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  • ...lity is an innate condition, although a dissenting minority regard it as a disorder and have developed specialized therapies that can enable those who are will ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref>
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  • ...[[sense]] organs towards a stimulus source. Covert attention is the act of mentally focusing on one of several possible sensory stimuli. Covert attention is ...gaged, or focused onto the new location (Eysenck & Keane, 2005). Current research, regarding neural correlates of these physical shifts of attention, specifi
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  • ''Pyromania''] in ''Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders.'' Retrieved August 20, 2007.</ref>: ...ucinations; or impaired judgment resulting from substance abuse, dementia, mental retardation, or traumatic brain damage.
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  • ...t patients with a variety of disorders, both physical and [[mental illness|mental]]. ...he start in [[Europe]] and [[North America]] and remains a major area of research and instruction in many countries. In the last two centuries, biopsychology
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  • ...mixed. Nevertheless, public opinion, as well as that of both the legal and mental health professions, supports continued efforts to uncover the causes and ef preferring prepubertal children (DiLorenzo1981). Nevertheless, some researchers, such as Barbaree and Seto (1997), have endorsed the use of actions as t
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  • ...its perceived world. Most broadly, mind is the organized totality of the [[mental]] processes of an [[organism]] and the structural and functional components this mainstream view, a small group of neuroscientists has persisted in searching for evidence suggesting the possibility of a human mind existing and ope
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  • ...lysis, the "Third Viennese School" of [[psychotherapy]]. His book, ''Man's Search for Meaning,'' chronicled his experiences as a [[concentration camp]] inmat ...n Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager'' (in English entitled ''Man's Search for Meaning''), wherein he tried to objectively describe the life of an ord
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  • ... unambiguous [[homosexuality]] at a time when it was considered a [[mental disorder]]. As well known for his essays as his novels, Vidal wrote for several pres ...ine in 1969, a time when homosexuality was still classified as a [[mental disorder]] by the [[American Psychiatric Association]], Vidal wrote:
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  • ... are a subgroup of the broader category of [[displaced person]]s. [[Environmental refugees]] (people displaced because of [[natural environment|environment]] A refugee camp is a place built by [[government]]s or [[Non-governmental organization|NGO]]s (such as the [[International Committee of the Red Cross
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  • ...e [[human being|human]] [[mind]] to find ways of restoring [[mental health|mental]] as well as physical [[health]]. The AA pattern is now used for many [[add ...nuel Movement claimed that all diseases including alcoholism had physical, mental and spiritual components and that [[prayer]], group support and self-help w
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  • ...develop treatments for, even the most severe [[psychosis|psychoses]]. This search for satisfaction via personal involvement with others led Sullivan to chara ...' which explored the impact of personal experience on the development of [[mental illness]]. Although he was a superior student in [[grade school]] and [[hig
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  • ...eories as applicable both to those with [[mental health and illness|mental disorders]] and to those who are simply interested in promoting their own psychologi ...r Zurich and Jung was an aspiring young doctor there on the rise. Jung's research at the Burgh√∂lzli established him as a psychiatrist of international reput
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  • ...for them [[scientific method|scientifically]]. While the results of such research indicate the possibility that some of the results may not be attributable t ..., [ "A Short History of Psi Research"] ''The Skeptic's Dictionary.'' Retrieved April 10, 2007.</ref> Depending o
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  • ...ishment."<ref> "punish" [ Online Etymology Dictionary] Retrieved July 17, 2007. </ref> ...p020029%2b02a00060%2b0%2cFEFFFFFF07&
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  • ...tended near-death situations.<ref>Kenneth Ring, ''Heading toward Omega. In search of the Meaning of Near-Death Experience.'' (New York: W. Morrow, 1984. ISBN ==Research and history==
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  • ...h emphasizes normal, successful development rather than the treatment of [[mental illness]]. The field is intended to complement, not to replace, traditional Researchers in this field analyze states of [[happiness]], [[flow (psychology)|flow]
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  • ...and others. [[Edmund Husserl]] argued that belief (Husserl called the fundamental belief "ur-doxa") underlies one's framework of thinking and it exists at th ...lines have traditionally treated belief as if it were the simplest form of mental representation and therefore one of the building blocks of conscious though
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  • ...t is utilized not only for those with a [[mental_health_and_illness|mental disorder]], but also for those who desire to promote their own [[psychological devel ...t will impede or retard the natural development of inborn preferences. The mental health problems of many left-handed children, who are forced to be right-ha
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  • ...s monkey]]s. A graduate of [[Stanford University]], Harlow conducted his research at the [[University of Wisconsin-Madison]]. His work demonstrated the impor ...arting as a study of factors involved in mother-infant bonding, Harlow's research soon entered areas that were questionable at best, and often [[ethics|uneth
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  • ...his grandfather, [[Wilhelm I, German Emperor|Wilhelm I]], and he was instrumental in later attempts to foster a cult of the first German Emperor as "Wilhelm ...machinations. Both sides of his family had suffered from [[mental disorder|mental illness]], and this may explain his emotional instability. The Emperor's pa
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