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  • ... performance|historically-informed performance practice]] and associated research that Pachelbel's works began to be studied extensively and performed more f ...of them as important as, for example, the Oldham manuscript is for [[Louis Couperin]]. Among the more significant materials are several [[manuscript]]s that we
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  • ...ic of North German and French composers such as [[Jean-Baptiste Lully]], [[Louis Marchand]] and [[Marin Marais]]. The boy probably witnessed and assisted th ... political tensions in the ducal court of Weimar, Bach began once again to search out a more stable job that was conducive to his musical interests. Prince L
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  • ...rtrays the political extents of the Baroque and its main representative, [[Louis XIV]]. ...s Florissants (ensemble)|Les Arts Florissants]] have performed extensive research on all the French Baroque Opera, performing pieces from [[Marc-Antoine Char
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