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  • ...&ots=W-MkF4HoJH&sig=qXdp23kdeDPL7QbhkCpRMh59T-o&prev= === Punctuation ===
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  • * Prothero, D. R. 1992. [
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  • ... School]]'' and then in a variety of styles and techniques documenting his search for a personal voice. These paintings are most definitely representational, ...t is only the knowledge of Mondrian's later achievements that leads one to search for the roots of his future abstraction in these works.
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  • ...t and long elements to represent the [[alphanumeric|letters, numerals]], [[punctuation]] and special characters of a message. The short and long elements can be f from a life-boat at sea or from an isolated land location (signalling a searching rescue aircraft).
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  • ... in the list, e.g. with the [[binary search algorithm]] or [[interpolation search]] either automatically or manually. Usually the [[space (punctuation)|space]]s or [[hyphen]]s between words are ignored.
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  • ...deally accurate words, and he would spend several hours experimenting with punctuation to improve article consistency and style. These habits spilled over to the Ross also kept up a voluminous correspondence, which is available to researchers at the [[New York Public Library]].
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  • ...ssification developed by the [[Library of Congress]]. It is used by most research and academic libraries in the U.S. and several other countries—most p ...btedly miss locating many items because of the ineffective and inefficient search capability.
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  • ... The crews overruled their officers and brought their ships into harbor in search of food, leaving the French coast undefended.<ref name="WJ59">James, p. 59< ...y. He took it under escort as it moved closer to Europe, while Montagu was searching fruitlessly to the south.<ref name="WJ128">James, p. 128</ref>
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  • with a Scottish historical setting. Scott included little in the way of punctuation in his drafts, which he left for the printers to supply.<ref>Stuart Kelly, *University of Pennsylvania [ e-texts of some of Walter Scott's work
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  • ...couraged his Linnaean Society seminar participants to take up a specific research project of their own. One of Mayr's seminar participants was Joseph Hickey, either. Mayr did win a 1999 Crafoord Prize. That prize honors basic research in fields that do not qualify for Nobel Prizes and is administered by the s
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  • ===Search and destroy=== ...nt," and pledged himself to devoting the rest of his term in office to the search for peace in Vietnam. Johnson announced that he was limiting bombing of Nor
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  • ... of time around the sixth century.<ref name="abahatta">[ Abahattha] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangladesh|2 Bengali punctuation marks, apart from the ''daŗi'' (|), the Bengali equivalent of a full stop,
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  • ...nt and even handwritten copies by Lincoln himself differ in their wording, punctuation, and structure. Of these versions, the Bliss version has become the standar ...e original ms. of the Gettysburg Address."<ref name="johnson" /> Lincoln's search resulted in the discovery of a handwritten copy of the Gettysburg Address a
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  • ...Dictionary -medieval" [ Definition from Online Etymology Dictionary] - Retrieved October 2 ...don. ''Dictionary of the Middle Ages, Supplement 1.'' 2004.</ref> Recent research and archaeology have also revealed complex cultures persisting throughout t
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  • ... B.C.E., beginning about 2500 B.C.E.,<ref>Joseph L. Allen, ''Sacred Sites: Searching for Book of Mormon Lands'' (American Fork, UT: Covenant Communications, ... site]].<ref>Citing the lack of specific New World geographic locations to search, Michael D. Coe, a prominent Mesoamerican archaeologist and Professor Emeri
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  • ...nd Anglo-Dutch War. The growing American colonies pressed ever westward in search of new agricultural lands. ...loyed by small, family-run firms. Thus, Britain failed to develop the “research laboratories [backed by large-scale] iron and steel enterprises,” unlike
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  • ...larity with emotional restraint, in the Romantic period the composers also searched for the balance between emotional intensity and classical form. "Musical ...Science, literature and arts, especially in the first part of the century, searched for historical evidence to disprove the belief that Czechs were inferior
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  • ... their education, students were expected to write books based upon their research, the profits of which were second only to the gold-salt trade. The most fam ...''BBC News''. October 18, 2006. [ Search on for Timbuktu's twin] Retrieved July 8, 2007. </ref>
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  • ...[human evolution]], including the pattern and process of evolution, or the search for the "missing link" between the [[ape]]s and humans. Many paleoanthropol ==Research activities==
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  • ...your house and on your gates.<ref>, [ English Standard Version Bible.] Retrieved February ...t [[language]]s, connective words, such as "is," and conventions regarding punctuation, are usually implied rather than stated as they would be in modern [[Englis
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