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  • at:40 shift: 15,10 text:[[Parthian]] invasion, Antigonus crowned, 40–37 ===Parthian invasion, Antony, Augustus===
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  • ...tting up base on the shores of the [[Caspian Sea]] in cooperation with the Parthian Kingdom under [[Pacorus II of Parthia]]. ... confirmed by the Roman craze for Chinese [[silk]] (supplied through the [[Parthians]]), even though the Romans thought silk was obtained from trees. This beli
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  • ...pearachchi).<ref>Osmund Bopearachchi. ''Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian and Indo-Parthian coins in the Smithsonian Institution.'' (Manohar, 1993. ISBN 0043940017), 3 ...B.C.E. with the invasions of the [[Indo-Scythian]]s, [[Yuezhi]] and [[Indo-Parthian]]s. The first known statues of the Buddha are also very realistic and Helle
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  • ...n 40 <small>B.C.E.</small>, Antigonus&mdash;this time joined by powerful [[Parthian]] allies&mdash;invaded Judea and marched on Jerusalem where he imprisoned b With Roman support and after a long struggle against Antigonus and the Parthians, Herod finally conquered Judea and began to rule as king around 37 <small>
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  • ... of the best Roman generals. The campaign was very successful; a number of Parthian cities were destroyed, [[Parthia]] capitulated, and Rome placed her own kin *[ ''Meditations''] – The Online Books (Casaubon tr
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  • ...arpenter he offered to build a palace for the [[Indo-Parthian Kingdom|Indo-Parthian]] king [[Gondophares]],<ref>Tom Shippey, [ ... generally agree that St. Thomas, a Jew himself by birth, visited India in search of Jews settled here.
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  • ...neutrality in the early church.<ref> Crossan, J. D., and Reed, J. L., ''In Search of Paul,'' (San Francisco: Harper, 2004), 115-116, ISBN 0-06-051457-4</ref> * Apostle to the Parthians: Saint [[Thomas (apostle)|Thomas]].
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  • The term is used in [[computer science]] in "[[Search engine (computing)|search engine]]," "3-D graphics [[game engine]]," "[[rendering engine]]," and "[[s According to [[Strabo]], a water-powered mill was built in Kaberia in the [[Parthian Empire|kingdom of Mithridates]] in the first century B.C.E. Use of [[water
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  • ...[[jackal]]s, [[hyena]]s, wild cats, [[panther]]s, and [[leopard]]s roam in search of food. In the north, some of the rarest animals in the world can be seen ... lost much of the western parts of the kingdom, including Gandhara, to the Parthian king Gondophares.
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  • a number of successes including the war and negotiated peace with the [[Parthian Empire]] (58 C.E.–63 C.E.), the putting down of the British revolt (60 C. At the time, the confused population searched for a scapegoat and soon rumors held Nero responsible. The motivation att
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  • ...sia followed, including those led by the Indo-Greeks, Indo-Scythians, Indo-Parthians and Kushans in the northwestern Indian sub-continent. ...India has also become a major exporter of software as well as financial, research, and technology services. India's software exports are growing at the rate
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  • ...modern [[Turkmenistan]]. [[Tacitus]], in the ''[[Annals]],'' writes of the Parthian king Vardanes I that he subdued "the intermediate tribes as far as the rive ...''The Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India.'' New Delhi: Voice of India; In Search of the Cradle of Civilization, 1995. ISBN 978-8185990200.
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  • ... the Persians as possible liberators of the Jews. Probably alluding to the Parthian war which broke out in the time of [[Antoninus Pius]], he said: "If you see * [ Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai]
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  • ... code of conduct and honor.<ref>Olivier Roy, 2006, ''Globalized Islam: The Search For A New Ummah'', (Columbia University Press. ISBN 9780231134996), 261.</r ...nd North by [[Aryan]]s, [[Persians]], [[Ancient Greece|Greek]]s, [[Parthia|Parthian]], [[Huns]], [[Turks]] and [[Mongols]], whose cultural and linguistic tradi
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