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  • ...More than 100,000 people, mostly African American, have left the region in search of work elsewhere. ...''. [ State Guide to Marijuana Laws: Mississippi] Retrieved October 18, 2008.</ref>
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  • ...s between him and [[Allen Ginsberg]] referring to a possible delivery of [[marijuana]]. Burroughs fled to [[Mexico]] to escape possible detention in Louisiana's ...tories]], was published. Under the strong influence of a [[cannabis (drug)|marijuana]] confection known as ''majoun'' and a German-made [[opioid]] called ''Euko
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  • trafficking|trafficking of narcotics]]—crack [[cocaine]] and ganja ([[marijuana]])—contribute to a high level of violent [[crime]] in the city. trafficking|trafficking of narcotics]]—crack [[cocaine]] and ganja ([[marijuana]])—contribute to a high level of violent [[crime]], especially in Kingsto
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  • In 2003, the [[FBI]] searched the backyard of a home in [[Hampton Township, Michigan]] formerly frequen ...p on Jimmy Hoffa prompts search'', [ "Teamster boss last seen July 1975 at a M
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  • ...use of the substance. This contributed greatly to the world's partaking of marijuana, as it made the already popular drug appear even more attractive, as reggae * Davis, Stephen & Peter Simon. ''Reggae Bloodlines: In Search of the Music and Culture of Jamaica.'' New York: Da Capo Press 1979. ISBN 0
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  • ...hotis]]), or are used as [[recreational drugs]] (such as [[cannabis (drug)|marijuana]]). * [[Nutmeg]] (and Mace) Marijuana
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  •,M1]</sup> ...garding [[marijuana]]. The court found the federal law valid, although the marijuana in question had been grown and consumed within a single state, and had neve
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  • |known_for = [[SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)]]<br/>[[Cosmos: A Personal Voyage ...ience]]s. He pioneered [[Astrobiology|exobiology]] and promoted the [[SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)]].
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  • ...ef>[ Researchers: Obama has German roots]. ''USATODAY'' (June 4, 2009). Retrieved Februar ...ack students. Obama has also written and talked about using [[alcohol]], [[marijuana]] and [[cocaine]] during his teenage years to "push questions of who I was
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  • ...[folk]], [[blues]], [[rock]], [[bluegrass]] and developed an interest in [[marijuana]]. After he left high school, Garcia enlisted in the [[United States Army]] ...vid Grisman]] Garcia traveled the American countryside in the early 1960s, searching for their own ideal in the ''the high lonesome'' sound of [[bluegrass]]
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  • ...n trail and attend the [[1968 Democratic Convention]] in [[Chicago]] for research purposes. From his hotel room in Chicago, Thompson watched the clashes betw ...ok for which Thompson gained most of his fame had its genesis during the research for ''[[Strange Rumblings in Aztlan]],'' an [[exposé]] for ''Rolling Stone
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  • ...ot Seven, with such hits as "Potato Head Blues," "Muggles" (a reference to marijuana), and "West End Blues." His recordings with Earl "Fatha" Hines and Armstro * [ Louis Armstrong at the SoundtrackINFO project]
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  • ...disciplinary field in the [[social science]]s, drawing especially on the research of [[sociology|sociologists]] and [[psychology|psychologists]], as well as ...]] and his theory of [[evolution]], has been superseded, but more modern research examines [[genetics|genetic]] characteristics and the chemistry of [[nutrit
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  • ... parallels between Johnson, whose career had been defined by the fruitless search for a [[Great White Hope]] to dethrone him, and Davis's own career, in whic ... on alcohol and illegal drugs (primarily [[cocaine]] and [[cannabis (drug)|marijuana]]), Davis' performances were routinely panned throughout late 1974 and earl
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  • While researching his Ph.D., Feynman married his first wife, [[Arline Greenbaum]]. (Arline ''Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!'' describes only [[cannabis (drug)|marijuana]] and [[ketamine]] experiences at [[John C. Lilly|John Lilly]]'s famed [[Is
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  • ... of him, remembering him, and refraining from psychedelic drugs (including marijuana).<ref>Thomas Robbins, "Eastern Mysticism and the Resocialization of Drug Us and others), and the rather disillusioned account of Paul Brunton (''A Search in Secret India,'' 1934), he achieved additional attention in the West over
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  • [[James Cook]] explored the coast in 1778 in search of the [[Northwest Passage]]. The [[Lewis and Clark Expedition]] traveled t ...upreme Court of the United States|U.S. Supreme Court]]), legalization of [[marijuana|medical cannabis]], and among the nation's strongest [[Smart growth|anti]]-
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