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  • ...ra 041.jpg|thumb|200px|According to Jewish tradition, [[God]] revealed the Pentateuch to [[Moses]].]] ... Pentateuch forms the beginning of the [[Old Testament]]. The books of the Pentateuch are traditionally said to have been revealed by God to the prophet [[Moses]
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  • ...g|thumb|A [[Samaritan]] man displays his people's ancient version of the [[Pentateuch]].]] The '''Samaritan Pentateuch''' is the text of the the first five books of the [[Bible]], also called th
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  • ...represented in the [[Septuagint]], the Targums and Peshitta, the Samaritan Pentateuch, the [[Masoretic Text]], and the [[Dead Sea scrolls]]. {{main|Samaritan Pentateuch}}
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  • five books of the Hebrew Bible, and, consequently, is also called the [[Pentateuch]] (five books). The titles of these five books are: ...h" is also used to include both [[Judaism]]'s written law, as found in the Pentateuch, and oral law, encompassing the entire spectrum of authoritative [[Jew]]ish
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  • ...rical records of the Middle East from Christian and Old Testament times in search of independent confirmation of events related in the [[Bible]]. These latte ...maintain that belief in God has nothing to do with the authorship of the [[Pentateuch]].
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  • The '''Book of Numbers''' is the fourth of the books of the [[Pentateuch]], included in both Jewish and Christian scriptures. It continues the story ... is met with skepticism and is considered to be one of the latest in the [[Pentateuch]].
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  • ...he first five books of the [[Hebrew Bible]], which are also known as the [[Pentateuch]], the [[Torah]] or the Books of Moses. Yet outside of the Bible, Moses is ...d to Moses on Mount Sinai. Modern critical scholars regard the laws of the Pentateuch as deriving from several collections codified in different periods of Israe
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  • ...en]] proposed dramatic new theories about the sources and editing of the [[Pentateuch]]; and [[New Testament]] experts such as [[Adolf von Harnack]] developed ne ...pothesis shows the relationships among the various supposed sources of the Pentateuch.]]
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  • ...e="JE Noah">[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Noah]. McCurdy, JF, Bacher, W, Seligsohn, M, Hirs ...en challenged by both by scholars who argue for the essential unity of the Pentateuch (though recognizing evidence of editorial redaction), and by scholars who a
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  • ...t draws from the ancient [[Bible|Biblical]] texts of ''Genesis'' and the ''Pentateuch,'' the books of the Prophets, the ''midrash'' and dialectics of the Rabbis, ... be considered to take two directions; the use of philosophical inquiry to search for a deeper understanding of Judaism and the Jewish experience, and the co
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  • ...[Yahwist|Yahwistic]] epic, or "J Source" following the five books of the [[Pentateuch]], but was later incorporated into the historical books edited by the [[Deu ...position that Joshua's sources are of the same character as those of the [[Pentateuch]]. Indeed, many now use the term [[Hexateuch]] to refer to the traditional
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  • Deuteronomy is the only book of the [[Pentateuch]] to impose the centralization of worship at a single location where sacrif ... (1:5, 8:26, 27:3, 31:26), distinct from the four preceding books of the [[Pentateuch]]. In addition to the book's emphasis on "Jerusalem-only" sacrifice and the
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  • ...losed" at the time of Ben Sira.<ref>Jean Louis Ska, '' The Exegesis of the Pentateuch: Exegetical Studies and Basic Questions'' (Mohr Siebeck Tubingen, 2009, ISB * Beentjes, Pancratius C. ''The Book of Ben Sira in Modern Research: Proceedings of the First International Ben Sira Conference, 28-31 July 199
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  • ...g him. The ''Maharal's'' classic work on the [[Rashi]] commentary of the [[Pentateuch]] is known as ''Gur Aryeh al HaTorah'': "Young Lion [commenting] upon the [ The Maharal was also entirely in favor of scientific research insofar as it did not contradict divine revelation. He was an outspoken cri
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  • ...n academic circles as "P") who was responsible for a fair portion of the [[Pentateuch]]. Dating to roughly the Exilic and early post-Exilic period of Hebrew hist * [ Genesis 2:4-25], The Creation of Man and Woman. English
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  • In contrast to the other books of the [[Pentateuch]], Leviticus contains very little in the way of narrating the story of the *[;&version=31; Several Christian translations] – ''www.bibleg
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  • ...' is mentioned by [[Nahmanides]] in the preface to his commentary on the [[Pentateuch]]. ... Sira writes, "Seek not out the things that are too hard for thee, neither search the things that are above thy strength. But what is commanded thee, think u
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  • <ref>"''[ Ark of the Covenant]''". Jewish Encyclopedia.</re ...ction of ancient [[Rabbinic]] writings. <ref>Mock, Robert, "''[ The Hiding of the Ark]''".</ref>
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  • ...]] commented that searching for errors in the Tyndale Bible was similar to searching for water in the sea. Bishop [[Cuthbert Tunstall]] of London declared th Mombert's ''William Tyndale's Five Books of Moses'' show that Tyndale's Pentateuch is a translation of the Hebrew original.
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  • Modern scholarship holds that the LXX, beginning with the Pentateuch, was written during the third through first centuries B.C.E. ...ed into Greek, producing a need for the LXX. Judaism at this time was also searching for and receiving converts who would mostly have been Greek speaking. Al
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