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  • ...oles in the armies of past [[society|societies]], the role of women in the military, particularly in combat, is controversial and it is only recently that wome ...ill one day be no longer necessary for men or women to become professional military personnel.
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  • {{Infobox Military Person |commands=Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy<br/>101st Airborne Division<br/>Chief of Staff, U.S. Army<br/>Chairman, Joi
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  • ...“he was ready to go to the end of the world, even to the [[Knesset]], in search of peace,” which led to his historical trip to [[Jerusalem]]. <ref>Dan Co ...gyptian, his mother was [[Sudan]]ese. He graduated from the Royal Military Academy in [[Cairo]] in 1938 and was appointed to the signal corps. He entered the
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  • ...]] politician and statesman who is popularly credited as one of the finest military commanders in history. He lived in a period of tension in the [[Mediterrane ...ile, he lived at the [[Seleucid Empire|Seleucid]] court, where he acted as military adviser to [[Antiochus III]] in his war against Rome. Defeated in a naval b
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  • ...glected.<ref>Akbar S. Ahmed, ''Jinnah, Pakistan, and Islamic Identity: The Search for Saladin'' (New York: Routledge, 1997).</ref> Several scholars argue tha ...ref name="jinnah87">Fatimah Jinnah. ''My Brother.'' (Karachi: Quaid-e-Azam Academy, 1987), 48-49</ref>
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  • ...nity. He continued to find support from the U.S. government and military research establishment. He was a co-founder of [[Lawrence Livermore National Laborat known for his advocacy of controversial technological solutions to both military and civilian problems, including a plan to excavate an artificial harbor in
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  • {{Infobox Military Award |eligibility= Military personnel only
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  • ...tive Moroccans. Tactics at the time resulted in heavy losses among Spanish military officers, but also provided the chance of earning promotion through merit. ...nco was appointed, in 1928, director of the newly created ''Joint Military Academy'' in Zaragoza, a common college for all Army cadets.
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  • ...n in 1863 at [[Murree]], [[British India]] (now [[Pakistan]]) to a British military family, John Younghusband and his wife Clara Shaw. Clara's brother, Robert ... [[Clifton College]], [[Bristol]]. In 1881 he entered the [[Royal Military Academy Sandhurst]] and in 1882 he was commissioned as a [[Subaltern (rank)|subalte
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  • {{Infobox Military Person ...s a flying cadet; he trained at the [[University of California]] School of Military [[Aeronautics]] at [[Rockwell Field]], [[California]], and was commissioned
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  • ..., Josef Rilke (1838-1906), became a railway official after an unsuccessful military career. His mother, Sophie ("Phia") Entz (1851-1931), came from a well-to-d ...ess. He would later recount to friends that his time spent in the military academy were some of the most miserable years of his life, and that they nearly cru
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  • ...urther help the nationalists, the Japanese kept Vichy French officials and military officers imprisoned for a month after the surrender. ... in no position to seriously negotiate any conditions (Bảo Ðại had no military of his own, but soon he would have one).
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  • ..., 1738 &ndash; October 5, 1805) was a [[Kingdom of Great Britain|British]] military commander and colonial governor. In the [[United States]], he is best remem ==Military career==
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  • Emperor of the Chinese Empire (中華帝國大皇帝), but [[Yunnan]]'s military governor, [[Cai E]] and several other provinces rebelled and he abandoned [ ...sometimes called the “Father of Warlords” because his establishment of military provincial governors, each with his own army, is considered to be the found
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  • ...4.</ref> Then, in March 1937, Nasser was admitted to the Egyptian Military Academy and, temporarily, abandoned his political activities in favor of studying t ...54.</ref> During the war, Nasser also began forming a group of other young military officers with strong Egyptian [[nationalism|nationalist]] feelings who supp
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  • ...y, he enrolled in the local military academy in Tehran; he remained in the academy until 1938. During the subsequent military invasion and occupation, the joint [[Allied Powers (World War II)|Allied]]
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  • ...[[United States Military Academy]] (West Point), the [[United States Naval Academy]], and a few others. These schools were known for their long-standing tradi ...t for them; but they now decided that they could not both be world-class research institutions and be competitive in the highest ranks of American college sp
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  • Salinger was a noted spiritual searcher, who tried numerous different religious traditions. His life as well as h ...ay from his over-protective mother by entering the [[Valley Forge Military Academy]] in [[Wayne, Pennsylvania]].<ref>Salinger, (2000), 31.</ref> Though he had
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  • ...s brother. Debate continued regarding his sexual orientation. However, his military ability remains unquestioned and there is no doubt that his wartime leaders ...dition; the young Kitchener was educated there and at the [[Royal Military Academy]]. Pro-French and eager to see action, he joined a [[France|French]] field
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  • ... order to stand a chance in politics he needed money and a reputation. The military, with the possibility of distinguishing himself in action, would provide th ...ure (Churchill 1996: 80). In 1895, he went to [[Cuba]] while on leave as a military observer during the Spanish-Cuban war at the invitation of the [[Spain|Span
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