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  • ... B.C.E., beginning about 2500 B.C.E.,<ref>Joseph L. Allen, ''Sacred Sites: Searching for Book of Mormon Lands'' (American Fork, UT: Covenant Communications, ... site]].<ref>Citing the lack of specific New World geographic locations to search, Michael D. Coe, a prominent Mesoamerican archaeologist and Professor Emeri
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  • The [[monotheism|monotheistic]] religions of [[Judaism]], [[Christianity]], and [[Islam]] generally do not accept reincarnation. They teach that eac ...ries of past lives, and find recalling such memories helpful in therapy. Researchers such as Ian Stevenson have explored the issue of reincarnation in a [[sc
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  • ...7,866,500<ref name="Population">{{cite web|url=|title=Population si ... Swiss GEO]; a zoomable satellite picture is at []. Retrieved December 14, 2007.</ref> However the more mountainous southe
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  • ...paces|3}}<small>"Truth Alone Triumphs"</small><ref name=knowindia>National Portal of India, [ National ...lly with ''Jana Gana Mana'' and shall have equal status with it." National Portal of India, [ National
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  • ...erable political and cultural importance. Ethiopia had been converted to [[Christianity]] by [[Egypt]]ian [[Copt]]s, and the Coptic Church strove for centuries to ...Stephen Murray, [ The Portals: Access to Redemption.] Retrieved June 24, 2008.</ref> The twelfth century
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  • ...e fields of [[missionary]] outreach, direct evangelization, intellectual research, and [[education]] (schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, theologica ...out the Chinese science and culture."<ref name="Udias ">Agustín Udías, ''Searching the Heavens and the Earth: The History of Jesuit Observatories'' (Astrop
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  • ...ish language|Turkish]]<ref name=languages>[ ...[Paphos]], where they converted the Roman Governor [[Sergius Paulus]] to [[Christianity]]. This biblical report (Acts 13) is cited by some Cypriots as evidence tha
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  • ...on of Mauritius - 49. National Language] The National Assembly, Government Portal of Mauritius. Retrieved October 30, 2019.</ref> ... of territorial waters. A 100-member police helicopter squadron assists in search-and-rescue operations. There also is a special supporting unit of 270 membe
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  • ...aphy]] of the USA. His journey remains one of the most famous ever made in search of treasure during the Spanish conquest of the Americas. ==The search for Quivira==
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  • ...emorate the word and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing." Two years later, she founded the Massachu Christian Science agrees with mainstream [[Christianity]] with regards to the existence of an all-powerful God and the authority an
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  • ... process model uses the acronym "ROSIE" to define a five-step process of research, objectives, strategies, implementation and evaluation.<ref>Sheila C. Crifa ...on verbatim, or alter it as they see fit. Public relations practitioners research and write releases that encourage journalists to lift the information as di
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  • ...e=klemperer>Klemens Von Klemperer, ''German Resistance against Hitler: The Search for Allies Abroad, 1938-1945'' (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992, ISBN 978-019 ...rly Catholicism. Hitler presented an appealing prospect of respect towards Christianity by paying tribute to the Christian faiths as "essential elements for safegu
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  • An unacknowledged use of words, ideas, information, research, or findings not one's own, taken from any source is plagiarism only if a p Intentional plagiarism where an entire essay or research paper is copied from another source is blamed on a combination of [[stress]
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  • A comprehensive independent Baptist Church Web Portal and Church Search Engine]. ''''.
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  • The allegorical interpretation that is generally favored in Christianity sees in the Prodigal Son rebellious humankind who has strayed from God, wal The Parable of the Prodigal Son In Christianity and Buddhism] Retrieved December 28, 2008.</ref>
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  • ...xtant source on [[Norse mythology]] and Germanic heroic legends, the pre-[[Christianity|Christian]] [[legend]]s and [[religion|religious]] beliefs of the Scandinav ... sometimes included in editions of the ''Poetic Edda'' even though it is [[Christianity|Christian]] and belongs, properly speaking, to the visionary literature of
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  • ...usually refers to a mythic or [[serpent (symbolism)|symbolic snake]]. In [[Christianity]], the serpent is often identified with the devil, as in the Biblical accou ...diovascular system of snakes is also unique due to the presence of a renal portal system in which the blood from the snake's tail passes through the kidneys
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  • Isla de Pascua - Easter Island - Rapa Nui] Portal Rapa Nui. Retrieved January 19, 2012.</ref> would dive into the sea and swim across to Motu Nui, a nearby islet, to search for the season's first egg laid by a "manutara" ([[Sooty Tern|sooty tern]])
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  • ...) about what has brought him such peace, Siddhartha replies that "too much searching can get in the way of finding." Everything deserves love, Siddhartha tel * [ Hermann Hesse Portal].
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