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  • [[Category:Economics]] '''Classical economics''' is widely regarded as the first modern school of [[history of economic t
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  • [[Category:Economics]] The '''Historical school of economics''' was an approach to academic [[economics]] and to public administration that emerged in nineteenth century [[Germany
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  • ... philosophies of [[Hegel]], [[Feuerbach]], and others, British [[classical economics]] according to [[Adam Smith]] and [[David Ricardo]], and the [[socialism|so ...from nature. Means of production by themselves produce nothing—[[labour (economics)|labor power]] is needed for production to take place.
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  • ...he railroad and thus gained the financial security and independence he was searching for. He also indulged himself in various books in order to educate himse ...rded as a [[progressivism|progressive]] document with regards to [[Labour (economics)|labor]], [[unemployment]], and [[social security]]--and implemented severa
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  • [[Image:Dodwilson.JPG|thumb|right|Harold Wilson, UK [[Labour party|Labour]] leader, at a meeting March 2, 1964 with U.S. Secretary of defense [[Rober by imposing what was known as a "credit squeeze" which actually hit the Labour Party's support base, the working class, harder than others. His bid for me
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  • ...iod, Chamberlain founded and became the first head of the [[Conservative Research Department]]. Despite now being a national figure, Chamberlain almost lost Ladywood to his Labour challenger, winning, after several recounts by 77 votes—but he faced
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  • ...tish colonial government the powers of arrest and detention, conduction of searches and seizures without warrants, restriction of public gatherings and censo ...te, sex, or place of birth. They forbid [[human trafficking]] and [[unfree labour]]. They protect cultural and educational rights of ethnic and religious [[m
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  • ... which resulted in a split within his own party. Subsequently, the British Labour Party assumed the role as the party of opposition to the Conservatives. He ... Henderson]], was the unofficial representative of the [[Labour Party (UK)|Labour Party]]. This accounts for Lloyd George's inability to establish complete p
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  • ...ront company. The development of the battle tank was financed from naval research funds via the Landships Committee, and, although a decade later, developmen ...arliament or the nation—and in the face of the bitter hostility from the Labour Party. In 1920, after the last British forces had been withdrawn, Churchill
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  • ...fascist regime, backed by the army and the Heimwehr (Home Defence League), searched the headquarters of and banned the Socialist Party. Later Dollfuss abolis ...ical importance were split evenly between members of the Social Democrats (Labour Party) and the People's Party (Conservatives). Interest group representatio
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  • the public arena in fields such as politics, business and scientific research. Contemporary Indian feminists are fighting for individual autonomy, politi ...fe experiences; feminist politics in [[anthropology]] and [[sociology]], [[economics]], [[women's studies]]; [[gender studies]]; [[feminist literary criticism]]
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  • ...tic of their grasp of economics and educational reform. He also ran as a [[Labour Party]] candidate for London University in 1922 and 1923, but even at that *''The Future in America: A Search After Realities'' (1906)
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  • ...|progressive]]). In the late nineteenth century the [[Parti Ouvrier Belge |Labour Party]] arose to represent the emerging industrial working class. Trade Unions]] (1,705,000 members), the [[General Federation of Belgian Labour]] (1,198,000 members) and the [[General Confederation of Liberal Trade Unio
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  • [[Category:Economics]] ...litated mobility by providing accommodation for their members traveling in search of work. Though guilds exhibited some aspects of the modern trade union, th
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  • ...esh Airlines.<ref name=Banglapedia0134>{{cite news |url= |title=Airports |encyclopedia=Banglapedia |accessdate= ...A decent work perspective |author=Tasneem Siddiqui|publisher=International Labour Office, Geneva |accessdate=August 20, 2008}}</ref> as well as Biman's subsi
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  • school_tradition = [[Classical economics]] | main_interests = [[Political philosophy]], [[ethics]], [[economics]] |
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  • Revolution''' was a major shift of [[technology|technological]], [[socioeconomics|socioeconomic]], and [[cultural]] conditions that occurred in the late eigh trade, creation of [[financial markets]] and accumulation of [[Capital (economics)|capital]] are also cited as factors, as is the [[scientific revolution]] o
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  •]], and after a short period of political instability due to the [[Malta Labour Party]]'s unsuccessful attempt at "Integration with Britain," Malta was gra ...t Party]] ''(Partit Nazzjonalista)'' and the [[Social Democratic]] [[Malta Labour Party]] ''(Partit Laburista).''
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  • The term is used in [[computer science]] in "[[Search engine (computing)|search engine]]," "3-D graphics [[game engine]]," "[[rendering engine]]," and "[[s ...r]]), are [[Prehistory|prehistoric]]. More complex engines, using [[Manual labour|human power]], [[Working animals|animal power]], [[Water wheel|water power]
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  • ...lly destroyed the vast majority of the Caribbean's native population. No researcher has conclusively proven any of these causes as the real reason for the de Cornwall Bird]] who became the union's president in 1943. The [[Antigua Labour Party]] (ALP), formed by Bird and other trade unionists, first ran candidat
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