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  • Like pow-wow dancing, Gourd Dancing is performed in a circular arena, around which the d :Increase our food, the buffalo power,
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  • ...ed to have been transformed by the whites into a man and now had spiritual powers. From this time Kaúxuma took several wives, served as a guide to trader ... and gave a haughty look of defiance, as much to say, I am now out of your power (Tyrrell 2008).</blockquote>
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  • ... differentiated from other birds of prey mainly by their larger size, more powerful build, and heavier head and bill. Even the smallest eagles, like the [ ...erful hooked [[beak]]s for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, and powerful [[talon]]s. They also have extremely keen eyesight to enable them to s
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  • ... [[Europe]]an settlers. Strong and individualistic people that appreciated power based on prowess. They were moved to [[Indian reservation|reservation]]s ...acquisition of the [[horse]], which allowed them greater mobility in their search for better hunting grounds.
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  • ...hoctaws anciently regarded the sun as a deity … the sun was ascribed the power of life and death. He was represented as looking down upon the earth, and ...ancing, stickball games, Choctaw princess contest, and an inter-tribal pow-wow occurs on the third weekend of June each year on their reservation lands.
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  • ...ongs are now sung at social and cultural events. An annual three-day [[pow-wow]] is held at [[California State University]] San Bernadino in October. This *Edwards, Andrew. 2006. [ "Saving the Serrano tongue."] ''The Sun: San Bernadino and the I
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  • was not for harvest but homecoming; having safely returned from his search for the [[Northwest Passage]], avoiding the later fate of [[Henry Hudson]] ...e for the harvest from crops, continue to be celebrated in homes, at [[Pow wow]]s, and on [[Indian reservation|reservation]]s.<ref>Patty Inglish, [https:/
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