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  • ...p of the time meant that she had to leave school after six months in Saint Petersburg and work in a factory as a corset maker. It was in that workplace that ...clination of human beings toward social ability and mutual aid stressed by Kropotkin with her own strong belief in the freedom of the individual.
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  • Christian who led the [[Tongmenghui]] society.<ref name=Carter>Peter Carter, ''Mao'' (Oxford University Press, 1976, ISBN 978-0192731401).</ref> ...zed power. Becoming "more and more radical," Mao was influenced by [[Peter Kropotkin]]'s [[anarchism]] but joined Li's Study Group and "developed rapidly toward
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  • ...ed in the same year, and was succeeded as the community leader by his son, Peter Kalmykov (? - 1864). After Peter Kalmykov's death in 1864, his widow Lukerya Vasilyevna Gubanova (? - Decemb
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  • ...munism and collectivist anarchism, with notable proponents such as [[Peter Kropotkin]] and [[Joseph D√©jacque]]. ...anarchist theory developed by [[Bakunin]] and the anarchist writer [[Peter Kropotkin]]. His concepts influenced such varied groups as the Russian populists, the
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  • ...s to Yasnaya Polyana, and spent much of his time in [[Moscow]] and [[Saint Petersburg]]. After contracting heavy [[gambling]] debts, Tolstoy accompanied his ...velopment of [[Christian anarchism]] and anarchist thought. Prince [[Peter Kropotkin]] wrote of him in the article on Christian anarchism in the 1911 ''Encyclop
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