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  • ...ificantly. No single model has been able to describe the totality of human personality. The inherent complexity of human nature, and the infinite diversity among ==What is personality?==
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  • than attempting to describe every detail of any particular individual's personality. ...o the nature of personality. While none is a complete description of human personality, many tests have proven useful in specific applications, such as interviewi
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  • ...who suffered with mental problems. In the past 70 years infant and child research and new discoveries in adults have led to further modification of theory. D ...m the treatment of women with mental disturbances) (Blum, 1977). Several researchers, coming together in Blum's 1977 book, ''Female Psychology,'' followed [[
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  • ''Pyromania''] in ''Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders.'' Retrieved August 20, 2007.</ref>: ...not be better accounted for by anti-social personality disorder, a conduct disorder, or a manic episode.
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  • ...hic monster after imbibing a drug intended to separate good from evil in a personality. The depiction of Jekyll and Hyde is rich in symbolic resonances, represent The next four years were spent mostly in travel, and in search of a climate that would be more beneficial for his health. He made long and
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  • ...ef>[ Researchers: Obama has German roots]. ''USATODAY'' (June 4, 2009). Retrieved Februar ...ness International Corporation]], then at the [[New York Public Interest Research Group]].<ref name=Obama/> He was hired as director of the [[Developing Comm
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  • for the army, but despite this Alcibiades was still forced to depart in search for more booty to pay the soldiers and oarsmen of the fleet. ...rapid growth of the Peloponnesian fleet at the expense of the Athenian. In search of funds and needing to force another decisive battle, Alcibiades left Noti
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  • ... flying anti-submarine patrols. His helicopter was equipped with a Marconi Searchwater radar and acted as an improvised Airborne Early Warning platform, maki The gunboat was the ARA ''Alferez Sobral,'' an ocean/patrol tug sent to search for the crew of an Argentinian plane shot down on May 1. Two Sea Lynxs fire
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  • ...lity is an innate condition, although a dissenting minority regard it as a disorder and have developed specialized therapies that can enable those who are will ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref>
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  • ...h Liberation War]] in 1971, owing to the West Pakistani Army's [[Operation Searchlight]], more than ten million [[Bengal]]is fled to neighboring India. ...eople who have been uprooted from their homes come to the United States in search of safe haven. They may be detained by the U.S. government, often until the
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  • ... from two of his children.<ref name="Searchstonesmult">M. Scott Peck, ''In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery '' (Hyperion, 1995). ...<ref name="Roadmult" /> Peck argues that everyone is neurotic or character-disordered at some time in their life, and the balance is to avoid both extremes.
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  • Many researchers believe that skin darkening was an adaptation that evolved as a protecti Current research establishes that human beings are highly genetically homogeneous, meaning t
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  • ...lysis, the "Third Viennese School" of [[psychotherapy]]. His book, ''Man's Search for Meaning,'' chronicled his experiences as a [[concentration camp]] inmat ...n Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager'' (in English entitled ''Man's Search for Meaning''), wherein he tried to objectively describe the life of an ord
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  • ...gaged, or focused onto the new location (Eysenck & Keane, 2005). Current research, regarding neural correlates of these physical shifts of attention, specifi === Attention-related disorder ===
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  • ...ion, drug use, or infection with a pathogen. Recently, an active area of research has been [[epigenetics]], including to what extent DNA can be modified or i ==Genetic disorders==
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  • ...inally]] wrong in almost all cases. There are treatments available for the disorder, but the rates of success have been mixed. Nevertheless, public opinion, as preferring prepubertal children (DiLorenzo1981). Nevertheless, some researchers, such as Barbaree and Seto (1997), have endorsed the use of actions as t
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  • ...iques for trying to help cure [[mental illness]]. He also theorized that [[personality]] is developed by a person's [[childhood]] experiences. ...their male sex organs, Freud spent four weeks at the Austrian zoological research station in [[Trieste]], dissecting hundreds of eels without finding more th
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  • ...nterest to an untrained dog. An intensive search for a scent, for instance searching a ship for contraband, can actually be very fatiguing for a dog, and the According to recent [[Genetics|genetic]] research, the lineage of dogs separated from that of wolves about 100,000 years ago
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  • ...r from within the community or outside, and preventing them from acting in disorderly fashion or otherwise in ways that disturb the order of society. Some of t ...").<ref>Douglas Harper, [ Police], Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved November 12, 2007.
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  • ...ulosis]] in Boston's slums. Later, treatment included a variety of 'mental disorders', including [[alcoholism]]. Treatment redirected the attention of patients ...w Light on Alcoholism: God, Sam Shoemaker, and AA'' (Kihei, HI: Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 1998, ISBN 978-1885803276).</ref> Through the Oxford gr
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