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  • ...ins distinct neighborhoods or districts. The communities are known as: The North Inlet, The South Inlet, Bungalow Park, the Marina District, Venice Park, Do ...te]]. In the [[winter]], the [[city]] does not get as much [[snow]]fall as northern [[New Jersey]] or inland areas because it is moderated by the [[ocean]].
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  • ...ulls are very common in coastal areas in temperate and arctic areas in the Northern Hemisphere. ...g|thumb|200px|right|A gull hovers above hundreds of tourists on [[Brighton Pier]], England]]
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  • the term "Celt" was used either to refer generally to [[barbarian]]s in north-western Europe or to specific groups of tribes in the [[Iberian Peninsula]] ... much of Europe, from [[Ireland]] and the Iberian Peninsula in the west to northern [[Italy]] and [[Serbia]] in the east. Archaeological and historical sour
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