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  • |conflict=Attack on Pearl Harbor |image=[[Image:Pearl Harbor bombings map.jpg|300px]]
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  • ...web |url= |title=ZIP Code Lookup – Search By City |accessdate=April 20, 2009 |publisher=United States Postal Service} ... [[higher education]] and [[medicine]]. The city's economy is based on [[research]], [[finance]], and [[technology]]; principally [[biotechnology]]. Toward t
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  • ...orge Washington University]]<br/>[[Manhattan Project]]<br/>[[University of Chicago]]<br/>[[University of California, Davis| UC Davis]]<br/>[[University of Cal ...nity. He continued to find support from the U.S. government and military research establishment. He was a co-founder of [[Lawrence Livermore National Laborat
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  • ...des' standing while embarrassing Nicias, and Alcibiades was subsequently appointed General. He took advantage of his increasing power to orchestrate the cre ... Press, 1978, ISBN 0226777014), 104.</ref> Against his wishes Nicias was appointed General along with Alcibiades and [[Lamachus]], all three of whom were gi
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  • ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref> More modern and precise research by [[Edward O. Laumann]], reported in ''Sex in America: A definitive survey
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  • ...When two of his friends from St. Louis, [[Lucien Carr]], a [[University of Chicago]] student, and David Kammerer, Carr's homosexual admirer, left for New York Burroughs was arrested after police searched his home and found letters between him and [[Allen Ginsberg]] referring t
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  • |cities = [[Milwaukee, Wisconsin|Milwaukee]]<br/>[[Chicago]]<br/>See article for others. ...12 million people live along Lake Michigan's shores. The great cities of [[Chicago]] and [[Milwaukee]] were settled and grew because of their locations on the
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  • ...h Labour MP [[Ellen Wilkinson]]), reporter [[Edgar Ansel Mowrer]] of the ''Chicago Daily News'' in [[Paris]], reporter [[Pierre J. Huss]] of the International The broadcast was considered revolutionary at the time. Featuring multi-point, live reports in the days before modern technology (and without each of the
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  • ...spapers. In her early twenties she made headlines by galloping through Bar Harbor while driving a second horse on a lead ahead of her and by riding astride i ...pped answering her letters. Barney tried to get her back for years, at one point persuading a friend, operatic mezzo-soprano [[Emma Calvé]], to sing under
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  • ...ntry for "Mettā," retrieved 2008-04-29 from "U. Chicago" at [].</ref><ref name=MWD>Mon ...hat those who cultivate mettā will be at ease because they see no need to harbor ill will or hostility. Buddhist teachers may even recommend [[meditation]]
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  • #a presidentially-appointed Board of Governors in [[Washington, D.C.]]; ...e provision that the new regional banks be controlled by a central board appointed by the president.
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  • ...ckquote>"The most distant fountain of the waters of the mighty Missouri in search of which we have spent so many toilsome days and restless nights."</blockqu ...888. He and a team of local ranchers climbed the Centennial Mountain Range searching for the source of the principal spring. The team discovered and recorded
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  • The following spring, Buckley finally reached a turning point in his career when he performed at a tribute concert for his father called ...e a determined rescue effort that night, Buckley remained missing, and the search was called off the following day due to heavy rain. Three days later his bo
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  • ...can industry was promoting the build-up of the navy and the acquisition of harbors in order to protect the shipment of American-made goods overseas.<ref>Alfr ...y an explosion of the U.S.S. ''Maine'' on February 15, 1898, in [[Havana]] harbor. The U.S.S. ''Maine'' was a second-class pre-dreadnought battleship and was
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  • ...empiricism. Both his background and his personal inclination caused him to search for absolute certainties rather than pragmatic solutions. Hume’s skeptici ...ese two elements into a consistent synthesis proved more problematic. Kant harbored a lifelong dislike of religious formalism, but he also had a passion for
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  • ...nizer whose epochal voyage west across the [[Atlantic Ocean]], in 1492, in search of a direct sea route to the Indies, established permanent European contact ... enabled [[Portuguese]] explorers to venture down the African coastline in search of a sea route to India. By the mid-fifteenth century, the historic barrier
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  • ...k long career as a student at the [[United States Military Academy at West Point]] with [[Douglas MacArthur]], Sandburg chose to attend Lombard College in G ...staff of the ''Chicago Daily News.'' In 1914, some of Sandburg's earliest "Chicago poems" appeared in ''Poetry'' magazine. Sandburg's poems were received warm
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  • ...tan Museum of Art]], New York.<ref>Metmuseum.og, [ ...Gulf Stream]],'' ''[[Rum]] Cay,'' ''Mending the Nets,'' and ''Searchlight, Harbor Entrance, Santiago de Cuba''.
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  • ...p:// ...}. It is also the tallest building in the United States outside those of [[Chicago]] and [[New York City]].
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  • ...h century: D. Harper, [ "Physical,"] ''Online Etymology Dictionary'' (2010). Retrieved Jan ...Retrieved January 23, 2011.</ref> The only world other than Earth known to harbor lake-like bodies is [[Titan (moon)|Titan]], Saturn's largest moon, which ha
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