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  • ...eramics.<ref>Ibid.</ref> The Nguyen dynasty also patronized the performing arts, such as imperial court music and dance, which became highly developed. .... By the early twentieth century, French art institutions such as the Fine Arts College of Indochine (FACI) taught European methods to Vietnamese artists,
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  • ...iding instruction "in the Vernacular Learned Languages, and in the liberal Arts and Sciences."<ref>Walter C. Brunson, ''The History of Brown University, 17 ...that "At the time it was framed the charter was considered extraordinarily liberal" and that "the government has always been largely non-sectarian in spirit."
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  • ...e fields of [[missionary]] outreach, direct evangelization, intellectual research, and [[education]] (schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, theologica ... network of 74 colleges on three continents. A precursor to [[liberal arts|liberal education]], the Jesuit plan of studies incorporated the Classical teaching
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  • ... 1867, the university later expanded to include an undergraduate [[liberal arts college]] in 1928 and commenced a program of graduate studies in 1955. Affi ...ission Statement emphasizes intellectual pursuit, diversity, and [[liberal arts]] education. The university aims to achieve these goals by focusing on deve
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  • Definition of “mathematicus.”] Retrie ...ition as it has failed empirical tests in controlled studies.<ref> WordNet Search 3.0, [ Definition of “
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  • ...web|url =| title = Emory University |publ ... The university consists of nine academic divisions including schools of [[arts]] and [[science]]s, [[theology]], [[business]], [[law]], [[medicine]], [[pu
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  • ...ersity has over the years broadened into many disciplines of the [[liberal arts]], as well as outreach to the global community. Over the years, Fordham has ...ted to the discovery of Wisdom and the transmission of Learning, through research and through undergraduate, graduate and professional education of the highe
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  • can encompass the full range of human emotions. This makes the musical arts a universal expression of human experience. ...such as the Glockenspiel, are fitted with one. Though they have no moving parts and are struck by mallets held in the player's hands, they possess the same
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  • ...tiated by [[Aristotle]], the dialectic refers to a movement of the mind in search for truth. In contrast to the Sophists, [[Socrates]] professed to search for nothing but the truth. By applying his well-known “Socratic irony,”
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  • A '''university''' is an institution of [[higher education]] and [[research]], which grants [[academic degree]]s at all levels ([[bachelor degree|bache ...ion or society.<ref>[ University] ''Online Etymology Dictionary''. Retrieved March 13, 2
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  • ...rheard the two boys and thought they were laughing at them. The volunteers searched Valdés' house and found a letter written by the two boys that criticized ...gosa]], receiving a degree in law in 1874, and a later a degree in liberal arts. During his studies, he found a job as a tutor, attended the theater, conce
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  • ... judge, that was in England these last fifty years. When the book of all hearts is opened, I trust I shall not be found to have the troubled fountain of a In March 1626, Lord St. Alban came to London. Continuing his scientific research, he was inspired by the possibility of using snow to preserve meat. He purc
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  • ...attend the school. Wellesley consistently ranks among the top five liberal arts colleges in the United States, and is the highest ranking women's college i ...s. Today, the mission of the college is to "provide an excellent [[liberal arts]] education for women who will make a difference in the world." The colleg
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  • ...大學, ''Kyōto teikoku daigaku'') in 1897, its science faculties and research centers continued to collaborate closely with Japanese [[industry]]. Since ...e]]. In recent decades the university has developed unique international research centers and an extensive international exchange program. It has also establ
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  • ...nual average number of tornadoes"> [ NOAA National Climatic Data Center]. Retrieved N Differences between the northern and southern parts of Carolina developed during proprietary rule and separate governors were e
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  • emphasis on developing a faculty that are "through their teaching and research, committed to the development of distinguished and compassionate graduates ...ndation]] audit which condemned Howard’s management of several federal research grants.<ref name=washpost>[
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  • ...]], [[business]], and [[industry]], and home to an internationally known [[arts]] community. The remainder of the state, often referred to as "[[Regions of ...Minnesota: [[prairie|prairie grasslands]] in the southwestern and western parts of the state, the [[Big Woods]] [[deciduous forest]] of the southeast, and
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  • ...p:// ...lsen">''Watershed Publishing''. September 22, 2007. [
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  • ...ically characterize the Pashtuns.<ref>Olivier Roy. ''Globalized Islam: The Search For A New Ummah.'' (New York: Columbia University Press original 1980, 2006 The Pashtuns have an ancient history, much still unresearched. From the second millennium B.C.E. to the present, Pashtun regions have s
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  • ...assland]] that has been mostly converted into [[Farming|farmland]]. Other parts of eastern Washington are forested and mountainous. ....<ref>''City of Tumwater'', July 18, 2005. [ Articles on George Washington Bush] Retrieved October 25, 200
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