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  • | State Party = {{IND}} ...oup of [[medieval]] [[Hindu]] and [[Jain]] [[temple]]s, famous for their [[erotic sculpture]]. The name Khajuraho is derived from the [[Hindi]] word ''khajur
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  • ...ess]] itself, it was not until the mid-twentieth century that it became a part of western mainstream culture after the introduction of Kinsey's [[sexology ..., harmless, and profitable. While society in general and [[law]]makers in particular may disagree over pornography and [[obscenity]], most agree that chil
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  • ...ultures throughout history have had specific socially sanctioned roles for erotic love and sexual expression between individuals of the same sex. Today attit but eventually choose to accept their proclivity for the same sex as a part of their [[identity]]. In so doing, they may have to overcome social and fa
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  • {{Infobox Artist ...isi da Caravaggio''' (September 29, 1571 – July 18, 1610) was an Italian artist active in [[Rome]], [[Naples]], Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610.
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  • ...ompany and make his own films, and, in a film career lasting just over a quarter of a century, he fulfilled the functions of [[screenwriter]], [[film dire ...critics, deciding who got to write what. In addition, he wrote hundreds of articles himself—often using a pseudonym so that he wouldn't seem to be writi
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  • ... religious framework. The book consists of a cycle of [[Poem|poems]] about erotic [[love]], largely in the form of a dialogue between a [[man]] and a [[woman ...the relationship between Christ and the church or between Christ and the heart of individual believers.
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  • ...gotiate. In the final years of the Stuart monarchy he returned to Rome as part of an embassy to [[Pope Innocent XI]]. ...ored by patrons at the highest level of society in an age in which foreign artists were usually preferred. Wright's paintings of royalty and the [[aristoc
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  • ...], [[Jack Black (author|Black]], [[Jean Genet|Genet]], [[Jean Paul Sartre|Sartre]], [[Samuel Beckett|Beckett]], [[Henry Miller|Miller]], [[Alfred Korzybsk ... 1960s. In 1984, he was elected to the [[American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters]].
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  • ... all the Greek states. After Philip's death, Demosthenes played a leading part in his city's uprising against the new King of Macedon, [[Alexander the Gre,620 Isaeus]. ''''. </ref> According to Sir Richard C. Jebb,
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  • ...ous offspring including the mythological ''Eros,'' the origin of the word "Erotic" today. ...he [[Mesopotamia]]ns, [[Hathor]] in the [[Ancient Egypt]], Ashtart or [[Astarte]] among the Syro-Palestinians, and Turan in [[Etruscan mythology]]. Like A
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  • ...etation is that all people are searching for sexual satisfaction, and that search may take them on many paths before they find true [[love]]. ... Bisexuality.] Retrieved February 16, 2007.</ref> Some bisexuals and sex researchers are dissatisfied with the term, and have developed a variety of alternat
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  • ...' (truth or essence) or Brahman, is the All-in-All, ''Tat Tvam Asi'' (Thou Art That) or the Universal Soul from which the many emanates: "Being thought to ...lly when aware of their absolute dependence on Brahman. The realized self participates in God's being, yet is not to be confused with the totality of God.
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  • ...issance]], an era marked by a creative flourish among [[African-American]] artists in [[Harlem]]. As a writer, Larsen showed early promise, but she only p ...riticized for selling out to white [[bohemian]]s who associated with black artists.
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  • ...ature]], [[Baroque dance|dance]], and [[Baroque music|music]]. The style started around 1600 in [[Rome]], [[Italy]] and spread to most of [[Europe]]. In m This idea is in accord with [[Martin Luther]]'s assertion that [[music]] emanates from divine spirit and, like
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  • ...f New York literati: Movie stars like [[Woody Allen]], philosophers like [[Arthur Danto]], and politicians like Mayor [[John Lindsay]] vied to know her. I ...r final nonfiction work, ''[[Regarding the Pain of Others]],'' re-examined art and photography from a moral standpoint, speaking of how the media affects
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  • ...ncreasing prosperity of artisans and tradesmen in Edo created a demand for art depicting the pleasure districts and popular kabuki actors. Hishikawa devel ...eaders of this reconstruction were people who came from the countryside in search of a new life; among them was Hishikawa, later known as ”the father of ''
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  • ...r of critically lauded and commercially successful films, including ''[[Spartacus]],'' ''[[2001: A Space Odyssey (film)|2001: A Space Odyssey]],'' ''[[Fu ...oto at the age of 16. Kubrick supplemented his income playing "chess for quarters" in [[Washington Square Park]] and in various [[Manhattan]] chess clubs.
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  •|Duchamp]]-esque attitude towards quotation and the integration of other art forms into poetry. [[Image:Blast2.jpg|left|thumbnail|The cover of the 1915 wartime number of the Vorticist magazine ''[[BLAST (journal)|BLAST]],'' only two
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  • ...thern [[India]], occupies a [[plateau]] of volcanic origin in the western part of [[Madhya Pradesh]] [[states and territories of India|state]]. That regio]] appeared, establishing a mighty kingdom in the region. Development of arts and science, as well as mathematics and astronomy, have been a hallmark of
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  • ...[First Quarto]], published in 1597. Later editions, such as the [[Second Quarto]] corrected the first version to make it more in line with Shakespeare's o [[Image:Arthur Brooke Tragicall His.jpg|left|thumb|Frontispiece of Brooke's poem, ''Rom
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