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  • ...their male sex organs, Freud spent four weeks at the Austrian zoological research station in [[Trieste]], dissecting hundreds of eels without finding more th ...upposed that all living organisms are energy-systems also governed by this principle. During this year, at the [[University of Vienna]], Brücke served as super
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  • ... to greater pleasures. The best strategy for attaining a maximal amount of pleasure overall is not to seek instant gratification but to work out a sensible lon ...d be: rather, it is the substantive and controversial claim that a life of pleasure and absence of pain is what happiness consists in.
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  • ...fe in a philosophical sense, but some studies bear on related questions. Researchers in [[positive psychology]] study factors that lead to life satisfaction ...(and every other type of animal as well). Again, science is limited to the search for elements that promote the purpose of a specific life form (individuals
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  • ... propounded the idea that all people must seek to understand truth, as the search for truth is ultimately a form of participation in God. Both Plato and Aris ...Buddha which invites all people to salvation; and the incarnation of these principles in the historical Sakyamuni, called the ''Nirmanakaya''. These doctrines c
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  • ...]] who popularized the branch of philosophy known as [[pragmatism]]. His research and teachings, done mostly at [[Harvard University]], contributed greatly t ... would only be resolved in 1872, after an extended period of philosophical searching.
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  • ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref> More modern and precise research by [[Edward O. Laumann]], reported in ''Sex in America: A definitive survey
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  • to be "beautiful" has a third requirement: sensation must give rise to pleasure by engaging our capacities of reflective contemplation.<ref name="kant">[[I #Nonutilitarian pleasure. People enjoy art for art's sake, and don't demand that it keep them warm
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  • notable_ideas = [[greatest happiness principle]] | ...ic of his own principles. His main theoretical work, ''Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation,'' appeared in 1780.
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  • ... live orderly lives centered on belief in the existence of universal moral principles for thousands of years. Julius Lipner has pointed out that for “well ove ...l>C.E.</small> text, the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, which celebrates sexual pleasure, has become popular in the West. The Shiva tradition is often referred to a
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  • ...lysis, the "Third Viennese School" of [[psychotherapy]]. His book, ''Man's Search for Meaning,'' chronicled his experiences as a [[concentration camp]] inmat ...n Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager'' (in English entitled ''Man's Search for Meaning''), wherein he tried to objectively describe the life of an ord
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  • ...d her influence on Russell's outlook on social justice and standing up for principle remained with him throughout his life. However, the atmosphere at Pembroke ...with Whitehead) was published in 1910, which (along with the earlier ''The Principles of Mathematics'') soon made Russell world famous in his field. In 1911, he
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  • at the Bottom''<ref>Richard Phillips Feynman and Jeffrey Robbins, ''The pleasure of finding things out: the best short works of Richard P. Feynman.'' (Cambr ...sis advisor was [[John Archibald Wheeler]]. Feynman's thesis applied the [[principle of stationary action]] to problems of [[quantum mechanics]], laying the gro
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  • ...o press charges on any member of the group, stating that it was one of his principles not to seek redress for a personal wrong in a court of law. ...he truth), or non-violent protest, grew out of his spiritual quest and his search for a better society. He came to respect all [[religion]]s, incorporating t
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  • ...ries of past lives, and find recalling such memories helpful in therapy. Researchers such as Ian Stevenson have explored the issue of reincarnation in a [[sc ...n be enjoyed only through a body. Hinduism does not teach that all worldly pleasures are sinful, but it teaches that they can never bring deep, lasting [[happi
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  • The principle figure of the [[Bahá'í]] Faith, known as [[Bahá'u'lláh]], taught that i ...t under control. Saint [[Thomas Aquinas]] understood the soul as the first principle, or act, of the body. However, his epistemological theory required that, si
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  • ...fe of harmony and balance between spiritual and material concerns, between pleasure and worship, work and prayer. ...and the immortality of the human soul; the righteous are rewarded with the pleasures of ''Jannah'' ([[heaven|Paradise]]), while the unrighteous are punished in
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  • <td>Hedonism--pursuit of pleasure is the only guiding principle for human life (Note: This philosophical standpoint seems so alien to the c ... breezy skill, but after fifteen days he came back to earth. As far as the search for good fortune went, he didn't fret and worry. He escaped the trouble of
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  • ...blood sports such as cockfighting and dog fighting and the [[hunting]] for pleasure which has decimated wild animals in Africa and North America. It wasn't unt ...Bentham]] (1748-1832). In his seminal moral work, ''An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation'' in 1789, Bentham challenged Kant’s contempor
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  • ...kingdom in which Rama befriends Sugriva and the Vanara army and begins the search for Sita. ...d Dasharata to die broken hearted, he storms out of the palace and goes in search of Rama. When Rama refuses to break his exile to return to the capital to a
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  • .... During his travels, however, he did not merely wander about in search of pleasure but rather engaged in a sustained and comprehensive quest for knowledge. ...d his pupil [[Aristotle]] is the centrality of the good life and the human search for happiness through the practice of [[philosophy]].
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