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  • ... (Lexington Books, 2003), 9</ref> which had previously been used to secure trade with India by the [[Greco-Roman world]] since the time of the [[Ptolemaic d ...hment of a [[Indo-Greco dynasty]] in northwest India before Christ. Rome's trade route by sea to southwest India opened an exchange of goods and ideas that
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  • ...the [[International Organization for Standardization]] and published as an international standard, ISO 2108, in 1970. However, the 9-digit SBN code was used in the ...] [[European Article Number|EAN-13]]s. A similar numeric identifier, the [[International Standard Serial Number]] (ISSN) identifies periodical publications such as
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  • ...ket]] operating outside recognized [[legal system]]s. In other eras, slave trade was conducted openly and legally. ...rican Civil War|civil war]] was fought over the issue of slavery and slave trade.
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  • '''International Women's Day''' (IWD), marked annually on March 8, is a major day of global International Women's Day is often celebrated as the first spring holiday, falling close
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  • ...publication]]. The ISSN system was adopted as [[international standard]] [[International Organization for Standardization|ISO]] 3297 in 1975. The ISO subcommittee [ ...ntifier (SICI) was developed as an extension of ISSN. SICI is a recognized international standard used by periodical [[publication|publishers]], bibliographic utili
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  • ...]] for their breakthrough work in developing the theory of [[international trade]]. ...ious kinds of trade policy, including the welfare effects of regulation of trade.
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  • ...t also has been used to develop a vaccine for [[cholera]]. Other medical research fields in which chinchilla is used as an animal model include study of [[Ch the sixteenth century. The fur from chinchillas is popular in the [[fur trade]] due to its extremely soft feel, because of the density of hairs sprouting
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  • ...ism|Marxist]] solely from reading about the topic. He found that he had to search the dusty back shelves of libraries to find the socialist literature in whi ...en no more than an attention-getting ruse, the Soviet government feared an international incident if he attempted something similar again.
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  • ...range at about 3&nbsp;sq&nbsp;mi (7&nbsp;kmĀ²) (Kamler and Gipson 2000). Research has shown that dispersal from the [[birth|natal]] range is most pronounced ...sistent with numerous earlier studies (Lovallo and Anderson 1996). Other research in various U.S. states has shown little or no seasonal variation (Kamler an
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  • ...GDPD%2CNGDPDPC%2CPPPGDP%2CPPPPC%2CLP&grp=0&a= |title=El Salvador|publisher=International Monetary Fund|accessdate=December 23, 2011}}</ref> the mainspring of the Salvadoran economy. The civil war and the fall of international coffee prices in the 1990s pressured the government to develop other export
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  • ...us_ref =<ref name="iucn">Cat Specialist Group, [ "Puma concolor,"] in 2007 IUCN Red List of Threatene ...p]] are also primary food bases in many areas. A survey of North America research found 68 percent of prey items were ungulates, especially deer. Only the Fl
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  • ...rother, [[Samuel Samuel]]. Marcus Samuel realized the potential of the oil trade during a trip to the [[Black Sea]] in 1890, and ordered the construction of ... [[British Petroleum]] to create [[Shell-Mex and BP]] Ltd., a company that traded until the brands separated in 1975. In 1949, Royal Dutch Shell shortened i
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  • |GDP_PPP = $216.449 billion<ref name="imf1">International Monetary Fund, [ .... Its altitude of 8,000 feet ensures a temperate climate. It hosts several international agencies, such as the [[World Health Organization]].
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  • ...tion of [[Chinese culture]], and a golden age of classical Korean culture, trade, science, [[Korean literature|literature]], and technology. ...ntinued into the eighteenth century when internal strife, power struggles, international pressure and rebellions at home, put the Joseon dynasty on the fast track t
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  • themselves. These may be small proprietors, land-holding peasants, or trade workers. Marx predicted that the petit bourgeoisie would eventually be dest ...nt of class consciousness in the working class. The working class, through trade union and other struggles, becomes conscious of itself as an exploited clas
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  •]] theory in the [[Renaissance]], when people were concerned to orient [[trade]] policy to further the national interest. The modern political economy of ...ies and pay the growing costs of civil government. New opportunities for [[trade]] with the [[New World]] and [[Asia]] were opening, and [[monarchy|monarchi
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  • ...garded British prime minister of the twentieth century in the popular mind internationally because of his policy of appeasement towards [[Nazism|Nazi Germany]] rega ...Hitler occupied the remainder of [[Czechoslovakia]], technically his first International aggression, and the first step on the road to [[World War II]]. Chamberlain
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  • ...and is home to universities, sport events, opera companies, and museums of international renown, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world with ov''. Retrieved October 17, 2016. </ref> Known as boatsmen and traders, a sub-tribe of the Celtic Senones, the ''Parisii,'' settled the area nea
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  • ...ined period of internal peace and an internal free market without internal trade barriers. Britain had a reliable and fast developing banking sector, a stra ...techniques and the increased use of refined coal. Once started, it spread. Trade expansion was enabled by the introduction of [[canal]]s, improved roads and
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  • ...the seventeenth century with the accompanying development of international trade, creation of [[financial markets]] and accumulation of [[Capital (economics up by local regions, which often imposed tolls and [[tariff]]s on goods traded among them.<ref>Phyllis Deane. ''The First Industrial Revolution.'' (Cambr
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