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  • ...the [[money supply]] may shock participants in society. Then, we may see [[recession]] and cyclical unemployment until expectations adjust to the new conditions ... ones; it is compatible with [[full employment]]. (It is sometimes called "search unemployment" and is seen as largely voluntary.) It arises because either e
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  • a brighter future, at a time of two on-going [[war]]s and an economic [[recession]]. He was awarded the [[Nobel Peace Prize]] during his first months as pres ...ef>[ Researchers: Obama has German roots]. ''USATODAY'' (June 4, 2009). Retrieved Februar
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  • ... had the same flavonoids as ''C. baccatum'' var. ''pendulum'', which led researchers to believe that the two groups belonged to the same species (Ballard et .... 1999a. [ Solanaceae] ''ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.: 30411''. Retrieved May
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  • ...oke into suspected [[Loyalist (American Revolution)|Loyalists']] houses to search for stamps. When the [[Stamp Act 1765|Stamp Act]] went into effect on Novem ...pdf/RL31112.pdf Recess Appointments of Federal Judges]," ''Congressional Research Service'' (2001-09-05).</ref> Soon thereafter, on July 16, 1795, Rutledge g
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  • Many researchers believe that skin darkening was an adaptation that evolved as a protecti Current research establishes that human beings are highly genetically homogeneous, meaning t
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  • ...o tame high levels of economic inflation. The result was the most severe [[recession]] of the post-war period, but also the accomplishment of the desired price His handling of [[monetary policy]] in the events leading to the 1991 recession was criticized from the extreme right as being excessively tight, which was
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  • ...tion.<ref>Alan Brinkley. 1995. ''The End Of Reform: New Deal Liberalism in Recession and War.'' (New York: Vintage, ISBN 067975314), 141</ref><ref>Fried, 1990, ...program of the State Department. [[Card catalogs]] of these libraries were searched for works by authors McCarthy deemed inappropriate. McCarthy then recited
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  • ...s_ref = <ref name="iucn">Cat Specialist Group, [ "''Acinonyx jubatus'' Vulnerable,"] in ''2007 IUCN Red ...lived more recently than that&mdash;about 11 million years ago. The same research indicates that the cheetah, while highly derived morphologically, is not of
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  • ...[[Georges Lemaître]], a Belgian Roman Catholic priest, predicted that the recession of the nebulae was due to the expansion of the universe.<ref name=gl1927>G. ... by Slipher. In 1929, Hubble discovered a correlation between distance and recession velocity—now known as [[Hubble's law]].<ref name="hubble">Edwin Hubble, A
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  • ...y of them dealing with the rights of immigrants, double jeopardy, improper search and seizure, and privacy issues.
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  • ...s back to his twilight realm. Demeter, the girl's mother, began a panicked search for her missing child, frantically beseeching the gods to aid in her invest
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  • ...nflation until 2002, after which the economy entered a [[recession]]. This recession followed the collapse of the second [[commercial bank]] of the country (Ban A large number of Dominicans have left the Dominican Republic in search of economic opportunity, settling primarily in the [[United States]] and [[
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  • every lion; this unique pattern, known as "whisker spots," is used by researchers to identify specific animals in the field.<ref name=Honolulu>Honolulu Zo ...ional Geographic News'' August 22, 2002. Retrieved June 15, 2009. </ref> Research in [[Tanzania]] also suggests mane length signals fighting success in male-
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  • ...ility of Wi-Fi, [[transportation]] solutions, medical trials, university research and development expenditures, advanced degrees held by the work force, and ... income rank fourteenth in the United States. Recovering from the nation's recession in 2000–2001, personal income grew 3.8 percent in 2005, though it was beh
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  • ...ulinic Acid Dehydratase Porphyria (ADP),"], ''NIH Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network'' (2012). Retrieved June 3, 2012.</ref> ... 1998). ISBN 0593041488.</ref> which documents the ultimately unsuccessful search for genetic evidence of porphyria in the remains of royals suspected to suf
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  • ...ed from divination paraphernalia.<ref> Shirakawa Masayoshi, ''A Journey In Search of the Origins of Go,'' Yutopian Enterprises (August 20, 2005) ISBN 1889554 ...d. Li Gang, a research fellow with the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute, said that this board might have been made from a floor tile, and
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  • Other Jewish writers who have praised Paul as a Jew searching for a Jewish answer to the problem of including non-Jews in the realm of *[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Saul of Tarsus]
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  • ...e=klemperer>Klemens Von Klemperer, ''German Resistance against Hitler: The Search for Allies Abroad, 1938-1945'' (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992, ISBN 978-019 ...mic recovery, but the [[Great Depression]] of the 1930s led to a worldwide recession. Germany was particularly affected because it depended heavily on American
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  • ... where they made permanent or semi-permanent settlements. A major climatic recession occurred, lessening the heavy and persistent rains in Central and [[Eastern ...the legendary Christian king, [[Prester John]] for whom they had long been searching. A few decades later, the very existence of a Christian Ethiopia was thr
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  • ...of Chicago School economists has been to carry out empirical, real-world research, combining basic theory with data to address contemporary and historical pr ... analysis. Examples of such extensions conceived by Chicago economists are search theory (George Stigler), human capital theory ([[Gary Becker]] and [[Theodo
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