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  • {{epname|Bahá'í Faith}} ...ersal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel, governing body of the '''Bahá'í Faith''']]
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  • [[Image:Albrecht Dürer Betende Hände.jpg|thumb|right|''Faith'' in something greater is an important theme in all the world religions. Pa ...nonym for religion, such as in the [[Buddhist]] faith or the [[Christian]] faith.
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  • ...peaks theologically of a 6,000 period of history during which God has been searching for the true family. Restoration history is the period, God is longing t ... even nations co-operate with God both in the chosen position blessed with faith, ''and'' in the position of pained and rejected, history moves towards its
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  • ...comitant richer sensibility about God's representatives within the growing faith community. *[ Abba]
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  • ... that members of society accommodate their differences by engaging in good-faith negotiation. Many religious pluralists claim that members of other faiths are searching for the same truths in different ways, and that all religious knowledge
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  • ...ons about issues like [[God]]? Is it even admissible to discuss matters of faith as if they were normal subjects of investigation? In the end, philosophy of ...It requires the generic notion of religion, as opposed to one’s personal faith, something that has only existed in the West in recent history, particularl
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  • ...notheistic]] religions, and more broadly to Ultimate Reality in many other faiths. An uncapitalized spelling (both singular and plural) has generally been u Developments in Greek [[philosophy]] shifted from [[polytheism]]/ [[henotheism]] to a [
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  •]] also recognize him as a manifestation of the divine (as do [[Bahá'í Faith|Bahá'í]] believers), while some [[Buddhism|Buddhists]] identify him as a Did he intend to establish a new religion, or was he a faithful [[Jew]]? Many [[Europe]]ans have depicted him with Gentile features, lig
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  • ... supplement to fight hunger and [[malnutrition]], organizing numerous interfaith conferences to foster cooperation among religions, proposing the establishm ...inued to attend church services, to study the Bible, and to persist in his search for answers about God, the world, and the purpose of human life.
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  • ...nflicting development, as in [[Marxism]], rather than a harmonious type of development, as the fundamental characteristic of reality. ...ral polarities, such as male and female. Conflict in nature may also beget development, but acting in a different way. This same confusion has pervaded concepts o
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  • ...fe in a philosophical sense, but some studies bear on related questions. Researchers in [[positive psychology]] study factors that lead to life satisfaction ...(and every other type of animal as well). Again, science is limited to the search for elements that promote the purpose of a specific life form (individuals
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  • ...ed the oldest inter-faith organization in the world, the World Congress of Faiths. In 1924, he gave the opening address at the Religions of Empire Conferenc ...brooke, “The Beginning,” ''World Congress of Faiths'' [ Beginning] Retrieved October 15, 2007.</ref>
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  • ...ptures originated from divine inspiration. The [[Monotheism|monotheistic]] faiths view their [[sacred texts]] as the "Word of God" and divine revelation. ...for countless followers. Today's ready availability of scriptures of every faith tradition fosters mutual understanding and respect for the value of all rel
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  • ...[Christianity]]. His missionary and theological efforts propagated the new faith beyond the confines of [[Judaism]] to take root among Gentiles (non-Jews) a ... of his faith in [[Jesus Christ]], he remains a model of dedication, zeal, faithfulness and piety.
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  • ...logical development|mental]], and [[emotion]]al growth, but also spiritual development. ...e="Searchstonesmult">M. Scott Peck, ''In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery '' (Hyperion, 1995).</ref> In 2004, Peck and his wife
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  • ...d a one-story house with distinctive guttering and tiling. After extensive searching, they found that Thondup's house resembled that in Reting's vision. They ...Tenzin Gyatso''' ("Holy Lord, Gentle Glory, Compassionate, Defender of the Faith, Ocean of Wisdom"). He is considered to be the 14th incarnation of the [[Bo
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  • As a further development of the rationalist position, many feel that theories of divine creation bla ...ions through natural science can be more beneficial than searching through faith, the latter of which often draws irreconcilable dividing lines between indi
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  • ...rom the Jewish ceremonial law, insisting that Christians are "justified by faith" and are "no longer under the supervision of the law." (3:24-25) The letter ...gospel" from that preached by Paul. ([;&version=31; 1:6&ndash;9]) The Galatians were receptive t
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  • ...n is fundamental to every aspect of Islam. It informs Muslim conduct, law, faith and practice across the whole spectrum of religious and temporal life. Non- ...Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith.<ref>Q 2: 23</ref>
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  • ... civil liberties, but were restricted regarding the dissemination of their faith, the keeping of Christian [[slave]]s, and the holding of office under the g ...he [[Crusades]], when they were often compelled to choose between life and faith.
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