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  • ...rice 2008.jpg|thumb|250 px|A traditional, formal presentation of the bride price at a Thai engagement ceremony.]] ...s. Unfortunately, the voluntary nature of gift-giving in the case of bride price has often been lost as the practice became a requirement for marriage, a re
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  • '''Online shopping''' is the process of researching and purchasing products or services over the [[Internet]]. The earliest over shopping in retail stores, including the ability to easily compare prices from a range of merchants, access to a wide selection of [[merchandise]],
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  • ...y. He combined a gift for writing with the ability to conduct innovative research. His deep understanding of the ideas of the great economists of the past ga ...iversity]], a group directed by [[Allen Wallis]] that was engaged in war research on behalf of the armed services.
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  • ... ones; it is compatible with [[full employment]]. (It is sometimes called "search unemployment" and is seen as largely voluntary.) It arises because either e ...s a small percentage of the unemployment, however, since workers can often search for new jobs while employed—and employers can seek new employees befo
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  • ...ll structured bibliographic database is an indispensable tool for modern researchers to find descriptive records of relevant information sources. Also, bibli ...use a library's database to identify and locate books for class work and research. The books are then usually obtained through the library or by an [[interl
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  • ...of Chicago School economists has been to carry out empirical, real-world research, combining basic theory with data to address contemporary and historical pr ... analysis. Examples of such extensions conceived by Chicago economists are search theory (George Stigler), human capital theory ([[Gary Becker]] and [[Theodo
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  • ...rt of the [[surface Web]], which is [[index (search engine)|indexed]] by [[search engine]]s. It is estimated that the deep Web is several [[order of magnitud ... with one search query. They are hoping to have one search engine that can search and retrieve all available information sources to each library, that includ
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  • ...f websites on the [[Internet]]. Some directories are designed for specific search areas such as academic resources or professional information sources. Some ...ine]] and does not display lists of web pages based on [[keyword (internet search)|keyword]]s; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. Web d
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  • ...rder to combine them into a product with a view to selling it at uncertain prices in the future. Uncertainty is defined as a [[risk]], which cannot be [[ins On the ''supply''-side, research studies have shown that entrepreneurs are convinced that they can command t
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  • .../c2.htm ''E-Commerce: Origins, Evolution and Implications.''] Twin Isles Research. Retrieved July 26, 2018. </ref> Searching or browsing an online catalog can be faster than browsing the aisles of
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  • ...ndated online RAE CVs linked to University eprint archives: Enhancing UK research impact and assessment,] Ariadne Issue 35. April 30 2003. Retrieved November ...lishes [[Scopus]], available online only, which similarly combines subject searching with citation browsing and tracking in the sciences and [[social science
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  • ...f name="Helgen2005" /><ref name="Helgen2003"/> Cuaron et al. report that research conducted by many different scholars concludes that the Cozumel raccoon and Newer threats to their survival that have been researched in recent years are diseases and parasites <ref name= McFaddenWadeDuboviG
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  • ... knowledge of Jesus through visions ([;&version=31; Gal 1:11-12] and 1 Cor {{bibleverse-nb||1C ...spels referring to them as Apostles ([;&version=31; Gal 1:18–20], and 1 Cor {{bibleverse-nb|
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  • ...ion]], sexism, objectification, and prostitution.<ref name=shildrick>Janet Price and Margrit Shildrick. (eds.) ''Feminist Theory and the Body: A Reader,'' ( the public arena in fields such as politics, business and scientific research. Contemporary Indian feminists are fighting for individual autonomy, politi
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  • ... other financial instruments on different [[market]]s to take advantage of price differentials for [[profit]]. This is also known as a "riskless profit." Alternatively, arbitrage is attempting to profit by exploiting price differences of identical or similar financial instruments, on different mar
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  • ... the producer will either adjust production to different items or adjust [[price]]s until the goods sell. He argued that production is not a question of sup ...purchase the total output of industry and this would cause prices to fall. Price falls cause incentives to invest, and the spiral could continue indefinitel
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  • ...ymonline>Online Etymology Dictionary, [ Gasoline.] Retrieved September 9, 2008.</ref> and is often confuse The octane rating became important in the search for higher output powers from [[aero engine]]s in the late 1930s and the 19
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  • ...t also has been used to develop a vaccine for [[cholera]]. Other medical research fields in which chinchilla is used as an animal model include study of [[Ch ...rederico Albert (1900), who was director of the zoological and botanical research station at Santiago, Chile. He reported, in his article "La Chinchilla," ab
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  • ...8)''<ref name=zenobank>[ Company Profile for Wal-Mart Stores Inc (WMT)]. ''zenobank''. accessdate 20 customers. The higher sales volumes allowed him to negotiate even lower prices with wholesalers on subsequent purchases. The store was in a central locat
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