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  • ...tates, and is the most populous state and largest [[gross domestic product|economy]] that is not a member of the [[United Nations]] (UN). ...te actor]], often under the name "Chinese Taipei." Domestically, the major political division is between parties favoring eventual [[Chinese unification]] and p
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  • ...y. He combined a gift for writing with the ability to conduct innovative research. His deep understanding of the ideas of the great economists of the past ga ...iversity]], a group directed by [[Allen Wallis]] that was engaged in war research on behalf of the armed services.
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  • ...stead of from logic and mathematics. The School also preferred historical, political, and social as well as economic reality, to self-referential mathematical m <blockquote>The emergence of economics in Germany as a research program was shaped to a great extent by the pedagogical environment in whic
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  • main_interests = [[Political philosophy]], [[ethics]], [[economics]] | ...[Royal Society]]. It is for his theories on economics and his methods of ''political arithmetic'' that he is best remembered, however, and he is attributed as h
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  • Despite its political form, the new Republic still called itself "Deutsches [[Reich]]," the same ...physically and psychologically. Violence was rampant, as the forces of the political right and left fought not only each other, but among themselves.
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  • ...a [[France|French]] [[culture theory|cultural theorist]], [[philosopher]], political commentator, and photographer. His work is frequently associated with [[pos ... [[University of Paris|Université de Paris-X Nanterre]], an (at the time) politically radical institution which would become heavily involved in the events of
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  • ...) was an immensely influential German [[philosopher]], [[political economy|political economist]], and [[socialism|socialist]] [[revolutionary]]. Marx addressed [[Political philosophy|political philosopher]] who developed [[Communism|communist]] theory alongside Marx.
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  • ...of Chicago School economists has been to carry out empirical, real-world research, combining basic theory with data to address contemporary and historical pr ... analysis. Examples of such extensions conceived by Chicago economists are search theory (George Stigler), human capital theory ([[Gary Becker]] and [[Theodo
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  • ...nt [[trade]] policy to further the national interest. The modern political economy of [[Adam Smith]] appeared during the [[industrial revolution]], when techn ...t deals with the issues of [[globalization]] and the emergence of a global economy, economists have turned to the multitude of other disciplines which, like e
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  • ...conomics)|good]]s and [[service (economics)|service]]s were harmful to the economy. ...n (economics)|competition]], and so forth. Smith's vision of a free market economy, based on secure [[property]], [[Capital (economics) |capital]] accumulatio
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  • describe [[authoritarianism|authoritarian]] [[nationalism|nationalist]] political ideologies or mass movements that are concerned with notions of cultural de ...]], [[collectivism]], [[autocracy]] and opposition to classic [[liberalism|political]] and [[economic liberalism]].<ref>Roger Eatwell. 1996. ''Fascism: A Histor
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  • ...t.'' (Blackwell Publishing), 14.</ref> is an [[anti-statism|anti-state]] [[political philosophy]] that attempts to reconcile [[anarchism and capitalism|anarchis ...opposes private property.<ref>''Encyclopædia Britannica'' Online: [ "Libertarianism"]. Retrieved July 30 2007 </ref>
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  • ...ats: mass [[unemployment]] and [[war]]. He spent a lifetime studying the [[economy]] in every aspect, seeking ways to bring about the greatest [[quality of li ...s led him to recognize the multitude of factors and issues involved in the economy. As our knowledge of each part grows we often find it more and more difficu
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  • ...on-state|nation state]] is, as many argue, the ultimate form of [[politics|political]] organization. Only when humanity, it can be argued, tackles issues that c ...xploitive and racist, contend this is merely a justification for continued political hegemony and economic exploitation of past colonies, and that such justific
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  • ...e, a private college. In 1819, he was appointed to the Chair of Industrial Economy at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. His popular lectures wer In 1803, Say published his most famous work, ''Treatise on Political Economy''. His distinctive approach to [[economics]] was the outcome of a muddled m
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  • ...e]]s such as government, [[education]], [[law]]s and [[justice]], and an [[economy]]. Thus, the growth of such cities supported the development of [[culture]] ...y-formation preceded the birth of [[agriculture]].<ref> Jane Jacobs, ''The Economy of Cities'' (London: Cape, 1970, ISBN 978-0224618267).</ref> This challenge
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  • ...xual]] who was persecuted because of his sexual orientation as well as his political outlook, Arenas was able to leave Cuba in 1979 when Castro attempted to rid ...ssive both politically and morally. Under his government's oppression, the economy deteriorated, especially in the rural areas. There was no work, and Arenas'
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  • ...A devout [[Presbyterianism|Presbyterian]], he became a noted historian and political scientist. As a reform Democrat, he was elected as the governor of New Jers ...n, ''Congressional Government,'' in 1886, Wilson received his doctorate in political science.
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  • ...]] located along the Great Lakes, contributing to the region's $2 trillion economy—an amount that exceeds any nation other than [[Japan]] and the [[United S ...], and [[culture]]. Among the most prominent are democratic government and economy; inventions and industrial production for [[agricultural machinery]], [[aut
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  • ...ociology|sociologist]], famous for his strong support of [[laissez-faire]] economy, free markets, and anti-imperialism. He opposed government interference in ...on]] and scientific [[positivism]]. In 1872 he accepted a chair at Yale in political and [[social science]].
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