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  • There were many anti-Communist committees, panels and "loyalty review boards" in federal, state and local governments, as well as many pri ====Loyalty-security reviews====
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  • ...'' (1895), ''The World and the Individual'' (1900-01), ''The Philosophy of Loyalty'' (1908), and ''The Problem of Christianity'' (1913). ...earch of wisdom and understanding. His work on ethics, ''The Philosophy of Loyalty,'' appeared in 1908. That year he also published a collection of essays und
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  • ..., this true story was popularized in Japanese culture as emblematic of the loyalty, sacrifice, persistence and honor which all good people should preserve in ...onin differ from the classical estimation of the Ronin in their unwavering loyalty both to their master and to the ''bushido'' code of honor.
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  • ...40, the [[Smith Act|Alien Registration Act]] was passed. Among many other "loyalty" regulations, Section 31 required the registration and fingerprinting of al L. DeWitt]], head of the Western Command, requested approval to conduct search and seizure operations to prevent alien Japanese from making radio transmis
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  • ...Others, particularly the Army officers, felt bound by the personal oath of loyalty they had taken to Hitler in 1934. ...illed if the majority of Army officers were to be freed from their oath of loyalty. It was agreed that Halder would instigate the coup when Hitler committed a
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  • ...ose loyalties often shifted with fatal consequences, as well as the proven loyalty of the Varangians led Basil to employ them as his personal bodyguards. This ...]] and continued until [[Nero]].</ref> of the emperor, swearing an oath of loyalty to him; they had ceremonial duties as retainers and acclaimers and performe
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  • ...nd property, rescuing people, companionship, and so forth&mdash;that their loyalty has earned them the unique sobriquet, "man's best friend." Their actions mi ...nterest to an untrained dog. An intensive search for a scent, for instance searching a ship for contraband, can actually be very fatiguing for a dog, and the
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  • ...h the ''Weather Underground'' by authorizing FBI agents to perform illegal searches of their homes. He was [[pardon]]ed by President [[Ronald Reagan]] in 198 ...]], who pressured Gray to get rid of Felt. Gray instead vouched for Felt's loyalty.<ref>W. Mark Felt, ''The FBI Pyramid: From the Inside'' (New York: Putnam,
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  • ...Dictionary -medieval" [ Definition from Online Etymology Dictionary] - Retrieved October 2 ...don. ''Dictionary of the Middle Ages, Supplement 1.'' 2004.</ref> Recent research and archaeology have also revealed complex cultures persisting throughout t
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  • ...ritory and their complex systems of retainers, bureaucrats, and commoners. Loyalty was exacted from religious foundations, already greatly weakened by Nobunag ...ations had the means and leisure time to support a new mass culture. Their search for enjoyment became known as ''ukiyo'' (“the floating world”), an idea
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  • attracted the irritation of the Hungarian side, who accused him of disloyalty and removed him in 1442. With the help of the Turks (where he also had conn obscure individuals, some of them of foreign origin, but who manifested loyalty towards Vlad. For the less important functions, Vlad also ignored the old b
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  • ...ed scholar, and attained a high position at court. A champion of political loyalty and truth, eager to maintain the Chu state's sovereignty, he advocated a po ... rice are now wrapped in reed leaves instead of silk. The act of racing to search for his body in boats gradually became the cultural tradition of [[dragon b
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  • Qirui]], who reported to him regularly about army proceedings. With the loyalty of the Beiyang Army still undoubtedly behind him, Yuan actually held the ba To further reward Yuan's loyalty to the court, the [[Empress Dowager Longyu]] offered Yuan the noble title M
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  • ...aring oneself to occupy the place of the king. Despite his protestation of loyalty to Saul's house, Abner immediately proclaims David the rightful king in God ... at Hebron, bringing not only Michal, but also 20 soldiers and a pledge of loyalty from the entire tribe of Benjamin. He also pledges to deliver the support o
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  •, Texas|Waco]] municipal jail for a minor crime. Bonnie would prove her loyalty to him by sneaking in a [[gun]] which he used to break out along with fello ...</ref> Clyde was "a machine behind the wheel," driving dangerous roads and searching for places where they might sleep or have a meal without being discovere
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  • ...ree [[governor]]s.<ref>Barry Clifford. ''Return to Treasure Island and the Search for Captain Kidd'' (New York: William Morrow, 2003 ISBN 9780060185091), 5.< ... that he was a wanted pirate, and that several English [[men-of-war]] were searching for him. Realizing that the ''Adventure Prize'' was a marked vessel, he
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  • ...est-point-and-the-third-loyalty/?pagination=false West Point and the Third Loyalty], ''The New York Review of Books'' 20(16) (October 18, 1973). Retrieved Sep}search=Trailer%20for%20the%20Remake%20of%20Gore%20Vidal's%20Caligula&page=&f=Title
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  • ...[[Europe]]an royalty of that era; additionally, she displayed tremendous [[loyalty]] and courage during the dark and tempestuous days of the French Revolution On May 7, as a symbolic act of loyalty at the "handover" held on a island in the middle of the Rhine, Marie Antoin
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  • ...fined a boundary between private and public matters and therefore demanded loyalty in all spheres of society. Consequently, any ideological attack, such as a ... Mass education and conscription supplanted loyalty to feudal domains with loyalty to the state. Industrialization and centralization gave the Japanese people
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  • * 210 B.C.E., [[Qin Shi Huang]] dispatched [[Xu Fu]] to sail overseas in search of elixirs of immortality, accompanied by 3,000 virgin boys and girls. Hist forced to wear a [[queue (hairstyle)|queue]], as an expression of their loyalty to the [[Manchu]] [[Qing Dynasty|Qing]] emperor. Photo in San Francisco Chi
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