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  • ...n English and in other languages. As a type of [[word formation]], acronym-initialisms are often viewed as a subtype of the shortening processes (other shorte ...bbreviations like "NBC" have been variously designated "alphabetisms" and "initialisms," although some people do call them acronyms.
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  • grade of school were established. The overall effect was to standardize teaching and the use of Kanji in modern literature and media. ...and books on ancient [[literature]] and [[Chinese poetry|poetry]], and [[research]]. Traditional Chinese remains ubiquitous on buildings predating [[communis
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  • ...North Korea]] have completely abolished their use in favor of [[Vietnamese alphabet|romanized Vietnamese]] and [[Hangul]], respectively. ...d are combined meaningwise. For example, {{lang|zh-hant|教}} (jiāo) for "teaching" is a compound of {{lang|zh-hant|孝}} (xiào) for "filial piety" and {{lan
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  • ... of time around the sixth century.<ref name="abahatta">[ Abahattha] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangladesh|2 The Bengali writing system is not purely [[alphabet]]-based such as the [[Latin script]]. Rather, it is written in the Bengali
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  • ... their schools, and they were arranged by subject matter rather than as an alphabetical reference work. In the [[Middle Ages]] in the [[Holy Roman Empire]] kno ...he first modern type encyclopedia, compiled by teams of scholars, arranged alphabetically, and composing 20-30 volumes, was produced by [[Denis Diderot]] in [[
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  • ...eys & Work of Meher Baba with an Interpretation of His Silence & Spiritual Teaching.'' (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1962), 20</ref> With a single kiss on Mer ... end of his life, Meher Baba remained silent, communicating by means of an alphabet board or by gesture.<ref>Purdom, 52</ref> Meher Baba spent long periods in
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  • from a life-boat at sea or from an isolated land location (signalling a searching rescue aircraft). ...; however, their systems used needle pointers that rotated to indicate the alphabetic characters being sent.
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  • ...n the [[function]]al and [[aesthetics|aesthetic]] aspects of the written [[alphabet]]. ...e the [[function]]al and [[aesthetics|aesthetic]] aspects of the written [[alphabet]]. Typography, therefore, has two tasks: It communicates both a verbal and
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  • ...ense of wonder of that which is created, meditation on the mystery and the search for Truth. This wonderful freedom is like a foretaste of the freedom of Hea ...Messiaen and Samuel 1994, 110) The following year Pierre Messiaen gained a teaching post in Paris, and the family moved there. Messiaen entered the Paris Conse
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  • Since “living things are machines for the purposes of description, research, and analysis,” Denton wrote, it is legitimate to extend the analogy betw ...ews that exist.” Although the report did not mention (much less advocate teaching) intelligent design, it was widely regarded as a major victory for ID suppo
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  • After the Qur'an, and the general rise of Islam, the Arabic alphabet developed rapidly into a beautiful and complex form of art. ==Quranic Initials==
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  • ...the sheriff of Quitman County (Examples of fraud included people voting in alphabetical order and dead people voting). It took a legal challenge on Carter's pa ...anaged to win several Northern states by building the largest single bloc. Initially dismissed as a regional candidate, Carter proved to be the only Democrat
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  • .../bix/bixalc02.wav (pronunciation)] [[Transliteration of Greek to the Latin alphabet|transliterated]] '''Alkibiádēs Kleiníou Skambōnidēs''') meaning Alcibi Athens with full powers to arrange all unsettled matters. The Athenians initially received these ambassadors well, but Alcibiades met with them in secret b
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  • ...G1/estat/|title=最新結果一覧 政府統計の総合窓口 GL08020101|publish [[Archaeology|Archaeological]] research indicates that people were living on the islands of Japan as early as 35,00
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  • The bombe searched for the correct settings of the Enigma rotors, and required a suitable "c In the latter part of the war, teaching himself electronics at the same time, Turing undertook (assisted by enginee
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  • ...pulation">{{cite web |url= |title=Alphabetically sorted list of Census 2000 Urbanized Areas |accessdate=April 11, 2009 ...web |url= |title=ZIP Code Lookup – Search By City |accessdate=April 20, 2009 |publisher=United States Postal Service}
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  • ...ia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.<ref>Jared M. Diamond, ['s_gift_to_the_world Taiwan ... Corcuff (ed.), ''Memories of the future: national identity issues and the search for a new Taiwan'' (Routledge, 2002, ISBN 0765607913).</ref> Several subseq
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  • ... culture within the monarchy was the crucial goal in culture and politics. Initially these ideas were spread by patriotic priests and teachers. ...ears of working in this city, Šafárik occupied himself with scientific research, so that when he moved to [[Prague]] in 1833, he was already a recognized e
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  • the same time developed their own views which sometime have been less researched in China or in [[Japan]]. ... techniques related to the [[Chinese Classics|Classics]], the scientific research centers or the Confucian inspired poems and paintings. It is valuable also
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  • The '''Torah''' (from Hebrew תּוֹרָה: meaning "[[teaching]]," "instruction," or "[[law]]") refers to most important scriptures of [[J ... ''Devarim'': "Words" or "Discourses")<ref>The Hebrew names are taken from initial words within the first verse of each book, with their names and pronunciati
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