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  • ...sagas]] as the [[Estonian pirates|Estonian vikings]] ([[Norwegian language|Norwegian]]:''Vikinger fra Estland'').<ref name="OTS">School of Avaldsnes, [http://ww ...ormans]], however, were descended from [[Danes]], [[Norway|Norwegian]] (in Norwegian they are still to date referred to as ''jeg er en Normann''), [[Orkney Isla
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  • ...o the United States to flee the Nazis during [[World War II]]. Most of his literature addresses the cultural clash between the values of traditional society, whi ...'' of which he was an editor.<ref>Isaac Bashevis Singer, ''A Little Boy in Search of God,'' (New York: Doubleday, 1976) </ref>
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  • ...n i [[Hardanger]] (Bridal party in Hardanger), a monumental piece within [[Norwegian romantic nationalism]]. Painted by [[Hans Gude]] and [[Adolph Tidemand]].]] ...lish a unique identity. "[[Landsmål]]," which is the foundation of modern Norwegian, is the first language to follow this program, and it was joined by modern
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  • ...]], ''vaskebjørn'' in [[Danish language|Danish]] and [[Norwegian language|Norwegian]], ''tvättbjörn'' in [[Swedish language|Swedish]], ''wasbeer'' in [[Dutch ...f name="Helgen2005" /><ref name="Helgen2003"/> Cuaron et al. report that research conducted by many different scholars concludes that the Cozumel raccoon and
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  •]] and [[agriculture]], and was from 1262 to 1944 a part of the [[Norway|Norwegian]] and later the [[Denmark|Danish]] monarchies. ...eflavík. <ref>Jim Garamone, September 29, 2006. [ Last U.S. Service Members to Leave Iceland Sept.
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  • ... its disease vector was subsequently displaced and succeeded by the bigger Norwegian, or brown, rat ''(Rattus norvegicus),'' which is not as prone to transmit t ...udi=B6W8X-4JHV0JG-S&_user=10&_coverDate=04%2F30%2F2006&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=265
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  • ...ɑɖ muŋk]}}) (December 12, 1863 &ndash; January 23, 1944) was a [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[Symbolism (arts)|Symbolist]] painter, printmaker, and graphic artist, w ... life."<ref>"Edvard Munch," in ''Encyclopedia of World Biography'' (Gale Research, 1998).</ref>
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  • ...ation]], which called him a "prominent social critic on politics, history, literature and culture."<ref name=medal>National Book Foundation,}search=Trailer%20for%20the%20Remake%20of%20Gore%20Vidal's%20Caligula&page=&f=Title
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  • ...ymonline>Online Etymology Dictionary, [ Gasoline.] Retrieved September 9, 2008.</ref> and is often confuse ...Dutch]], ''Bensin'' ([[Swedish language|Swedish]] and [[Norwegian language|Norwegian]]), ''Bensiini'' ([[Finnish language|Finnish]]), ''Benzyna'' ([[Polish lang
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  • ...the business of constructing [[railroad]]s and [[bridge]]s, Nobel's father searched for ways to blast rock more efficiently. His construction business in [[R ...ial [[silk]], [[rubber]], and [[semiprecious stones]]. He also completed research in the areas of optics, electrochemistry, and biology.
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  • Fairy tales are found in [[oral tradition|oral folktale]] and in [[literature|literary]] form. The history of the fairy tale is particularly difficult to ...[Italo Calvino]] cited the fairy tale as a prime example of "quickness" in literature, because of the economy and concision of the tales.<ref>Italo Calvino. ''Si
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  • ...ts can also be modified, such as changing mesh size, to help with marine research of ocean bottoms.<ref>[ ...ted the often large volumes of by-catch that are discarded. For example, researchers conducting a three-year study in the [[Clarence River]] found that an es
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  • ...ican writers]] of the twentieth century. A winner of the [[Nobel Prize for Literature]] in 1962, he wrote ''Of Mice and Men'' (1937) and the [[Pulitzer Prize]]-w ...gnificant impact on Steinbeck as a social traveling companion and fellow researcher on trips to collect biological specimens. Steinbeck even based his charac
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  • ... More]] (1515) reviving visions of a perfect society as exposed in ancient literature, including [[Plato]]’s ''Republic.'' In other words, the optimistic visio ...ssimism is likely to yield an incomparably higher number of entries than a search on optimism. But Seligman is not the first psychologist to present an optim
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  • ...d a one-story house with distinctive guttering and tiling. After extensive searching, they found that Thondup's house resembled that in Reting's vision. They ...he help of the Indian and American governments, organized pro-independence literature and the smuggling of weapons into Tibet. Armed struggles broke out in Amdo
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  • ...ront company. The development of the battle tank was financed from naval research funds via the Landships Committee, and, although a decade later, developmen ...sea. Churchill advocated the preemptive occupation of the neutral [[Norway|Norwegian]] iron-ore port of Narvik and the iron mines in [[Sweden]], early in the wa
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  • *''In Search of the Lost Chord,'' ''On The Threshold of A Dream,'' ''Seventh Sojourn'' ( ...t It Black" by [[The Rolling Stones]], "Hole In My Shoe" by Traffic, and "Norwegian Wood," "Love You To" and "Within You, Without You" by The Beatles. The use
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  • ...of Lovecraft, but which has since published a considerable amount of other literature as well. Penguin Classics has at present issued three volumes of Lovecraft' ...terature available with endnotes as ''The Annotated Supernatural Horror in Literature''.
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  • The saga tells the story of the [[Norway|Norwegian]] man '''Hallfreðr,''' who becomes one of the original settlers of Iceland ...t as between equals. Hrafnkell's rejects this notion, so Þorbjörn starts searching for ways to achieve satisfaction. The laws of the [[Icelandic Commonweal
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  • ...esh Airlines.<ref name=Banglapedia0134>{{cite news |url= |title=Airports |encyclopedia=Banglapedia |accessdate= ...]'', a name given to a flying machine mentioned in ancient [[Vedas|Vedic]] literature. The logo, painted on the tail, has a stylized white stork (''Balaka'' in B
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