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  • ...y during the Nazi era, called this phenomenon "everyday resistance." His research was based partly on the regular reports by the [[Gestapo]] and the SD on mo out"–a passive refusal to take part in official youth culture and a search for alternatives. Although none of the unofficial youth groups amounted to
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  • ...ental labor council Wilhelm held so dear. The final break came as Bismarck searched for a new [[parliament|parliamentary]] majority, with his ''Kartell'' vot * Mombauer, Annika and Wilhelm Deist (eds.). 2003. ''The Kaiser: New Research on Wilhelm II's Role in Imperial Germany.'' Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Univer
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  • ...ry, is a most engaging phenomenon; it is full of afflatus, sweep, and deep searchings of the heart; but it is essentially romantic and egoistical, and all in
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  • ...nal Remembrance, [ Decision to commence investigation into Katyn Massacre.] Retrieved Ju ...nal Remembrance, [ Decision to commence investigation into Katyn Massacre.] Retrieved Ju
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  • ...diers serving within a combat unit does have the advantage of allowing for searches on female civilians, and in some cases the female areas of segregated [[m ...eeing men to the actual fighting service. A voluntary Lotta unit manned an searchlight battery of Finnish [[anti-aircraft artillery]] in defense of Helsinki
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  • ...details.php/22823/summ ''"Ursus maritimus"''], [ ''"Ursus thibetanus"'']. ''International Union for t
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  • ...t known for a series of novels and the modernist play, ''Six Characters in Search of an Author.'' This play demonstrates the impact of [[relativism]] in mode ...o Niccomedi'' staged, at the Valle di Roma, the play ''[[Six Characters in Search of an Author|Sei Personaggi in Cerca d'Autore]]''. It was a clamorous failu
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  • ...nterest to an untrained dog. An intensive search for a scent, for instance searching a ship for contraband, can actually be very fatiguing for a dog, and the According to recent [[Genetics|genetic]] research, the lineage of dogs separated from that of wolves about 100,000 years ago
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  • ...ears of working in this city, Šafárik occupied himself with scientific research, so that when he moved to [[Prague]] in 1833, he was already a recognized e On his way back to Slovakia, he stopped in [[Prague]] to search for a tutor position and ended up spending one month there. He joined the l
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  • As a writer, Musil proclaimed that, in his fiction, he was always searching for ''genauenheit,'' which roughly translates as "exactitude." Musil is ...James Joyce|Joyce]]'s epic ''Ulysses'' and [[Marcel Proust|Proust]]'s ''In Search of Lost Time.''
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  • ...Dictionary -medieval" [ Definition from Online Etymology Dictionary] - Retrieved October 2 ...don. ''Dictionary of the Middle Ages, Supplement 1.'' 2004.</ref> Recent research and archaeology have also revealed complex cultures persisting throughout t
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  • ...uation, Einstein could not find a teaching post. After almost two years of searching, a former classmate's father helped him get a job in [[Bern]], at the Fe ...cientific work best proceeds from an examination of physical reality and a search for underlying axioms, with consistent explanations that apply in all insta
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  • ...fascist regime, backed by the army and the Heimwehr (Home Defence League), searched the headquarters of and banned the Socialist Party. Later Dollfuss abolis ...putation as a quick (standard deployment time is 10 hours) and efficient [[Search and rescue|SAR]] unit. In 2007, larger contingents of Austrian forces were
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  • ...t interest, however, was the life of Jesus, to which he devoted years of research and reflection. ...tudies of the life of Jesus, and later became the starting point for a new search for the Jesus of history.
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  • ...e=klemperer>Klemens Von Klemperer, ''German Resistance against Hitler: The Search for Allies Abroad, 1938-1945'' (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992, ISBN 978-019 *Von Klemperer, Klemens. ''German Resistance against Hitler: The Search for Allies Abroad, 1938-1945''. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1992. ISBN 978-019
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  • ...H. Malter, [ "David Cassel"] ''Jewish Encyclopedia'' Retrieved December 16, 2007
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  • ...une 15, 2008.</ref> The IA makes the collections available at no cost to researchers, historians, and scholars. It is a member of the [[American Library Asso to help preserve those artifacts and create an Internet library for [[researchers]], [[historians]], and [[scholars]]. The Archive collaborates with insti
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  • ...enced adult leader. These units, which specialized in [[search and destroy|search-and-destroy]] operations behind the front lines and during and after battle
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  • ...any love affairs and mistresses. In his autobiography he remarked that the search for love was for him a lifelong preoccupation. a believer in the scientific method, knowledge derived from empirical research that is verified through repeated testing, he believed that science reaches
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  • <blockquote>The emergence of economics in Germany as a research program was shaped to a great extent by the pedagogical environment in whic Based on these principles, the task of the economist was to study history in search of clues to the relationship between the social and economic organization o
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