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  • Monthly Averages for New York, NY]. ''The Weather Channel''. Retrieved Apri ...ercast days per year than Melbourne.<ref name="Sydney Airport"/><ref name="Melbourne Airport"/>
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  • ...City]]; the Los Angeles City Hall; the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, Australia; and the Scottish Rite House of the Temple on 16th Street in [[Washington, ...orial.jpg|thumb|300px|The [[design]] of the [[Shrine of Remembrance]] in [[Melbourne]] was inspired by that of the Mausoleum]]
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  • ...sic festival in Paris. From 1961, he toured Europe, the United States, and Australia, and became the first Indian to compose music for non-Indian films.<ref nam ...Menuhin.<ref name=Glass /><ref name=Grammy>[ Past Winners - Shankar] National A
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  • outlets for their [[creativity]] such as [[architecture]], [[art]], the search for [[knowledge]] through [[science]] or [[philosophy]], as well as the dev ... for Research and Action," ''International Journal of Urban and Regional Research'' 6(3) (1982): 319.</ref>
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  • ..., were non-fantastic stories of [[fictional country|imaginary countries]]. Searching for a publishable way to express her interests, she returned to her earl ...orld Science Fiction Convention]] in [[Melbourne, Australia|Melbourne]], [[Australia]]. She received the [[Library of Congress]] ''[[Library of Congress Living
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  • ...00px|right|Statue of John Wesley outside Wesley Church in [[Melbourne]], [[Australia]]]] ...] in 1977, becoming the Uniting Church. The [[Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia]] continues to operate independently. There are also other independent Meth
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  • ...e election victories, he was defeated by [[Bob Hawke]], the [[Labor party (Australia))|Labor]] leader in 1983, which ended his career and left him alienated fro ...ations of the [[economics|economy]], which hindered the process of opening Australia up for trade in the [[pacific rim]] and ended the medical health care provi
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  • ...r that he became ACTU President, Hawke was named "the best known person in Australia."<ref>Troy Bramston, 2003, [ ...wke governed by consensus, and was committed to improving the lives of all Australians, not only of some. The [[Gough Whitlam|Whitlam government]]'s universal h
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  • |honorific-suffix = <small>[[Order of Australia|AC]] [[Queen's Counsel|QC]] ...deral election, 1974|1974]], [[Australian federal election, 1975|1975]], [[Australian federal election, 1977|1977]]
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  • tailless creature, with a cream-colored chest, the koala is native to [[Australia]], and the only extant representative of the family Phascolarctidae. ...sufficient nourishment, but on a supportive community. The koalas of South Australia were largely exterminated during the early part of the twentieth century, b
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  • ... to two meters (6.5 feet) in height, the emu is the largest bird native to Australia and the second-largest extant bird in the world by height, after its [[rati The emu is common over most of mainland Australia, although it avoids heavily populated areas, dense forest, and arid areas.
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  • endemic to Australia, and found in and around desert areas in Western [[Australia]]. ...tralia]]. The most fossorial of all the marsupials, they also are the only Australian mammals specialized for a burrowing lifestyle (ZSL 2014). They spend the m
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  • to the [[Antarctica|Antarctic]] in the south, bounded by [[Asia]] and [[Australia]] on the west and the [[South America|Americas]] on the east. The [[equator ...ent, on reaching the east coast of Australia, swing south to form the East Australian Current, which, becoming the Tasman Current, turns back to the northeast a
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  • ...tor. Penguins are found off the coasts of [[South America]], [[Africa]], [[Australia]], and [[New Zealand]]. There are no penguins based at the [[North Pole]], ...o). In air it has been suggested that they are [[nearsighted]], although research has not supported this hypothesis (Sivak et al. 1987).
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  • ...eaping power due to the structure of their hind legs. They are native to [[Australia]], [[New Guinea]], and neighboring islands. ...]. ''Australia Now''. Retrieved January 6, 2007.</ref> and is used by many Australian organizations, such as Qantas.<ref> Qantas Airways Limited. 2007 [http://w
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  • ...until his death. He played an important part in the exploration of eastern Australia and also helped open up what is now [[Tasmania]]. Oxley is most famous for leading three expeditions across Australia. The first was with explorer [[George Evans]], and lead an expedition to fo
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  • ...round [[Japan]], and the southwestern Pacific around [[New Zealand]] and [[Australia]]. Specimens are rare in tropical and polar latitudes. The search for a live ''Architeuthis'' specimen includes attempts to find live young,
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  • ... and Clutterbuck were two separate individuals.<ref>Doreen Valiente, ''The Search For Old Dorothy'' (London: Hale, 1984).</ref> It has been posited by author * Valiente, Doreen. ''The Search For Old Dorothy''. Hale, 1984.
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  • ...rcial interests around the globe and eventually led to the colonization of Australia. ...]], the [[Spice Islands]], and [[New Holland (Australia)|New Holland]], ([[Australia]]).
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  • ..., and his Merchant Gilsemans also [[map|mapped]] substantial portions of [[Australia]], New Zealand and the [[Pacific Ocean|Pacific Islands]]. Tasman was one of ...ber 3, 1642, later known as Tasmania, would become a British colony. Its [[Australian Aborigine|Aborigine]] population was decimated at the hands of the Europea
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