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  • Shahbag's numerous ponds, gardens, and palaces have inspired the work of multitude writers, singers, and poets. The ''Tha the late seventeenth century;<ref>''Banglapedia'', [ Musa Khan Mosque]
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  • ...given of its construction and elaborate furnishings. Solomon also builds a palace for himself, which is larger than the [[Temple of Jerusalem|Temple]] and ta ...aves every [[Canaan]]ite still living in the land. Solomon also improves a palace he has constructed for his wife, Pharaoh's daughter.
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  • ...There has been considerable discussion as to their antiquity, but modern research finds no definite justification for assigning them to a distinct primitive ...]]. It is named after Swiss [[anthropologist]] [[Adolph Bandelier]], who researched the cultures of the area. Looking over the cliff dwellings, Bandelier, an
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  • ...I, an American [[archaeology|archaeologist]] from [[Yale University]], was searching for Vilcabamba, the last stronghold of the [[Inca]] during the Spanish c ...atute of limitations]], pointing out their excellent preservation of and research on the collection, and claiming that their exhibition of the artifacts gene
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  • [[Image:Potala Palace.jpg|right|thumb|350px|The Potala Palace in Lhasa]] The fifth Dalai Lama also initiated the construction of the [[Potala Palace]] in [[Lhasa]], and moved the center of government there from Drepung. Duri
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  • ... discovered by [[archaeologist]] [[Sir Arthur Evans]] while excavating the palace he named [[Knossos]] in [[Crete]]. Linear A, so named because it is the fir ...] ruled by the legendary [[King Minos]]. Upon discovering the ruins of a [[palace]], he labeled the civilization that inhabited the area "[[Minoan civilizati
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  • ... in uncovering the ruin himself. His most significant discovery was of the palace of the [[Assyria]]n King [[Sargon II]]. He unearthed not only beautiful art ... of [[Sargon II]], an Assyrian king who reigned from 722 to 705 B.C.E. The palace was a part of Sargon’s ancient capital of Dur Sharrukin. It was the first
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  • ...1802, with the rule of [[Emperor Gia Long]]. The emperor constructed a new palace and citadel in Hué, the [[Purple Forbidden City]], modeled after China's [ ...fided with [[Geomancy|geomancers]] to decide the best place to built a new palace and citadel. After the geomancers had decided on a suitable site in [[Huế
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  • ...fascist regime, backed by the army and the Heimwehr (Home Defence League), searched the headquarters of and banned the Socialist Party. Later Dollfuss abolis ...putation as a quick (standard deployment time is 10 hours) and efficient [[Search and rescue|SAR]] unit. In 2007, larger contingents of Austrian forces were
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  • ...rch of pasture land for his horses, who face death from lack of water. His palace steward, Obadiah, encounters Elijah, and sets up a meeting between him and :As for the other events of Ahab's reign, including all he did, the palace he built and inlaid with [[ivory]], and the cities he fortified, are they n
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  • recruited into the [[national civil service]] and to work at the royal palace. Jang's inventions, such as the [[rain gauge]] and the [[Irrigation#History].Retrieved January 4, 2008.</ref> Jang's fame now reache
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  • ...hat he is adopted. Jocasta then realizes who Oedipus is and goes in to the palace to kill herself. Oedipus seeks verification of the messenger's story from t Oedipus goes in search of Jocasta and finds she has killed herself. Taking brooches from her gown,
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  • ... = Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and [[Mukden Palace|Shenyang]] ...O">[ UNESCO World Heritage List: Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang]. ''UNESCO'' access
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  • ...hrone after his nephew, Emperor Jianwen, mysteriously disappeared during a palace fire. His usurpation of the throne is now sometimes called the "Second Foun ... a skilled military strategist, Zhu Di was something of a scholar. While researching particular subjects, he found it cumbersome to look through hundreds of
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  • ... only to become potential victim of a strange transaction that allowed the palace's builder, Chandagirika, to kill whoever was first to step through the door ...illed by Ashoka's orders, but later Ashoka forbade all executions) and the palace of horrors (described as paradisal hell in the text) was destroyed.
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  • ...[[martial law]], the declaration of Bangladesh's independence, [[Operation Searchlight|military suppression]], devastation during war, and natural calamities ...ndation (architecture)|foundation]] in [[Bengal]].<ref>[ Chawk Mosque (Dhaka)]. accessdate 2007-07-06 </ref>
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  • ...ignited, the explosion could have reduced many of the buildings in the Old Palace of Westminster complex (housing Parliament), including [[Westminster Abbey] The tip-off led to a search of the vaults beneath the House of Lords, including the undercroft, during
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ... the idea of hereditary Hasidic dynasties and taught that each Hasid must "search for the ''tzaddik'' ('saintly/righteous person')" for himself&mdash;and wit
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  • ...vernors, and superintendents of the maritime customs to conduct a thorough search for opium, and cut off its supply. They should in no ways consider this ord ...ndian army]], which arrived in June of 1840.<ref>Spence, Jonathan D. ''The Search for Modern China, 2nd ed.''. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 1990. ISBN 9
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  • ... had given him gills). However, he did not realize that time in the Dragon palace passed much more slowly than on the land, and that during those few days un they built a pillar called ''Amenomihashira'' around which they built a palace called ''Yahirodono'' (the hall whose area is eight arms' length squared).
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