension and repose, pattern, contrast, perspective, two a
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  • ...[Wardenclyffe Tower]] facility and advertised services. By 1903, the tower structure neared completion. Various theories exist on how Tesla intended to achieve ...ent broadcasts commenced in 1922, from the [[Guglielmo Marconi|Marconi]] Research Centre at Writtle, near [[Chelmsford, England]].
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  • ...wide variety of civilian and commercial applications as well. They include search and rescue, emergency medical service, [[firefighting]], commercial aviatio ...d wing aircraft. Sikorsky is reported to have delayed his own helicopter research until suitable engines were commercially available. Improvements in [[fuel]
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  • == Overview, structure, and function == ...igam et al. 1997). The tracheal system allows gas exchange through tubular structures that connect the air directly with the inner organs, allowing diffusion of
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  • ...inosaurs had them and passed them on to all their descendants. Such common structures across a taxonomic group are called [[synapomorphy|synapomorphies]]. ...e with (most commonly) a forward-pointing process. By contrast, the pelvic structure of saurischian dinosaurs was three-pronged, and featured a pubis bone direc
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  • ...onal capitals]] on [[ancient Rome|Roman]] buildings and [[monument]]s were structured on a [[Euclidean geometry|euclidean]] [[geometry|geometric]] scheme and th ... scribes and [[Humanism|humanist]] scholars of the early fifteenth century searched for ancient [[minuscule]]s to match the Roman inscriptional capitals. Pra
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  • [[Image:Quark structure proton.svg|thumb|200px|A [[proton]] is an example of a hadron. It is compos ...Hundreds of resonances have been observed in particle physics experiments. Resonances decay extremely quickly (within about 10<sup>&minus;24</sup> [[second]]s)
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  • ...s are pollinated by very small [[wasp]]s that crawl through the opening in search of a suitable place to reproduce (lay eggs), often leaving their [[wing]]s ...roots toward the ground, and may envelop part of the host tree or building structure with their roots, giving them the casual name of [[Strangler Fig|"strangler
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  • Some argue that wherever people live today, they are influenced by the structure of consciousness that was shaped in this Axial Age. The ancient [[Olympic g ...d the 'Annales School' approach, with its interest in long term historical structures (''(la longue durée)'' over events. In his book, ''Socrates, Buddha, Conf
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  • ...ense of wonder of that which is created, meditation on the mystery and the search for Truth. This wonderful freedom is like a foretaste of the freedom of Hea ...An example of Messiaen's harmonic use of this phenomenon, which he called "resonance," is the last two bars of Messiaen's first piano ''Prélude,'' ''La colombe
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  • ...powerfully moved by the story of Siddhartha’s great renunciation, of his search for truth and of his final enlightenment. This was at a time when I was you ...t could be undertaken. I also gathered from it a variety of problems for research which were later to occupy my attention and keep me busy for many years.</b
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