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  • ...remarkable feat. Israel had not known self-governance since 587 B.C.E. The Hasmoneans succeeded in winning back a considerable portion of [[Solomon]]'s old empi ...n where they established a rival priesthood and community of the pure. The dynasty's downfall was caused by rivalry within the family and by the arrival of [[
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  • ...daism]]. They emerged in opposition to the corruption of the [[Hasmonean]] dynasty and its allies, the [[Sadducees]], in the second century B.C.E. They were c ... son of David, developed during this period in tension with the reality of Hasmonean rule.
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  • ...ign is generally seen as the beginning of the decline of the [[Hasmonean]] dynasty. ...Hyrcanus]] (175-104) B.C.E., one of the most skillful and effective of the Hasmonean ruler-priests. Hyrcanus, who did not assume the title of king but ruled wit
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  • ... of a canonical list was almost certainly the achievement of the Hasmonean dynasty." in McDonald & Sanders, Chapter 3.</ref> However, these primary sources do ...Sadducees]].<ref>[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Sadducees]: "With the destruction of the Tem
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  • ...accounts in [[Gospel of John|John]] ([;&version=72; 18:38-19:16]), the crowd chose for Barab ...had been brought to an end by the unrivaled power of the Roman Empire. The Hasmoneans themselves had been considered corrupt by strict religious Jews, but puppe
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  • ... the practice of basic Jewish religious law, resulting in the [[Hasmoneans|Hasmonean revolt]] against Seleucid rule. The book covers the whole of the revolt, fr ...her as "the Book of the Prince of the House of Israel" or "the Book of the Dynasty of God's resisters."
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  • ...d in the presence of a certain king, supposed to be one of the [[Ptolemaic dynasty]], are mentioned only in the Greek version, being ignored both in the Syria Ben Sira's grandson was in Egypt, translating and editing after the usurping Hasmonean line had definitively ousted Simon's heirs in long struggles and was finall
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