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  • ...(with bow and arrow) as it is their [[Kshatriya]] ''[[dharma]]'' to fight. Rama is shown having blue skin which is a characteristic of [[Vishnu]].]] ...ions of the ''[[Mahabharata|Mahabhārata]].''<ref>Robert P. Goldman, ''The Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India'' (Princeton University Press, 199
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  • | Affiliation = Rama ...anthropomorphic]] monkey ''(vanara)'' whose loyalty and faith towards Lord Rama have come to exemplify the ideal for ''[[bhakti]]'' (devotional) followers
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  • ...e Ramayana. Today, Hindus still commemorate the events of the Ramayana in drama and lore, reviving the villainous activities of Ravana, and his seminal rol ... other kings of the world, since they were less powerful than him. Kaikesi searched among the sages, and finally chose Vishrava. Vishrava warned her that bec
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  • ...indus traditionally believe that Ayodhya had been the birthplace of Lord [[Rama|Ram]], at [[Ram Janmabhoomi]], the site of the demolished [[Babri Mosque]]. ...een built on the spot Hindus traditionally revered as the birth place of [[Rama]]. In 1992, Hindus destroyed the Babri Mosque, using the event as a rallyin
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  • [[Image:Sita Ram.jpg|thumb|200 px|A modern depiction of Sita and Rama in Hindu art.]] ...portions, which details not only the heroic exploits of her husband Lord [[Rama]], but also the sublime love story between Sita and her husband. As the dev
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  • ... Stars]]'' <br/>''[[The Songs of Distant Earth]]''<br/>''[[Rendezvous with Rama]]''<br/>''[[The Fountains of Paradise]]''<!-- based on movie adaptations, a ... Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World]'', [[YouTube]]. Retrieved on Feb
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  • ... [[Ramananda]], who brought to Northern India the religious revival that [[Ramanuja]], the great twelfth-century reformer of [[Brahmanism]] had initiated i ...r sants. However, Ramanand's story is told differently by his lineage of ''Ramanandi'' monks, by other Sants active in the same period, and later by the [[
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  • |guru= [[Ramanand Swami]] ...Uddhav Sampraday to him before his death. Soon after the death of his Guru Ramanand Swami, Sahajanand Swami held a gathering and taught the [[Swaminarayan
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  • ...ef>John M. Fritz and George Michell (eds.), ''New Light on Hampi, Recent Research in Vijayanagara, MARG'' (2001), p. 5.</ref> Vijayanagara's core, an area of ... the name Anjaneya.<ref>John McKim Malville, "New Light on Hampi, Recent Research in Vijayanagara," edited by John M. Fritz and George Michell (MARG, 2001),
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  • A large number of Dominicans have left the Dominican Republic in search of economic opportunity, settling primarily in the [[United States]] and [[ ...ominican Republic and Haiti Country Studies.'' Washington, D.C.: Federal Research Division, Library of Congress. ISBN 0844410446.
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  • '''Ashrama,''' in the [[Hinduism|Hindu]] religion (from [[Sanskrit]] āśramaḥ: meaning "penance, austerity"),<ref>[ ==The Ashrama system==
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  • ...o convert to [[Islam]].<ref>Swami Rama, ''Celestial Song/Gobind Geet: The Dramatic Dialogue Between Guru Gobind Singh and Banda Singh Bahadur'' (Himalayan * Rama, Swami. ''Celestial Song/Gobind Geet: The Dramatic Dialogue Between Guru Gobind Singh and Banda Singh Bahadur''. Himalayan
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  • ...o to the [[Continental United States]], particularly [[New York City]], in search of better economic conditions. Puerto Rican migration to New York displayed The economic conditions in Puerto Rico have improved dramatically since the [[Great Depression]] due to external investment in capital
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  • ...hat Castro was the inspirational revolutionary leader for whom he had been searching and he immediately joined the "26th of July Movement" that intended to o
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  • ...ood diseases was implemented, and [[infant mortality]] rates were reduced dramatically. A third part of this social program was the improvement of infrastr ...aissance, in October the U.S. implemented an island-wide [[quarantine]] to search vessels headed to Cuba, sparking the [[Cuban Missile Crisis]]. The U.S. saw
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  • ...pons to free internet access. At the turn of the twenty-first century, the search engine Google revolutionized online advertising by emphasizing contextually ...-casino-rama-ads-arent-running-in-nyc/article18158541/ “No, those Casino Rama ads aren't running in NYC.”] ''The Globe and Mail'', March 15, 2006. Retr
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  • ...he ancient name of the island as attested in the [[Mahabharata]] and the [[Ramayana]]. ...ian mainland, known as Rama's Bridge, was constructed during the time of [[Rama]] by the vanara architect [[Nala]]. Often referred to as Adam's Bridge, it
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  • {{epname|Raman, C. V.}} |name = Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman
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  • ...ters of Edward Darley Boit'' (1882) <small>[ Boston Museum of Fine Art]</small> ...l>[ Tate Collection]</small>
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  • ...." Historian Francisco Estévez Valencia says that Pinochet "was always in search of historical elements that could help bestow some sort of legitimacy on hi
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