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  • ...With the crowning of the [[Carolingian]] leader [[Charlemagne|Charles "the Great"]] by Pope [[Leo III]] in [[Rome]] of Christmas Day in 800 C.E.—a symboli ... the [[Christianity|Church]] was decisively severed in 1054 with the Great Schism between the [[Eastern Orthodox]] and [[Catholic Church|Western (Roman) Chur
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  • ...μένη}}'' meaning "the inhabited world") refers to initiatives aimed at greater religious co-operation, among different groups, especially and primarily ...ed by both Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism held before the [[Great Schism]]. Thus, the modern meaning of the world "ecumenical" and "ecumenism" deriv
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  • ...d the world for its excellent [[medicine|medical]] school and scientific research facilities, as well as its cultural and humanities studies. ...ury later when turmoil within the [[Catholic church]] produced the [[Great Schism]], in which Popes relocated to [[Avignon]]. Still young in its establishmen
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  • ...g extensive land preserves for public use. Roosevelt's presidency fostered great irrigation projects and the construction of the historic [[Panama Canal]] t ... exhaust the resources at its command. The Pacific era, destined to be the greatest of all, is just at its dawn."
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  • ...s brethren, and commanded them to wash his feet and diligently to seek and search for the wound. And that done, the plant of the foot of the lion was sore hu ... [[synod]] of 382, which was held for the purpose of ending the Antiochene schism.
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  • ...posed the early scholastic movement of the twelfth century, denouncing its great exponent, [[Peter Abelard]], forcing him into retirement from his teaching ...n [[Pope Honorius II]] was elected, Bernard was already reckoned among the greatest of French churchmen. He now shared in the most important ecclesiastical
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  • ...lar of Kabbalah and spread its teachings during this era. As part of that "search for meaning" in their lives, Kabbala received its biggest boost in the Jewi ...rael even before the arrival of Isaac Luria, its most famous resident. The great Yosef Karo, author of the ''Shulchan Arukh'' was part of the Tzfat school o
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  • ... establish religion in the world. Bahá'í teachings state that God is too great for humans to fully comprehend, nor to create a complete and accurate image ...ibe their faith as an independent world religion, differing from the other great religious traditions only in its relative newness and in the appropriatenes
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  • ...the [[Huron]], enemy of the Iroquois. Generally siding with the British, a schism developed during the [[American Revolutionary War]] when the Oneida and [[T]], representing the original five nations that were united by the [[The Great Peacemaker|Peacemaker]]. The tree symbol in the center represents an [[East
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  • ...p:// ...r, Volkogonov subsequently revealed that he had spent only two days on his search and had mainly relied on the word of [[KGB]] archivists. He stated, "What I
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  • ...research and teachings, done mostly at [[Harvard University]], contributed greatly to the development of psychology as a viable science. James also had a pa ... would only be resolved in 1872, after an extended period of philosophical searching.
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  • ... Founded under the [[Augustinian]] rule, the Dominican Order is one of the great orders of [[mendicant Orders|mendicant friars]] that revolutionized religio ...humb|200px|St. Thomas Aquinas, considered by the Catholic Church to be its greatest theologian, is girded by angels with a mystical belt of purity after his
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  • ===Party schism=== ...wing of his party for political guidance. He was criticized for having too great an intimacy with conservative Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Speaker of the
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  • ... his [[library]] at home.<ref name="bibliophile">F. Raphael, ''Popper: The Great Philosophers'' (London: Routledge, 1991, ISBN 0415923913), 447.</ref> As a ...ination (refutation) that scientific knowledge advances toward greater and greater problems; in a process very much akin to the interplay between genetic va
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  • ...78-0028657332) has it that she did not graduate [, Annie] Retrieved May 19, 2007. J. Michael McBr ...rian Era|Victorian]] times. Annie was a brilliant speaker, and was soon in great demand. Using the railway, she criss-crossed the country, speaking on all o
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  • ... of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at their compound on Mount Carmel, a property located nine miles (1 After this schism, Howell named his faction the Davidian Branch Davidian Seventh-Day Adventis
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  • |image_coat = Great coat of arms of Belgium.svg ...untries between 355 and 360 and was able to strengthen the Rhine border. A great invasion by [[Germanic tribes]] in 406–407 ended Roman occupation, and th
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  • ==Methodism in Great Britain== ...British Methodism united in 1932 to form the current [[Methodist Church of Great Britain]].
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  • ...ple of many religions have found the meditative disciplines of Buddhism of great help in their walks of faith. ...appeared and predicted that he would either conquer the world, or become a great spiritual teacher.
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  • ...rigins of [[evolution]]; sentient computers; extra-terrestrial beings; the search for one's place in the universe; and re-birth all seen within a cold, foreb ... perfectionist who often worked for years on pre-production planning and research, Kubrick had a number of unrealized projects during his career. All but one
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