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  • ...h the ''Weather Underground'' by authorizing FBI agents to perform illegal searches of their homes. He was [[pardon]]ed by President [[Ronald Reagan]] in 198 ...tion|FBI]] agents to break into homes secretly in 1972 and 1973, without a search warrant, on nine separate occasions. These kinds of FBI burglaries were kno
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  • ...," "asked for," or "given," and Samuel's mother Hanna seems to be making a pun on this word when she says to Eli the priest: [ Saul.] Retrieved July 16, 2007. </ref></blockquote>
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  • ... occasionally dreams of another Baoyu, whose surname is "Zhen," which is a pun on "real".) ...iving son will turn bad, he imposes strict rules and occasional [[corporal punishment]] for his son. He has a wife, Lady Wang, and two concubines.
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  • According to [[Genesis]] [;&version=31; Chapter 11] of the [[Bible]], the '''Tower of [[B ...source, a writer whose work is full of [[pun]]s and like many of the other puns in the Jahwist text, the element of the story concerning the scattering of
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  • ...m to imitate a seabird call (like "quack" for ducks), as well as to make a pun on the relationship between [[Munster]] and its provincial capital, [[Cork No search for free quarks or fractional electric charges has returned convincing evid
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  • As a writer, Musil proclaimed that, in his fiction, he was always searching for ''genauenheit,'' which roughly translates as "exactitude." Musil is ...James Joyce|Joyce]]'s epic ''Ulysses'' and [[Marcel Proust|Proust]]'s ''In Search of Lost Time.''
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  • ...el and Dan. Eventually, the [[Assyrian Empire]] rises up as God's agent to punish Israel's sin, and the people of the northern kingdom are taken into exil ...lding project at Ramah. A prophet named Jehu declares that Baasha has been punished for his actions against Nadab, even though they had fulfilled Ahijah's
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  • ...erthrow of Saddam Hussein's [[Iraq]] government as "The Axis Of Weasel," a pun on the "[[Axis of Evil]]." A popular cynical office poster states, "Eagles ...). 2007. [ ''Mustela'']. ''ITIS Report''. Retrieved October 11, 2007.
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  • ...he dui,'' or literally "Two on top of one"). Ray's interest in puzzles and puns is reflected in his stories, Feluda often has to solve a puzzle to get to ...ore]].<ref>[ San Francisco International Film Festival site], ''San Fr
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  • ...ree [[governor]]s.<ref>Barry Clifford. ''Return to Treasure Island and the Search for Captain Kidd'' (New York: William Morrow, 2003 ISBN 9780060185091), 5.< ... that he was a wanted pirate, and that several English [[men-of-war]] were searching for him. Realizing that the ''Adventure Prize'' was a marked vessel, he
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  • ...oman's hide" from Shakespeare’s ''[[Henry VI, part 3]],'' along with the pun "Shake-scene," identifies Shakespeare as Greene’s target. William marries Anne Hathaway] "In Search of Shakespeare," ''P.B.S.'' (MayaVision International 2003) Retrieved Septe
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  • ...) about what has brought him such peace, Siddhartha replies that "too much searching can get in the way of finding." Everything deserves love, Siddhartha tel ...being put on trial presided over by [[Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]], who, as a punishment, condemns Harry to "listen to the radio music of life." Harry's stor
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  • ...deally accurate words, and he would spend several hours experimenting with punctuation to improve article consistency and style. These habits spilled over Magazine cartoons at the time were illustrated jokes with [[pun]]s and "corny" captions that occupied almost as much space as the drawing i
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  • ...he prevailing German style with a robust and dazzling [[counterpoint|contrapuntal]] technique, a seemingly effortless control of harmonic and motivic orga ...of large-scale structure, and had yet to fully develop his powers of contrapuntal writing (where two or more melodies interact simultaneously).
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  • ...[[mysticism|mystical]] and [[paganism|tribal religion]]s. In reality, this search for a primeval religious experience was a large part of Lawrence's motivati ...''Pansies'' partly for the simple ephemeral nature of the verse but also a pun on the French verb ''panser,'' meaning to dress or bandage a wound. His wou
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  • ...o evade officially imposed [[censorship]] was fraught with danger as harsh punishments were meted out to people caught possessing or copying censored mate The term was coined as a pun by the Russian poet, Nikolai Glazkov, in the 1940s based on an analogy with
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  • |leader_name2 = [[Nanda Kishor Pun]] ...of the Kali River, including the present-day Uttarakhand state and several Punjab hill states. The Treaty of Sugauli ceded parts of the Terai and [[Sikkim
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  • ...a glimpse into Leah's character by her responses—each of which is also a pun on the baby's name—to her successive births: Laban and warned him not to harm Jacob. A tense drama unfolded as Laban searched for his precious household images which Rachel had stolen from him, but t
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  •||Matthew|16:16}}) Jesus praises Peter for this confession and declares, punning on Peter's nickname: "I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I * [ Jewish Encyclopedia: Simon Cephas] ''www.jewishencyclopedia.c
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  • ...on dynasty]], inaugurated in 1392, never fully recovered from that one-two punch. ...s when [[Europe]] and the [[United States]] began to rove [[East Asia]] in search of colonies and markets. From the 1800s, Joseon Korea sought to conduct all
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