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  • ...;1930&nbsp;[[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde&nbsp;Tombaugh]] was working on a project searching for a ninth planet at [[Lowell Observatory]]. Tombaugh's work was to sys ..., 2007}}</ref> The work continued after Lowell's death in 1916. Lowell was searching for a theoretical [[Planet X]] to match observations seen in Uranus and
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  • ...Douglas Harper, 2001. [ Spectrum]. ''Online Etymology Dictionary''. Retrieved October 17, ...plitude and/or excitation voltage frequency is varied to bring ions into a resonance condition in order of their mass/charge ratio.<ref>W. Paul & H. Steinwedel
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  • ...Pitjeva, M. V. Vasilyev and E. I. Yagudina, [ “Hidden # The "classical" belt, consisting of objects that don't have any resonance with Neptune. It extends from roughly 39.4 AU to 47.7 AU.
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  • ... Kuiper belt), apart from those which fortuitously were in a 2:3 [[orbital resonance]]. These resonant bodies formed the [[plutino]]s. The present Kuiper Belt m ...CD]] of high quantum efficiency, allowing for cost effective automated KBO searching in combination with large [[telescope]]s.
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  • ...he active molecule becomes concentrated in tissues of interest; then the research subject or patient is placed in the imaging scanner. The molecule most comm PET scans are increasingly read alongside CT or [[magnetic resonance imaging]] (MRI) scans, the combination ([[Image registration|"co-registrati
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  • ...obs, "Mercury's tides and interior structure." <i>Journal of Geophysical Research</i> 108 (2003): 7.</ref> ...explanation postulated a slight oblateness of the Sun). The success of the search for [[Neptune]] based on its perturbations of [[Uranus]]' orbit led astrono
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  • ...gaged, or focused onto the new location (Eysenck & Keane, 2005). Current research, regarding neural correlates of these physical shifts of attention, specifi == Research models of attention ==
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  • ...s also marked a time of specific, [[ethnomusicology|ethnomusicological]] research, conducted by Alice M. Moyle and Trevor A. Jones, who later published many Aboriginal didgeridoo craftsmen spend considerable time in the challenging search for a [[tree]] that has been hollowed out—by [[termite]]s—to just the r
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  • === Discovery and early research === ...elasticity in fluids and solids, resulting in huge advances in materials research. Ultrasonic [[time-domain reflectometer]]s (which send an ultrasonic pulse
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  • ...ent broadcasts commenced in 1922, from the [[Guglielmo Marconi|Marconi]] Research Centre at Writtle, near [[Chelmsford, England]]. ...o process radio signals. In 1994, the U.S. Army and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, [[DARPA]] launched an aggressive, successful project to co
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  • ...Hundreds of resonances have been observed in particle physics experiments. Resonances decay extremely quickly (within about 10<sup>&minus;24</sup> [[second]]s) ...l]]s (noted below) and hybrid mesons (mesons bound by excited [[gluon]]s). Searches for exotic mesons that have different constituents are ongoing.
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  • ...of the discipline into music theory, music history, and ethnomusicology. Research in musicology has often been enriched by cross-disciplinary work, for examp ...rn of the century, the next few decades, artists of all nationalities were searching for different modes of expression. Composers such as [[Arnold Schoenberg
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  • ...wide variety of civilian and commercial applications as well. They include search and rescue, emergency medical service, [[firefighting]], commercial aviatio ...d wing aircraft. Sikorsky is reported to have delayed his own helicopter research until suitable engines were commercially available. Improvements in [[fuel]
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  • ... the initial buzz that is now associated with carbon nanotubes. Nanotube research accelerated greatly following the independent discoveries<ref>D.S. Bethune, ...contentious issue, especially because several scientists involved in the research could be likely candidates for the Nobel Prize. Many believe that Iijima's
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  • ...powerfully moved by the story of Siddhartha’s great renunciation, of his search for truth and of his final enlightenment. This was at a time when I was you ...t could be undertaken. I also gathered from it a variety of problems for research which were later to occupy my attention and keep me busy for many years.</b
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  • ...440.<ref>etymonline, [ Etymology of the word structure.] Retrieved September 11, 2008.</r ...(2): 118-124. Retrieved September 11, 2008.</ref> This collapse, and the research that followed, led to an increased understanding of wind/structure interact
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  • <!--To compare values on this table with those of other plant sources, search ''Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases''--> According to the Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank, when guaranine is defined as only the [[caffeine]] chemical in g
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  • The war precipitated the research to find better resolution, more portability, more features for that new def ...y distinguished. When the two length scales are comparable, there may be [[resonance]]s. Early radar used very long [[wavelength]]s that were larger than the ta
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  • "uncle." Charles also taught part-time at the [[New School for Social Research]]. Career and money tensions led to quarrels and reconciliations, but when ...h century.<ref name=Tick>Judith Tick, ''Ruth Crawford Seeger: a Composer's Search for American Music'' (Oxford University Press, 2000, ISBN 978-0195137927).<
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  • ...mic plan or cyclical transformations required by it.<ref>Jan Assmann. ''In search for God in ancient Egypt,'' Translated by David Lorton. (Ithaca: Cornell Un ...d shut, sealed with lead and threw into the Nile. Osiris's wife, [[Isis]], searched for his remains until she finally found him embedded in a tree trunk, whi
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