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  • ...who suffered with mental problems. In the past 70 years infant and child research and new discoveries in adults have led to further modification of theory. D ...atment, a combination of [[Hypnosis|hypnotism]] and "catharsis" done by "abreaction," his older mentor and colleague, [[Josef Breuer]], was using to treat the
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  • :''This article focuses on modern scientific research on the origin of life on Earth, rather than religious belief, creation myth ...versial paper in the scientific journal ''Nature'' arguing that geological formations such as this possess 3.5 billion year old [[fossil]]ized [[algae]] microbe
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  • ...organisms and not just simpler, [[microorganism|unicellular]] creatures. Research and theory in this regard is a component of [[planetary science]] and the e ... not unique among [[star]]s in hosting planets and expanded habitability research horizon beyond our own solar system.
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  • The material in a white dwarf no longer undergoes fusion reactions, so the star has no source of energy, nor is it supported against [[gravit ...en, Willem J. 1950. [ The search for white dwarfs.] ''Astronomical Journal.'' 55(1183):86–89. Retrieve
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  • than that necessary to maintain [[hydrogen]]-burning [[nuclear fusion]] reactions in its core. The upper limit of its mass is between 75 (Boss, 2001. [http: ...[deuterium]]-burning down to 0.012 [[solar mass]]es and the impact of dust formation in the cool outer [[atmosphere]]s of brown dwarfs was understood by the lat
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  • ...ructural purposes, or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information. ...ce of these four bases along the backbone that encodes information. This information is read using the [[genetic code]], which specifies the sequence of the [[a
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  • ...ef> Additionally, his designs were predicated on optimistic intelligence information suggesting that USS ''Enterprise'' and USS ''Hornet,'' forming Task Force 1 ... However, their emphasis on stealth and dispersal meant that none of their formations were mutually supporting, and any benefits from these tactics were neutral
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  • ...otect against certain [[cancer]]s, and promote skin health, with diverse research findings. ...ld remove the [[free radical]] intermediates and prevent the [[oxidation]] reaction from continuing. The oxidized α-tocopheroxyl radicals produced in this pro
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  • ... the initial buzz that is now associated with carbon nanotubes. Nanotube research accelerated greatly following the independent discoveries<ref>D.S. Bethune, ...contentious issue, especially because several scientists involved in the research could be likely candidates for the Nobel Prize. Many believe that Iijima's
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  • ...between nearby galaxies, which may cause them to merge, may enhance [[star formation]], producing a [[starburst galaxy]].<ref name="IRatlas">T.H. Jarrett, [http ...58 and then by the [[Earl of Rosse]] in the 1840s.<ref>K. Glyn Jones, "The Search for the Nebulae." ''Journal of the History of Astronomy'' 7 (1976):67</ref>
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  • ...ote''': This part of the article only makes descriptive claims about the information found in the primary source, the accuracy and applicability of which is eas ...he detector, which records the relative abundance of each ion type. This information is used to determine the chemical element composition of the original sampl
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  • ...hysics|physical]] and chemical manipulations usually involving one or more reactions. In modern [[laboratory]] usage, this tends to imply that the process is r ...duct that could be produced. A '''side reaction''' is an unwanted chemical reaction taking place that diminishes the yield of the desired product.
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  • ... head of Slavs, he defended the rights of individual Slavic nations in the formation of their national destiny and heritage. Coming from a poor, educated [[Prot The Czech National Revival Movement (1800s to 1820s) was a reaction to the new ideological stream, [[Enlightenment]], spreading from [[France]]
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  • ...received details about British plans on the night before the battle, and information was rapidly supplied to the militia. ... of "alarm and muster" that had been carefully developed months before, in reaction to the British colonists' impotent response to the Powder Alarm. "Alarm and
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  • ...s (called [[ribozymes]]) are also involved in the catalysis of biochemical reactions. ... of [[nucleotide]] chains whose sequence of bases conveys [[gene|genetic information]].
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  • ... The crews overruled their officers and brought their ships into harbor in search of food, leaving the French coast undefended.<ref name="WJ59">James, p. 59< might of the United States, the National Convention gave orders for the formation of a large convoy of sailing vessels to gather at [[Hampton Roads]] in the
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  • ...r example, [[Chemical Abstracts]] and [[Entrez]] contain science related information and [[ARTstor]] compiles art images. tool for modern researchers to find descriptive records of relevant information sources. Also, bibliographic databases have resource sharing functions that
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ... the idea of hereditary Hasidic dynasties and taught that each Hasid must "search for the ''tzaddik'' ('saintly/righteous person')" for himself&mdash;and wit
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  • ...NA]] template in a process called translation, by which [[gene|genetic]] information, encoded in the form of [[nucleic acids]], is translated into the amino aci synthesized by the [[human body]] from other compounds through chemical reactions; instead, they must be taken in with food. In [[human]]s, the essential am
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  • ...missile]], or [[aircraft]] that obtains [[thrust]] by [[Reaction (physics)|reaction]] to the ejection of fast-moving [[fluid]] from within a [[rocket engine]]. ..., and, [[Newton's third law|because every action has an equal and opposite reaction]], generate a large thrust on the rocket. Thus, rockets contain a large amo
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