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  • ... the Japanese and Korean languages to represent native words, disregarding pronunciation altogether. The loose relationship between phonetics and characters has thu ...ound. The sound in such characters is often only approximate to the modern pronunciation because of changes over time and differences between source languages.
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  • ... of time around the sixth century.<ref name="abahatta">[ Abahattha] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangladesh|2 ...s diacritic, however, is not common, and is chiefly employed as a guide to pronunciation.
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  • ... in a specific [[language]], with definitions, [[etymology|etymologies]], pronunciations, and other information; or a list of words in one language with their equi ...n times dictionaries are often used to the reference the correct spelling, pronunciation, [[etymology]], meaning and/or usage of a particular word. Bi-lingual dicti
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  • ...breviations formed from the initial letters of words, without reference to pronunciation. The word ''acronym'' was coined in 1943 by [[Bell Laboratories]]<ref>Roswi There is no agreement on what to call abbreviations whose pronunciation involves the combination of letter names and words, such as ''[[JPEG]]'' ({
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  • ...mic plan or cyclical transformations required by it.<ref>Jan Assmann. ''In search for God in ancient Egypt,'' Translated by David Lorton. (Ithaca: Cornell Un ...pronunciation used for this deity, {{IPA|/ˈaɪ.sɪs/}}), is an anglicized pronunciation of the [[Greek language|Greek]] name, {{Polytonic|Ίσις}}, which itself
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  • ...and books on ancient [[literature]] and [[Chinese poetry|poetry]], and [[research]]. Traditional Chinese remains ubiquitous on buildings predating [[communis of the more complex 的 [de] is common (both mean "of," although the pronunciation is unrelated). [[Kanji|Japanese characters]] and Chinese simplified charact
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  • ...m Berners-Lee]], working at the [[CERN|European Organization for Nuclear Research]] (CERN) in [[Geneva]], [[Switzerland]], and released in 1992. Berners-Lee Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship at Brown University) Dynatext SGML reader th
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  • ==Etymology and pronunciation== ...x ("mitt" or "mutt"). From a linguistic point of view, there is no correct pronunciation, but rather, there are simply patterns of variation.
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  • ..., 厉, 厲, and 利 (Lì) depending on the [[Tone (linguistics)|tone]] of pronunciation, which is often disregarded in foreign transliterations. Due to the different pronunciation and Romanizations, it is generally easy to tell whether a Chinese person ha
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  • ...ciation]]: {{IPA|[ʒɑ̃ bo.dʀi.jaʀ]}})<ref>Inogolo, [ How to pronounce Jean Baudrillard.] Retrieved October ...ominance, Baudrillard developed theories in which the excessive, fruitless search for total knowledge lead almost inevitability to a kind of delusion. In Bau
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  • ...uán) may be the origin of the word 'junk', from the [[Min Nan]] (Hokkien) pronunciation, chun5. ...uán) may be the origin of the word 'junk', from the [[Min Nan]] (Hokkien) pronunciation, chun5.
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  • ...d, the use of ''x'' to represent the ''sh'' sound is specific to the older pronunciations of Spanish and Portuguese.</ref> was a Japanese [[samurai]] and retainer o ...panish ambitions made these meetings ineffectual. Vizcaino finally left to search for the "Silver island," encountered bad weather, and returned to Japan wit
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  • ...d as "Yahweh" or something similar, but others suggest that it never had a pronunciation. However, it is found as an element in numerous Hebrew names such as the fi ... letters that form the names of God. Some kabbalistic rabbis permitted the pronunciation of the [[tetragrammaton]] for use in "practical kabbalah," which sought to
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  • ... words, and/or [[antonym]]s. While dictionaries give [[definitions]] and [[pronunciations]], thesauri usually do not. A thesaurus presents conceptually similar, bro ...aurus represents a database or list of semantically [[orthogonal]] topical search keys. In the field of [[Artificial Intelligence]], a thesaurus may sometime
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ...his own personage. His charisma, mystical teachings that included repeated pronunciations of the holy [[Tetragrammaton]] in public, tied to an unstable personality,
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  • ...;1930&nbsp;[[Clyde Tombaugh|Clyde&nbsp;Tombaugh]] was working on a project searching for a ninth planet at [[Lowell Observatory]]. Tombaugh's work was to sys ..., 2007}}</ref> The work continued after Lowell's death in 1916. Lowell was searching for a theoretical [[Planet X]] to match observations seen in Uranus and
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  • There are several schools of Qur'anic recitation, all of which are possible pronunciations of the Uthmanic [[rasm]]: Seven reliable, three permissible and (at least)] over 30 different languages of translation and search in all of them at once, also be able add Quran on your site/blog. Retrieved
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  • ...d to champion the mathematical approach and persuaded [[James Challis]] to search for the planet., in the meantime Le Verrier had convinced [[Johann Gottfried Galle]] to search for the planet. Though still a student at the [[Berlin Observatory]], [[Hei
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  • ...Brown, 2002), 41</ref><ref name=biographydotcom> [ 'Buckley, William Frank, Jr (1925–2008)] ...ther ''bête noire,'' [[Norman Mailer]], calling him "almost unique in his search for notoriety and absolutely unequalled in his co-existence with it."<ref>[
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  • ... read according to the phonetic rules of the English language. The correct pronunciation of ''Juan'' is similar to the English word ''wan''. The true pronunciation is with an open ‘a’ as in "track." This is most certainly done for come
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