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  • ...] starts at the age of six, when students enter [[Primary school in France|primary school]], and ends at the age of 16, usually after completion of [[collège général''. However, there are also ''Grandes écoles'', elite higher education establishments which function outside of the public university system, that
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  • [[Category:Education]] ...As distance education has developed, it provides the potential for quality education for all people, regardless of their location. As such, it is an important a
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  • ...ocial studies]], and [[moral psychology|moral development]]. Much of the research in this field is designed to address the desire of teachers to improve thei Ultimately, the goal of those working in the field of educational psychology is to understand the processes and conditions under which huma
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  • |Litigants=Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka |FullName=Oliver Brown et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka et al.
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  • [[Category:Education]] ''This article deals with the government-funded school provided for [[public education]]; for the British public school see [[Independent school (UK)]]''.
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  • [[Vienna]] is Austria's primary city, and had a population of about 1.7 million (2.3 million within the [[m ...]]. He soon had converted a large area of the [[Danube]], and introduced [[education]] and other reforms. He promoted the [[salt mine]]s of [[Salzburg]], then a
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  • ...languages. Further complexity is lent by the great variation of income and education. ...l tradition of unwritten bardic recitation. The [[Bhagavad Gita]], another primary text of Hinduism well-known for its philosophical nature, is contained in t
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  • | population_estimate = 5,638,700<ref>[ Populat A long period of stable government, investment in housing and education, and pragmatic and pro-active policies have created a modern nation that ex
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  • compositions to the vertical and horizontal directions, and used only [[primary colors]] along with [[black]] and [[white]]. ... School]]'' and then in a variety of styles and techniques documenting his search for a personal voice. These paintings are most definitely representational,
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  • the expense of rhythm and timbre. [[John Cage]] considered duration the primary aspect of music because it is the only aspect common to both "sound" and "s == Education ==
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  • ...]] and expanding [[Healthcare in Cuba|healthcare]] and [[Education in Cuba|education]] were accompanied by state control of the press and the suppression of int [[Cienfuegos]] in November 1950, fighting with police in protest at the Education Ministry's ban on student associations; arrested and charged for violent co
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  • ... community gradually attained to a wider outlook, although their one-sided education, the result of centuries of oppression, restricted them in European culture]] founded the Jewish free school in Berlin, this being the first Jewish educational institution in Germany in which instruction, in scripture as well as in g
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  • ...Krum Krumov, and Grigorii Vazow, ''Advances in International Psychology: Research Approaches and Personal Dispositions, Socialization Processes and Organizat ===Education===
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  • ...] a child at [[home]] by parents as distinctly different from the formal [[education]] of a child's [[teacher]]-[[student]] [[relationship]] at [[school]]. A pa A parent's primary responsibility is to provide physical [[security]] and ensure their child's
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  • ...d building it into a world power, promoting the status of women, improving education and health care, providing universal housing, and increasing life expectanc At the age of eight, Mao was sent to Shaoshan Primary School where he learned the value systems of [[Confucianism]]. He later adm
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  • == Education == ...point where now the proportion of the population with at least a secondary education is substantial.
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  • the West began when the first [[Europe]]an explorers explored the area, searching for the source of the [[Niger River]]. Although [[France|French]] effort ...overty Reduction Strategy Plan that focuses on improving health, primary [[education]], rural [[infrastructure]], [[agriculture|agricultural]] production, [[env
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  • ...mbers of North Koreans illegally entered the People's Republic of China in search of food. Faced with a country in decay, Kim Jong-il adopted a [[Songun|"Mil ...onan'' in March 2010, killing 46 seamen, was claimed by a multi-national research team<ref>[ North
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  • ... passionately worked for women's rights, [[secularism]] and advancement of education and social welfare. Nehru initiated the policy of ''[[Non-Aligned Movement| ...assionately and forcefully to encourage [[Hindu]]-[[Muslim]] unity, spread education and self-reliance and the need to eradicate social evils such as [[untoucha
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  • ...he world. The Ministry of Education and Sciences reports that 461 schools (primary and secondary) are now connected to the internet. In addition, an Internet sector also grew in the past few years. The work force has competitive education and skills, but lacks adequate jobs, leading to steady [[brain drain]]. The
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