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  • ...iption of the "iron law of oligarchy." Michels based this concept on his research and personal experience with various social institutions. He found that, re ...rsity of Turin, Michels taught [[economics]], [[political science]], and [[sociology]].
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  • ...pirit of the Laws,” 1748) are among the greatest works in the history of political philosophy and established Montesquieu as a philosopher of the Enlightenmen ...d extensive reading on law, [[history]], [[economics]], [[geography]], and political theory. He employed as many as six secretaries simultaneously to assist wit
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  • ...extremely wide variety of traditions, rituals, [[ethics]], values, [[norm (sociology)|social norms]], and laws that form the basis of human [[society]]. Their a ... inner essence that explains the unique [[psychology|psychological]] and [[sociology|social aspects]] of humans and is the principle characteristic differentiat
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  • activists have been concerned with issues such as individual autonomy, political rights, social freedom, economic independence, abortion and reproductive ri ...-wave. Throughout most of its history, most leaders of feminist social and political movements, and feminist theorists, have been middle-class white women, pred
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  • an [[United States|American]] historian, [[economics|economist]], and [[sociology|sociologist]], famous for his strong support of [[laissez-faire]] economy, ...on]] and scientific [[positivism]]. In 1872 he accepted a chair at Yale in political and [[social science]].
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  • ...ope]], which emphasizes a dichotomy of extensive fieldwork and scholarly research. Despite their differences, cultural anthropology, social anthropology, and .... Anthropologist Robert Gordon explains, “Whereas the sociologist or the political scientist might examine the beauty of a flower petal by petal, the anthropo
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  • ...sts = [[History of ideas]]{{·}} [[Epistemology]]<br/>[[Ethics]]{{·}} [[Political philosophy]] work on the [[history of human sexuality]]. Foucault's work on [[Power (sociology)|power]], and the relationships among power, [[knowledge]], and [[discourse
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  • ...ding fathers of classical sociology. Mannheim rates as a founder of the "[[sociology of knowledge]]"&mdash;the study of the relationship between human [[thought ... Husserl]]. Mannheim’s interest however shifted from [[philosophy]] to [[sociology]], as he became influenced by [[Karl Marx]] and [[Max Weber]].
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  • ...terest, Group Size, and the Free-Rider Problem." ''The American Journal of Sociology'' 84 (6) (May, 1979): 1335-1360</ref> According to Best,<ref>D. Best, 2006. [http://www.
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  • ...="hume">David Hume, "Of the Standard of Taste." ''David Hume: Essays Moral Political and Literary.'' (Indianapolis, Literary Classics 5, 1987.)</ref> Thus, sens ...ulsive partly because it signifies for us over-consumption and offends our political or moral values.<ref name="aestbq"> Carolyn Korsmeyer, ed. ''Aesthetics: Th
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  • ...) was an immensely influential German [[philosopher]], [[political economy|political economist]], and [[socialism|socialist]] [[revolutionary]]. Marx addressed [[Political philosophy|political philosopher]] who developed [[Communism|communist]] theory alongside Marx.
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  • ...ent. The legitimacy of political authority is, however, a central issue in political philosophy. ...e tribal society to the modern nation-state and intermediate organization (political authority).
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  • ...stead of from logic and mathematics. The School also preferred historical, political, and social as well as economic reality, to self-referential mathematical m ...significant in the realm of economic thought and beyond. The influential [[sociology|sociologist]] [[Max Weber]] was also an economist of this school. Economist
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  • ...a [[France|French]] [[culture theory|cultural theorist]], [[philosopher]], political commentator, and photographer. His work is frequently associated with [[pos ... [[University of Paris|Université de Paris-X Nanterre]], an (at the time) politically radical institution which would become heavily involved in the events of
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  • disciplines as far ranging as [[history]], [[law]], [[politics]], and [[sociology]]. More academics who have worked at the University of Chicago have been aw ...of Chicago School economists has been to carry out empirical, real-world research, combining basic theory with data to address contemporary and historical pr
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  • ... anthropology]] to the study of a modern Western [[city]]. Their initial research revealed significant change as a result of [[industrialization]] and the ch ...] in late 1923, as commissioned by the Institute of Social and Religious Research. They stayed there for 15 months, living among and studying the local [[com
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  • ...N 0813118271), 129</ref><ref name = "from">Marcela Cristi. ''From Civil to Political Religion: The Intersection of Culture, Religion and Politics.'' (University society developed a way of discussing the intersection of religious and political values in non-theological terms.
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  • Al-Faribi believed that the philosopher naturally seeks political power. His most famous work, ''Al-Madina al-fadila'' ''(The Virtuous City), ...t in seventy languages, and that he was an alchemist who spent his life in search of everlasting youth and the formula to make gold. By some accounts he died
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