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  • ...s brethren, and commanded them to wash his feet and diligently to seek and search for the wound. And that done, the plant of the foot of the lion was sore hu ...istocrat, Paula, founded a monastery for him in Bethlehem--rather like a research institute--and he completed his translation there. He began in 382 by corre
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  • no one can gain if not by the words, because we know that even them who searched without words for this bliss, they layed down as exemplar in life those w
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  • ...s law.<ref> [ Constantine I]. ''jewishencyclopedia''. Retrieved April 18, 201 ...hem. In 1480 a special [[Spanish Inquisition]] was created by the state to search out and destroy ''conversos'' who were still practising Judaism and were th
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  •] over 30 different languages of translation and search in all of them at once, also be able add Quran on your site/blog. Retrieved ...French, German, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese with English and Phonetic Search. Retrieved December 11, 2007.
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  • ...first order. In mathematics, Pascal helped create two major new areas of research. He wrote a significant treatise on the subject of projective geometry at t ...ion, and that this fact underscored the necessity for submission to God in searching out truths.
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  • ...s origins. [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] propaganda insisted Hitler was a Jew; research suggests that it is unlikely that he had Jewish ancestors. Historians such ...he writings of the race ideologist and anti-Semite Lanz von Liebenfels and polemics from politicians such as [[Karl Lueger]], founder of the Christian Social P
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  • ...create systematic formulations, to demonstrate the truth, and to engage in polemics, but ultimately direct perception and a deeply personal realization beyond ...breadth of outlook which only testifies to its unflinching devotion to the search for truth. Though there were many different schools and their views differe
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  • * [ Jewish Encyclopedia: III Maccabees]
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  • serious scholarly work. He depicted Muhammad as initially sincere, as a searcher for truth but says that he later began to fabricate [[revelation]] to ser * [ Books by Muir at the Interne
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  • lead Foucault toward [[structuralism]]. However, whereas structuralists search for homogeneity in a discursive entity, Foucault focuses on differences. In ...over 750 volumes in a variety of languages relating to his writings, and a search on Google Scholar reveals thousands of citations.
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  • ...port [[Metaphysics|metaphysical]] realism and the ''regulative'' idea of a search for truth. ...cationism]] by arguing that science progresses by the falsification of ''research programs'' rather than the more specific [[universal quantification|univers
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  • ...ndowed chair after Eliade in recognition of his wide contribution to the research on the subject. The current (and first incumbent) holder of this chair is W Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy)'' and an analysis of yoga as a concrete search for freedom from human limitations ''(Yoga, Immortality and Freedom).'' Fin
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  • ...vine council who watches over human activity, but with the evil purpose of searching out human beings' sins and then registering accusations against them. In ...hosts. <ref>[ Satan in relation to different religions.] Re
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  • ...ching for explanations through natural science can be more beneficial than searching through faith, the latter of which often draws irreconcilable dividing l still viewed rather negatively by the general public. A 2006 study by researchers at the [[University of Minnesota]] involving a poll of two thousand hous
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  • ...and [[tyranny]] of the Empire; the book also contains eloquent and vicious polemics against the rapacity and greed of Rome. ...Germanicus's foray onto the field of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in search of the destroyed legions of Varus follows the style of Virgil's description
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  • ...mic plan or cyclical transformations required by it.<ref>Jan Assmann. ''In search for God in ancient Egypt,'' Translated by David Lorton. (Ithaca: Cornell Un * Assmann, Jan. ''In search for God in ancient Egypt,'' Translated by David Lorton. Ithaca: Cornell Uni
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  • ...main article [,%20golden "Calf, Golden"] '''' in the Jewish * [ The Golden calf from a Jewish perspective]. ''www.chab
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  • ...e academic tendency to seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake as opposed to searching for a truth that would be worth living (and dying) for. For this reason,
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  • ...imitable, since there is no one prior to him to set limits to him. He is unsearchable, since there exists no one prior to him to examine him. He is immeasura *[ Gnosticism] &ndash; Jewish Encyclopedia
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  • ...h and state were designed for personal advantage and had little to do with search for philosophical truth. Although Schopenhauer may have appeared vain in hi
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