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  • ...[[local search (Internet)|local search]], and industry-specific [[vertical search]] engines. ...words and to remove barriers to the [[web crawler|indexing activities]] of search engines.
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  • ... individuals who are comfortable with both [[heterosexual]] and homosexual relationships. ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref>
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  • ... of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at their compound on Mount Carmel, a property located nine miles (1 ...onality and lack any type of conscience…. No one willingly enters into a relationship like this. So you're talking about deception and manipulation (by the leade
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  • Today, the TAT is widely used as a tool for research in areas of psychology such as [[dream]]s, fantasies, mate selection, and w ...limit the range of personality characteristics that the TAT can explore. Research has shown that factors including race, gender, and [[social class]] of both
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  • ...who suffered with mental problems. In the past 70 years infant and child research and new discoveries in adults have led to further modification of theory. D ...m the treatment of women with mental disturbances) (Blum, 1977). Several researchers, coming together in Blum's 1977 book, ''Female Psychology,'' followed [[
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  • ...ver awarded. He held a position as lecturer at the New School for Social Research, as well as visiting, as a professor, at [[Harvard]], [[Yale]], [[Princeton separated from [[reason]], making it socially acceptable to seek sexual relationships and avoid the natural drive to relate to another person and create new lif
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  • ...e [[Bible]] itself. One of the key points in the debate has to do with its relationship to traditional [[Judaism]]. Many Christians believe that Jesus presented a ...ristian]] audience that indeed perceived itself as being in an adversarial relationship with traditional [[Judaism]], but also held strictly to most of the Mosaic
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  • ...y of them dealing with the rights of immigrants, double jeopardy, improper search and seizure, and privacy issues. ...clined the gift. Marshall believed that was the root cause of the troubled relationship between the two of them.
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  • ...nor even the sacred [[Ark of the Covenant]] itself were essential to God's relationship to his people: ...y appearing in the marketplace with a wooden yoke around his neck publicly counseling a policy of submission to the Babylonian power. The influential Temple-affi
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  • ...[surgery]], [[chemotherapy]], and [[radiation therapy|radiotherapy]]. As research develops, treatments are becoming more specific for different varieties of ...the [[British doctors study]]). Richard Doll left the [[London]] Medical Research Center (MRC), to start the [[Oxford]] unit for cancer epidemiology in 1968.
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  • In addition to research in primates, in more recent studies biologists have explored [[reconciliati ...ctions, but also a reconciliation—[[forgiveness]] and a new start in the relationship.
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  • ...exists in isolation from others, and that it is crucial to keep the proper relationships with the key persons in one's life, such as one's King, parents, siblings, ...he trip to Japan in 1941. With the shadow of [[World War II]] looming, the relationship between the Japanese occupation government in Korea and the Korean Christia
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  • ...rsonal spiritual experiences that he wrote about in detail, along with his relationship with [[God]], in his autobiography. However, he did not include explicitly ...r Zurich and Jung was an aspiring young doctor there on the rise. Jung's research at the Burghölzli established him as a psychiatrist of international reput
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  • the public arena in fields such as politics, business and scientific research. Contemporary Indian feminists are fighting for individual autonomy, politi ...m as "separation of various sorts or modes from men and from institutions, relationships, roles and activities that are male-defined, male-dominated, and operating
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  • ...p:// ...r, Volkogonov subsequently revealed that he had spent only two days on his search and had mainly relied on the word of [[KGB]] archivists. He stated, "What I
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  • ...iques, especially his understanding of [[transference]] in the therapeutic relationship and the presumed value of [[dream]]s as sources of insight into unconscious ...their male sex organs, Freud spent four weeks at the Austrian zoological research station in [[Trieste]], dissecting hundreds of eels without finding more th
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  • preferring prepubertal children (DiLorenzo1981). Nevertheless, some researchers, such as Barbaree and Seto (1997), have endorsed the use of actions as t the attraction to toddlers and infants (usually aged 0-3 years). Some researchers have suggested a distinction between pedophilia and nepiophilia, as it i
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  • ...f-actualization. Rank's insight that the balance between individuality and relationships with others, especially within the [[family]], is key to healthy human dev ...enhanced Rank’s interest in the [[Oedipus complex]] and the mother-child relationship, which resulted in Rank's career shift and later split with Freud.
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  • ...he monarch of Australia as the "British" monarch because there is no legal relationship between the two states, although the same person is monarch.) Through the 1960s, Whitlam's relationship with Calwell and the right wing of the party remained uneasy. Whitlam oppos
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  • ...n was the love of Hesse's life, and his changed attitudes towards romantic relationships were reflected in his next novel, ''Narcissus and Goldmund,'' (1930) which ...) about what has brought him such peace, Siddhartha replies that "too much searching can get in the way of finding." Everything deserves love, Siddhartha tel
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