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  • ...=6204005&Geo2=PR&Code2=62&Data=Count&SearchText=Kimmirut&SearchType=Begins&SearchPR=62&B1=All&Custom=&GeoLevel=PR&GeoRegionCode=62 2006 Aboriginal Population ...n Frobisher]] who landed in what was to become Frobisher Bay in 1576 while searching for the [[Northwest Passage]]. Many believe that Baffin Island is the "H
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  • [ Saul.] Retrieved July 16, 2007. </ref></blockquote> ...der to the district of Zuph, at which point Saul suggests abandoning their search. Saul's servant however, suggests that they should consult the local "seer"
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  • Later research indicated that the culture had developed gradually and continuously. In Ire [[Image:Celtic harp dsc05425.jpg|thumb|150 px|A Celtic [[harp]], or ''clarsach.'']]
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  • ...composer provided a [[cadenza]] in 1956),<ref>Wright, 1992, p. 123</ref> [[harp]] (for [[Nicanor Zabaleta]] in 1953) and [[harmonica]] (for John Sebastian, ... is scored for flute/piccolo, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, celesta, harp, piano, a large percussion battery requiring at least two players, and a mi
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  • *Andante sostenuto for Oboe and Harp in F minor *Larghetto and Allegro for Violin and Harp in G minor
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  • ...he Christian [[Old Testament]]. The term originally meant "songs sung to a harp," from the Greek word ''psallein'' ('''Ψαλμοί'''), "to play on a stri [[File:Gerard van Honthorst - King David Playing the Harp - Google Art Project.jpg|thumb|King David, the "Sweet Singer of Israel," is
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  • ...ire extended over a vast region from northern Ecuador to central Chile. In search of Inca wealth, the Spanish explorer [[Francisco Pizarro]], who arrived in ...ed Andean instruments appeared. Of these crossbred instruments, the Andean harp and the charango are still used. The sounding box of the charango is made o
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  • ...ow that the poet (referred to as the ''Scop'') could be accompanied by a [[harp]], and there may be other aural traditions of which we are not aware. ..., who recounts that Aldhelm performed secular songs while accompanied by a harp. Much of his Latin prose has survived, but none of his Old English remains.
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  • ...albums. Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" became the unofficial anthem of the searching generation of the mid-late 1960s. Unlike other folk rock performers, muc ...c," "The Sounds of Silence," and "California Dreaming," respectively. Auto-harps, [[harmonica]]s, acoustic [[guitar]]s, and [[flute]]s joined Fender teleca
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  • ... without wings, playing a variety of [[music]]al instruments, especially [[harp]]s. ...,280&field=adlerhw_gr&db=REAL "Suda On-line"] (2002). Retrieved May
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  • ...t it. Another novel method advanced by Cowell, in pieces such as ''Aeolian Harp'' (ca. 1923), was what he dubbed [[string piano|"string piano"]]—rather t ...ite over 180 during his career), Cowell returned in 1930–31 to ''Aeolian Harp,'' adapting it as the accompaniment to a vocal setting of a poem by his fat
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  • ::I will not listen to the music of your harps. ::I will not listen to the music of your harps.
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  • ...s grandfather, George II, died on October 25, 1760. After his accession, a search throughout [[Europe]] ensued for a suitable wife. On September 8, 1761, the ...Scotland]]); II Azure three fleurs-de-lys Or (for [[France]]); III Azure a harp Or stringed Argent (for [[Ireland]]); IV tierced per pale and per chevron (
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  • ... wish and commands Samuel to comply. Meanwhile, the Benjaminie [[Saul]] is searching for his father's [[donkey]]s. When he reaches Zuph, he seeks out the loc ... to find a [[harpist]] to sooth his temper. David, who is skilled with the harp, is thus brought to court and becomes Saul's armor-bearer. The [[Philistine
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  • [[Image:David soothes saul.jpg|thumb|300px|David plays his harp for King Saul, causing the "evil spirit from the LORD" to leave him.]] ...l 16:23 "Whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evi
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  • :Make music to the LORD with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing, ... sleep. You are asleep. Get up from your slumber. You are in a deep sleep. Search for your behavior. Become the best person you can. Remember God, the One Wh
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  • ...minate his work are the conflict between father and son and the consequent search for a mentor, and the struggle to bridge the gap between [[Orthodox Judaism ... Asher Lev]],'' won the National Jewish Book Award for fiction. ''Davita's Harp'' and ''Old Men At Midnight'' are his only novels with a woman as the main
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  • ....3527509224287115&scale=1500000&zoom=50&type=0&icon=0&width=498&height=498&searchscope=dom&CFID=1719760&CFTOKEN=33728793&scriptfile=http://mapserver.maptech. ...r variety of [[pinnipeds]] including [[bearded seal|bearded]], [[harp seal|harp]], [[hooded seal|hooded]] and [[ringed seal]]s, and even [[walrus]]. North
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  • ...notoriously ambiguous. Interpreting him requires care and scholarship; the search for his words' literal and symbolic meanings, all of which is notoriously d :Drink not the wine to the strains of the harp, for the constable is alert.
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  • ...sland, though lore has it that Marshall Islanders traveled to the atoll in search of seabirds and [[flower]]s for use in [[Religion|religious]] rituals. Rath ...n circumference," to which he gave the name of "San Francisco." Originally searching to replenish their supplies of food and water, Mendaña fixed it accurat
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