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  • ... prolific speaker, his writings filling over 400 volumes, and his original religious teachings are published as the [[Divine Principle|''Exposition of the Divin ...o foster cooperation among religions, proposing the establishment an inter-religious council at the [[United Nations]], and advocating a tunnel across the [[Ber
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  • ...igion, while simultaneously retaining his status as President of the Inter Religious Federation for World Peace. Smart held both titles at the time of his passi ...hers better if a peaceful, and fairer, more just world is to emerge, since religious beliefs, irrespective of whether religion is "true" represent people’s de
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  • ...[[martial law]], the declaration of Bangladesh's independence, [[Operation Searchlight|military suppression]], devastation during war, and natural calamities ...ndation (architecture)|foundation]] in [[Bengal]].<ref>[ Chawk Mosque (Dhaka)]. accessdate 2007-07-06 </ref>
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  • ..."), intensifying his criticism of [[imperialism]]. Nazrul condemned Muslim religious fundamentalism and explored the lives of downtrodden masses in India. He re ...s such as love, freedom, and revolution; he opposed all bigotry, including religious and gender. His impassioned patriotic stance against the oppressiveness of
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  • ...[[Ireland|Irish]] [[monk]]s, preached Christianity and started a wave of [[Religious conversion|conversion]]. The Merovingians were succeeded by the [[Carolingi ... secularized the education system and reorganized or abolished a number of religious orders.
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  • ...w|legal]] systems of the colony were thus closely tied to their [[religion|religious]] beliefs. Many of the people and events surrounding Plymouth Colony have b ... Nottinghamshire, England, the congregation began to feel the pressures of religious persecution. During the Hampton Court Conference, [[James I of England|King
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  • [[Category:Education]] ...story and tradition, particularly in regards to the paradigm of [[Jesuit]] educational philosophy. The University promotes a Jesuit principle known as ''[[cura
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  • ...nitiated by the [[British Empire|British]] which had neglected to consider religious, linguistic, and ethnic differences. When Nigeria won independence from Bri ...ultan]]. This Sultan was regarded as the source of all political power and religious authority.
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  • ...percent of [[South Korea|South Korean's]] 49 million citizens profess some religious affiliation. That affiliation is spread among a great variety of traditions In Korea, religious practices intersect with daily life in a number of ways. During the days pr
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  • ... property contributed to the early development of Varanasi as an important religious city. It is not only one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in [[I ...ished intellectuals. It has remained a center of [[religion|religious]], [[education]]al, and [[art]]istic activities throughout its history.
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  • ...y who later converted to Christianity, Mendelssohn benefited from the best education, was handsome and athletic, and was a master of water-color painting and se The Mendelssohn children were at first brought up without religious education but were later baptised as [[Lutheranism|Lutherans]] in 1816 (at which time
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  • ...ecades as many Jews have rejected secularism and sought to return to their religious roots. ...munity-wide Torah study. Academic interest is normally directed toward the religious studies found in the [[yeshiva]], rather than secular academic pursuits
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  • ...the wandering [[Judaism|Jew]] Ahasuerus. As a moralist, he used [[religion|religious]] motifs and figures from the [[Christianity|Christian]] tradition without ...rkvist was born in Växjö (Småland). He received a traditional religious education which strongly influenced all his works, although his passion for religion
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  • ... time, his stances on many topics were extremely controversial. [[Religion|Religiously]], he was an [[agnosticism|agnostic]] or an [[atheism|atheist]] strongly ... have pointed out inconsistencies in Russell's attacks on [[religion]] and religious values. For although he himself admittedly lacked a cogent system of [[mora
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  • [[Category:Education]] ...764, as Rhode Island College, it is the third-oldest institution of higher education in [[New England]] and the seventh-oldest in the United States. It is a mem
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  • ...deviant]] or [[sin]]ful behavior in most cultures, attitudes stemming from religious and philosophical ideas about what behaviors are in accord with [[nature]] ...sexuals as a civil rights issue. On the other side, many conservatives and religious people regard homosexuality as a deviant state and same-sex relations as ou
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  • ... Civilization]] suggest that goddess worship was also the earliest form of religious practice in [[India]]. ... failed loves. [[Athena]] was heralded as the goddess of wisdom, artistry, education and inner [[beauty]], as well as war. [[Zeus]] represented the god of [[wea
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  • ...ef>[ Researchers: Obama has German roots]. ''USATODAY'' (June 4, 2009). Retrieved Februar ==Further education and early career==
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  • ... magisterial cathedrals raised up across Europe to glorify God; of popular religious orders, such as the [[Franciscans]] and [[Dominicans]], which exemplified C ...Dictionary -medieval" [ Definition from Online Etymology Dictionary] - Retrieved October 2
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  • ...vorce, workplace rights (including [[maternity leave]] and equal pay), and education; and putting an end to domestic violence, gender stereotypes, [[discriminat ...other issues of equality, such as the end to discrimination in society, in education and in the work place. The third arose in the early 1990s as a response to
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