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  • |name = Human |image_caption=Humans as depicted on the [[Pioneer plaque|Pioneer plaque]]
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  • [[Epistle to the Romans|Romans]] 5:11. Expiation takes various forms: sacrifice, fast, [[prayer]], [[repentance]], etc., depending on what culture or relig ...have milder forms of expiation such as [[repentance]] and at most [[animal sacrifice]]s.
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  • ... are sensationalized allegations that a person or group engages in [[human sacrifice]], often accompanied by the claim that the [[blood]] of victims is used in ...ent cultures, and developing the understanding that we are all part of one human family, is needed to dispel these notions and end such persecution.
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  • neighbors…. As religion expresses the concerns and experiences of its human adherents, so it changes continually in response to cultural, economic, and ...e Mythology|Norse pantheon]] were seen to have an active relationship with human individuals and societies (often as bestowers of favors), Freyr is somewhat
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  • ...ndowed chair after Eliade in recognition of his wide contribution to the research on the subject. The current (and first incumbent) holder of this chair is W ...f Ecstasy)'' and an analysis of yoga as a concrete search for freedom from human limitations ''(Yoga, Immortality and Freedom).'' Finally, his ''Cosmos and
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  • ... is often applied to an [[angel]] who fell out of favor with God, seducing humanity into the ways of [[sin]], and who now rules over the fallen world. ...y of humankind's loyalty to God, putting forth the argument that any given human is only loyal because God gives her or him prosperity. God agrees to put Sa
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  • ... also inquire about your blood, your life, from all animals, and from each human I will inquire about his brother's blood. Who sheds the blood of man, by ma According to the [[Talmud]], the Noahide Laws apply to all humanity through humankind's descent from one paternal ancestor who in Hebrew tradition is called
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  • ...ancestor of the prophet [[Muhammad]] and the son whom Abraham offered as a sacrifice to God. ...bes a larger role to Ishmael, viewing him as a [[prophet]], and the son of sacrifice. Both Jewish and Islamic traditions consider Ishmael as the ancestor of the
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  • ...from [[Cuba]] visited Central America, landing on the coast of Yucatán in search of slaves. ...e arguing that Native Americans were beings doted with souls, as all other human beings, while the latter argued to the contrary and justified their enslave
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  • ...beyond normal reality, often composites of existing animals or animals and humans. ...d have served to stimulate the imagination and desire that is ingrained in human nature to experience more than this physical world. Whether they truly exis
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  • ...istinct group, regardless of their religious practice, viewing them as sub-human and worthy of animosity. With the rise of racial anti-Semitism, conspiracy ...elationships. Their sexual mores were very liberal, and they glorified the human body encouraging exercise and games in the nude. Alexander the Great delibe
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  • ...rds and [[flower]]s for use in [[Religion|religious]] rituals. Rather, the human history of the atoll has for the most part been exclusive to military use. ... which required a [[human sacrifice]]. A man could save himself from being sacrificed if he obtained a wing bone from a certain very large [[seabird]] said to h
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  • ...ds or feared by mortals. As he embodied the inexorable finality of death, human attitudes toward him were often particularly negative, as evidenced by Agam ...s back to his twilight realm. Demeter, the girl's mother, began a panicked search for her missing child, frantically beseeching the gods to aid in her invest
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  • Humanity often searches for meaning in [[science]], [[religion]], or [[philosophy]] through a que ...t [[infectious disease]]s are caused by [[microorganism]]s which enter the human body. Another Andalusian physician, [[Ibn al-Khatib]] (1313-1374), wrote a
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  • ...d have been some of China’s earliest ideograms. Sending his assistant in search of the source of those bones, he traced to the small village of Xiaotun jus ... site. In addition to the remains of the Queen, six dog skeletons, sixteen human slave skeletons, and numerous grave goods of huge archaeological value had
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  • ...his name meant "Christ-bearer"—inaugurated the most profound advances in humankind's awareness of the planet, and formative interchanges among disparate c ... enabled [[Portuguese]] explorers to venture down the African coastline in search of a sea route to India. By the mid-fifteenth century, the historic barrier
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  • ...'s great women. It also tells the tragic tale of Jephthah, the warrior who sacrificed his only daughter as a burnt offering in fulfillment of a vow he made to [ ...aac]], there is no last-minute reprieve for Jephthah's daughter. After her sacrifice, Jephthah became embroiled in an inter-tribal war against the Emphraimites,
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  • ...rces. Many of the cultures encountered by the Spanish practiced mass human sacrifice, institutional slavery, and other behaviors that Spanish sensibilities fou ...nding others, exploring rivers, mountains, and sickly swamps, while always searching for gold and [[slavery|slaves]] and enlarging his territory. He was also
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  • ...ion, wars, or invaders. The Sahara Desert was becoming too arid to support human beings. During the Egyptian Middle Kingdom (c. 2040–1640 B.C.E.), Egypt b ...They created rich tombs with possessions for the afterlife and large human sacrifices. The craftsmen were skilled in metalworking and their pottery surpassed in
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  • ...r Hareseth. [[Mesha]]'s desperate act of offering his own son in a [[human sacrifice]] on the walls of the town brought "great wrath" against Israel, whose forc *Finkelstein, Israel. ''David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition''. New Y
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