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  • centered on [[document]]s and included the notions of [[hyperlink]]s, [[search engine]]s, remote access, and [[social network]]s. (Obviously these notions ... even warned if their query was likely to produce more than 50 results per search.<ref name=day/>
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  • ...stro-ph/0612786 Status and perspectives of indirect and direct dark matter searches]. 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Beijing, China, 16-23 July 2006. ''Adv A technique used by the [[Cryogenic Dark Matter Search]] (CDMS) detector at the [[Soudan Mine]] relies on multiple very cold [[ger
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  • ...generally from 100 to 200 words, of the contents of a document such as a research paper, journal article, [[thesis]], review, [[academic conference|conferenc ... research methodology. Indicative abstract simply describes what kind of research or writing the document is about and it does not contain any material conte
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  • ...; the [[freedom to petition]]; and the rights to be free of unreasonable [[search and seizure]]; [[cruel and unusual punishment]]; and compelled [[Fifth Amen ...he federal government from depriving any person of life, [[liberty]], or [[property]] without [[due process]] of law. In criminal cases, it requires [[indictme
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  • ...d the electron are [[fermions]] with quantum spin -½, giving them the odd property of having to be rotated 720° in order to get back to where you started. (A No search for free quarks or fractional electric charges has returned convincing evid
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  • ...ical research,<ref>L. Houdebine, "Transgenic animal models in biomedical research," ''Methods Mol Biol'' 360(2007): 163&ndash;202. PMID 17172731.</ref> or be ...sequence of letters inside a larger sequence of letters, were developed to search for specific sequences of nucleotides.<ref>D. Gusfield, ''Algorithms on Str
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  • L. DeWitt]], head of the Western Command, requested approval to conduct search and seizure operations to prevent alien Japanese from making radio transmis ...rty Custodian, and gave it discretionary, plenary authority over all alien property interests. Many assets were frozen, creating immediate financial difficulty
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  • ...ave given birth to new approaches for [[teaching]] and [[learning]]. For research in various fields, computer science has greatly enhanced the processes of d ...en with a degree in calculus, were employed in commerce, government, and research establishments. After the 1920s, the expression ''computing machine'' was a
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  • ...uninvited, generally they cannot use force to remove them or protect their property. ...Jean-Jacques Rousseau]] believed that land could not be owned as private [[property]], and that trespassing should not be a legitimate complaint. Some [[religi
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  • ...otect against certain [[cancer]]s, and promote skin health, with diverse research findings. The other R, R, R tocopherol vitamins are slowly being recognized as research begins to elucidate their additional roles in the human body. Many naturopa
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  • ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre Alfred Webre in his groundbreaking work as a futurist at the Stanford Research Institute. His view is that humanity lives on an isolated planet in the mid
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  • ...e efficient [[heat conduction|conductors of heat]]. Their novel [[chemical property|properties]] make them potentially useful in many applications in [[materia ... the initial buzz that is now associated with carbon nanotubes. Nanotube research accelerated greatly following the independent discoveries<ref>D.S. Bethune,
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  • ...ting, herding and protecting [[sheep]] and [[cattle]], guarding people and property, rescuing people, companionship, and so forth&mdash;that their loyalty has ...nterest to an untrained dog. An intensive search for a scent, for instance searching a ship for contraband, can actually be very fatiguing for a dog, and the
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  • ...any love affairs and mistresses. In his autobiography he remarked that the search for love was for him a lifelong preoccupation. ... final analysis, were arbitrary, and that both can be reduced to a neutral property—a view similar to one held by the American philosopher, [[William James]]
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  • ...ts'' argue that the mind is an independently existing substance, whereas ''Property dualists'' maintain that the mind is a group of independent properties that 4) [[Property dualism]] asserts that when matter is organized in the appropriate way (i.e
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  • ...r ricin, Part III: US patent, "the production of toxic ricin" intellectual property of the US Army]. ''National Security Notes'', July 23, 2004. Retrieved July .../science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6WFC-45PMM43-B1&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=4cf
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  • the late seventeenth century;<ref>''Banglapedia'', [ Musa Khan Mosque] ...'Khwaja Shahbaz's Mosque-Tomb,''<ref> ''Banglapedia'', [ Khwaja Shahbaz's Mosque-Tomb]. accessdate 2008-09-09</
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  • ...te covering the cost of their admission. With other decrees he lowered the property requirement for the [[archon]]ship in [[458 B.C.E.|458]]–457 B.C.E. and b ...e Rosen Publishing Group, 2004. ISBN 082393828X), 52</ref> although some researchers, such as Karl Julius Beloch, argue that the dispatch of such a great fle
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  • ... in [[London]] and Boston Spa and is one of the world's most significant research libraries, holding over 150 million items. The library's collections includ ...he user's experience, building the digital research environment, improving searches, enlarging the British national collection, library staff development, an
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