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  • ...; the [[freedom to petition]]; and the rights to be free of unreasonable [[search and seizure]]; [[cruel and unusual punishment]]; and compelled [[Fifth Amen ...gainst "[[cruel and unusual punishment]]s",<ref>Article 9</ref> baseless [[search and seizure]],<ref> Article 10</ref> and be guaranteed a [[jury trial|trial
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  • In addition to research in primates, in more recent studies biologists have explored [[reconciliati Negotiation, the most heavily researched approach to conflict resolution, has mainly been studied in laboratory [[
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  • ... period, but spent much of his life traveling from one state to another in search of a prince who would allow him to put his philosophy into practice. He mai
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  • ...first instance of what is now called [[New Age]] thinking. In fact, many researchers feel that much of New Age thought started with Blavatsky. ...ior Theosophists in December, 1885 when the London Society for Psychical Research's ''Hodgson Report'' declared her a fraud.
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  • :They wash away the dirt and search for my sores,
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  • ...6, the ICRC archive for this period has been open to academic and public research. * Impartiality
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  • ... brilliant arts master of the Middle Ages," contrasted the philosopher’s search for "appropriate natural causes" with the common folk’s erroneous habit o ...ientific knowledge would become meaningless. The fact that man continually searches for knowledge of objective truth is considered a confirmation of the natu
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  • ...ced the theory of [[evolution]], inciting a furor of academic debate and research. Even more important for archaeology was [[C. J. Thomsen]]’s establishmen, and Ian Hodder, questioning processualism's appeals to [[science]] and impartiality and emphasizing the importance of relativism, becoming known as post-proces
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  • *Carson, James Taylor. 1999. ''Searching for the Bright Path: The Mississippi Choctaws from Prehistory to Removal ...S230028101&-geo_id=27000US230028123&-geo_id=27000US230028159&-geo_id=NBSP&-search_results=25000US2300&-format=&-_lang=en&-show_geoid=Y Mississippi Choctaw Re
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  • ... of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at their compound on Mount Carmel, a property located nine miles (1 Alleging that the Davidians had violated federal law, the ATF obtained search and arrest warrants for Koresh and specific followers on weapons charges du
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  • ... 414 <small>C.E.</small>, the Chinese scholar Fa-Hien traveled to India in search of great Buddhist books of discipline. He reported seeing works of art, roc *Bennett, Clinton. ''In Search of Jesus: Insider and Outsider Images''. New York and London: Continuum, 20
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  • ...H. Malter, [ "David Cassel"] ''Jewish Encyclopedia'' Retrieved December 16, 2007
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  • ...ks?client=firefox-a&um=1&q=%22Varangians+as+the+Russians+call+them%22&btnG=Search+Books]. Retrieved February 20, 2009.</ref>. However, due largely to geogra
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  • ...g if given a chance. Thankfully, his superiors took this as a systematic research effort, which is exactly how Laing looked at it. In the 1960s, Laing continued his research and published his most influential books. His work continued to be unconven
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  • ...ich. H. Reichard, “Monogamy—A variable relationship,” ''Max Planck Research'' 3(2002): 62-67.</ref> Prevalence and correlates in a national survey,” ''Journal of Sex Research'' 34(1997): 167-174.</ref> Results from a variety of other countries have a
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  • of Donaghy's corpse showed nail bombs in his pockets. Neither those who searched his pockets in the house nor the British army medical officer (Soldier 13 ...witnesses were prepared to boycott the inquiry as they lacked faith in his impartiality but were eventually persuaded to take part. His quickly-produced report (pu
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  • [[File:Aldous Huxley psychical researcher.png|thumb|right|200 px|Aldous Huxley, 1954]] ...n 1953. Huxley was a pioneer of self-directed psychedelic drug use “in a search for enlightenment,” documenting his early experiences in both the essays
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  • ...based on experimentation and reason, questioned previously held truths and searched for new answers. It modified the medieval view of the world and human bei ...slamic science regards itself as a type of worship; Western science claims impartiality, Islamic science claims a partiality towards what is true and beneficial fo
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  • ...hods of the exact sciences are applied to psychological and metaphysical research. The work itself met with instantaneous success, and Taine became famous. ...chman, and he lets his feelings have play; but what the work loses thus in impartiality it gains in spirit.
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  • ...g primary sources wherever possible, his meticulous documentation of his research and his careful citations of all his sources set a standard for modern hist ...entury after Bury, both based much of their own work on Gibbon's factual research. Both found little to disagree with in his factual information, though neit
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