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  • ...some of his old bitterness about it. ("This never happens to [[Gary Cooper|Cooper]] or [[Cary Grant|Grant]] or [[Clark Gable|Gable]], but always to me. Why d *"I don't approve of the [[John Wayne]]s and the [[Gary Cooper]]s saying 'Shucks, I ain't no actor—I'm just a bridge builder or a ga
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  • | location = [[Sucha]], [[Galicia (Central Europe)|Galicia]], [[Austria-Hungary]] (now [[Sucha Beskidzka]], [[Poland]]) Born '''Samuel Wilder''' in [[Sucha Beskidzka]], [[Austria-Hungary]] (now [[Poland]]) to Max Wilder and Eugenia Dittler, Wilder was nicknamed
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  • ...ny of these were celebrities and artists, such as [[Hollywood]] stars Gary Cooper, Charles Laughton, Tallulah Bankhead, Boris Karloff and others. On June 1, and others), and the rather disillusioned account of Paul Brunton (''A Search in Secret India,'' 1934), he achieved additional attention in the West over
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  • |Associated_acts = [[Tim Buckley]], [[Gary Lucas]], [[Inger Lorre]], [[John Zorn]], [[Rebecca Moore]], [[Shinehead]], ... Jeff Buckley and his mother, accompanied by experimental rock guitarist [[Gary Lucas]], who he would later co-write several songs with.<ref name="bpp136-1
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  • ...even miles northeast of Pella, Iowa.<ref>Gary L. Roberts, "Wyatt Earp: The Search for Order on the Last Frontier," in ''With Bullets & Badges: Lawmen & Outla ... farm and returned to Monmouth, Illinois, but was unable to find work as a cooper or farmer, the work he knew best. Faced with the possibility of not being a
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  • ...rom a news service, in opposition to [[Associated Press]] (AP), which is a cooperative owned by its members who both contribute and use its stories. UPI was The [[Associated Press]] was a publishers' cooperative and could assess its members to help pay for extraordinary coverage of
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  • ...Creative Commons licenses]]. Common Content was set up by Jeff Kramer with cooperation from Creative Commons, and is currently maintained by volunteers. *[ Creative Commons' Search Page]
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  • ...biri, and M. Hoffmann, Canid Specialist Group, [ "''Canis latrans'',"] ''2007 IUCN Red List of Threaten ...mall [[pet]]s, and live anywhere from parks to [[industrial]] areas. The researchers estimate that there are up to 2,000 coyotes living in "the greater Chica
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  • In August 1951, [[New York City]] police searched a parked car occupied by Monk and friend [[Bud Powell]]. The police found ...etention of the pair, and the beating of Monk, rendered the consent to the search void as given under duress. ''State v. De Koenigswarter'', 177 A.2d 344 (De
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  • ... of time around the sixth century.<ref name="abahatta">[ Abahattha] in {{Harvnb|Asiatic Society of Bangladesh|2 ...thereafter, giving strings such as '''''shô'''-ho-'''jo'''-gi-'''ta''''' "cooperation," where the '''boldface''' represents primary and secondary stress. Th
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  • ...arnings in order to avoid the [[poverty]] he knew as a child caused him to search quickly for more work, quickly building a new bank account with his highly ...r Hands; &, Take My Life: the Autobiographies of Eddie Cantor''. New York: Cooper Square Press, 2000. ISBN 9780815410577
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  • ...ef>Jeffrey Meyers, ''Edgar Allan Poe: His Life and Legacy'' (New York, NY: Cooper Square Press, 1992, ISBN 0815410387), 8.</ref> The Allans served as a [[fos ...], which became definitive renditions of Poe's work throughout Europe.<ref>Gary Wayne Harner, "Edgar Allan Poe in France: Baudelaire's Labor of Love," Ben
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  • |successor5 = [[Jim Cooper]] ...Gore Responds to CRC, Denies Global Warming is His Meal Ticket]. Capital Research Center. Retrieved February 23, 2009.</ref>
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  • ...a as Nunn suggested, and the change has been accepted by the majority of researchers. .... Historically, up to 80 different taxa have been described by different researchers; most of these were incorrectly identified juvenile birds (Double and Ch
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  • ...e ''[[de facto]]'' [[national library]] of the [[United States]] and the research arm of the [[United States Congress]]. Located in three buildings in [[Wash database]]s freely accessible over the Internet through the [[Entrez]] search engine and PubMed.
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  • ...e to place as his father, George Stegner, a restless man who was always in search of a way to get rich quick. After a short time in an orphanage at the age o ...limitations of aridity and the need for human institutions to respond in a cooperative way. He provided me in that moment with a way of thinking about the Am
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  • ...als, as well as domestic issues such as federal funding of [[stem cell]] research, the ineffective federal response to [[Hurricane Katrina]], and controversi ...ounterproductive.<ref>''Raising Standards or Raising Barriers?'' Edited by Gary Orfield and Mindy L. Kornhaber. (The Century Foundation Press, 2001)</ref>
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  • ...ry Intelligence]]'s (abbreviated as "Aman") [[Research Department (Aman)|Research Department]] was responsible for formulating the nation's intelligence esti ...d Mrs. Meir. The king said he didn't think so. "I think they [Egypt] would cooperate."<ref>Rabinovich, 50.</ref> Surprisingly, this warning fell on deaf ears
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  • ...aural sensations. Cowell's philosophy was to bring about a [[harmony]] and cooperation to overcome any [[human beings|human]] barriers and to build musical [ ... disciples, such as Nancarrow); Virgil Thomson styled them the "rhythmic research fellows." In 1925, Cowell organized the New Music Society, one of whose pri
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  • [[Austria-Hungary|Austrian]] economist [[Carl Menger]] (1840-1921) stated the basic principle ...hat all forms of collectivism (even those theoretically based on voluntary cooperation) could only be maintained by a central authority of some kind. In his
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