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  • ... of Colonel [[Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg]] (Memorial to the German Resistance, Berlin)]] ...44 (the [[July Plot|July 20 Plot]]). Among the more well-known attempts at resistance included the student movement, the [[White Rose]] and the effort of German
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  •,620 Isaeus]. ''''. </ref> According to Sir Richard C. Jebb, towards [[Philip II of Macedon]]. According to Jacqueline de Romilly, a French philologist and member of the ''Académie française,'' the threat of Phili
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  • ...'' (November 7, 1913 &ndash; January 4, 1960) was an [[Algeria]]n-[[France|French]] writer and [[philosophy|philosopher]]. He is best known for the [[existen Though Camus’ work is often associated with that of another important French philosopher, [[Jean-Paul Sartre]], there are important differences between
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  • |caption=[[French Union]] paratroops dropping from an [[United States Air Force]]-lent [[Fair |combatant1={{flagicon|France}} '''[[French Union]]''' <br />
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  • ...fficer, founded the ''Spanish Foreign Legion,'' along similar lines to the French Foreign Legion. Franco became the ''Legión's'' second-in-command and retur ...5. This landing in the heartland of Abd el-Krim's tribe, combined with the French invasion from the south, spelled the beginning of the end for the shortlive
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  • ...y assimilated to English life. His father, Jules Louis Cypress Ayer, was a French-speaking [[Switzerland|Swiss]] Calvinist from Neufchatel, who had lived in ...eaking people to meet and study with the Vienna Circle. Ayer was fluent in French but his German was not good; it was sufficient, however, for him to grasp t
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  • * Decorations from Austrian and French resistance groups * Pick, Hella. ''Simon Wiesenthal: A Life in Search of Justice.'' Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1996. ISBN 1-555-53273
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  • ...rst became involved in Vietnam as early as 1950, when they began to assist French colonial forces. In 1956, these advisers assumed full responsibility for tr ...dence, Vietnam went through a history of resisting outside aggression. The French gained control of Indochina during a series of colonial wars beginning in t
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  • ...overnment. Eventually the more organized Soviet forces quelled most of the resistance and drove the remaining Polish forces west. On January 5, 1919, the Red Arm ...86412402), [ Google Print]. </ref> [[Boris Savinkov]] was at the head of
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  • developments in navigation, [[cartography]] and maritime [[technology]] searching for a sea route to the source of the lucrative spice [[trade]]. In 1488,|war of independence]] against Spain), [[British Empire|England]], and [[French Empire|France]]. Unable to defend the network of trading posts and factorie
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  • ..., paragraph 1: The ''official languages'' of the Confederation are German, French and Italian. Romansh shall be an official language for communicating with p three official languages: [[German language|German]], [[French language|French]] and [[Italian language|Italian]], while a fourth national language, [[Rom
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  • ...ia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.<ref>Jared M. Diamond, ['s_gift_to_the_world Taiwan Campaign]] was a French victory, but had no long-term consequences. The French evacuated both Keelung and the Penghu archipelago after the end of the war
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  • ...[[agriculture]] and its relatively temperate climate in winter. Due to the resistance of Chief Victor (Many Horses), Stevens ended up inserting into the treaty c ...izzly). Like his father, Chief Charlot adhered to a policy of [[nonviolent resistance]]. He insisted on the right of his people to remain in the Bitterroot Valle
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  • [[Image:HD-SN-99-02041.JPEG|thumb|right|A French Foreign Legion unit patrols in a communist controlled area.]] ...e first few years of the war involved a low-level rural insurgency against French authority. However, after the Chinese communists reached the Northern borde
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  • ...ast India Company as a military as well as a commercial power. By 1760 the French were driven out of India, with the exception of a few trading posts on the ...The war also took place on Indian soil, between the company troops and the French forces. Around the same time, Britain surged ahead of its European rivals w
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  • ...inheritance of the vast territories of the Spanish Habsburgs. Although the French secured control of Spain and its colonies for Philip, the Austrians also en ..., and its position as the leading power in Europe, until the time of the [[French Revolution]]. [[Great Britain]], meanwhile, emerged as the dominant colonia
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  • ...lso a controversial figure in post-colonial India. For many, he represents resistance against [[imperialism]]. He is remembered as a champion of liberty, of the ... A closer depiction of Tipu Sultan can be seen here which, was carved by a French artist visiting the Mysore Durbar.
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  • ...ine-height:133%;">''Je maintiendrai''{{Spaces|2}}<small>([[French language|French]])</small><ref>{{cite web|title=Wat is het Koninklijk wapen of Rijkswapen? |footnote1 = {{note|box1}} The official motto is French; the literal translation to English is "I will maintain" (namely, the integ
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  • ...econd World War]], developments by the Americans, the Germans, the French (French Patent n° 788795 in 1934),<ref>radarnet [ The war precipitated the research to find better resolution, more portability, more features for that new def
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  •, [[Philip Augustus]]. To get it, John gave to Philip vast tracts of the French-speaking Anjou territories. ...r suspicious circumstances, thus losing the little support he had from his French barons.
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