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  • .... to the fourth century B.C.E.). Scenes of everyday life depicted on these drums show that textiles of the Dong Son culture were highly developed. During a ...xample has the rounded top, curved middle, and splayed base often found in drums from Vietnam.]]
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  • ...-genre of reggae) have influenced hip hop and the musical style known as [[drum and bass]]. Another new style is [[new reggae]], made popular by the ska ba ===Drums===
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  • ...ligence]] weeks before the expedition which warned of an impending British search, and had moved much, but not all, of the supplies to safety. They had also]]. In addition to other express riders delivering their message, bells, drums, alarm guns, bonfires and a trumpet were used for rapid communication from
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  • ... from two of his children.<ref name="Searchstonesmult">M. Scott Peck, ''In Search of Stones: A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery '' (Hyperion, 1995). ...ople of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil'' (1983). ''The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace'' (1987) followed, as well as sequels to ''The
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  • ...d by his son, ┼îishi Chikara, was to attack the house via the back gate. A drum would sound the simultaneous attack, and a whistle would signal that Kira w (who had not yet woken up) from sending for help, ┼îishi sounded the drum to start the attack. Ten of Kira's retainers held off the party attacking t
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  • ... it may have involved the use of [[smoke signal]]s, [[drum (communication)|drums]] or [[semaphore]]. Today, telecommunication is widespread and devices tha ...>[ Talking Drums,] Instrument Encyclopedia, Cultural Heritage for Community Outreach, 1996.
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  • ... also known as a [[prank]]ster, a proud amateur [[painter]], and a [[bongo drum|bongo]] player. Richard Feynman was regarded as an eccentric and a [[free s While researching his Ph.D., Feynman married his first wife, [[Arline Greenbaum]]. (Arline
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  • ...orthern Guangdong and Guangxi. The Tang government allowed these people to search for arable land in the mountains without the obligation of paying taxes. Af ...he Yao play gongs, the suona horn (a woodwind instrument) and a long waist drum. <ref>[ Yao]
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  • ...loped the family's dance school business, he moved to [[New York City]] in search of work as a choreographer.<ref name="Thomas"/> After a fruitless search, Kelly returned to Pittsburgh, to his first position as a choreographer wit
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  • University Press, 1987. ISBN 0822307693), 64; Margaret Laurence. ''Long Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists, 1952-1966.'' (Alberta: Uni ...n overwhelm his identity and fortitude.<ref>Charles Nnolim, "The Artist in Search of The Right Leadership: Achebe As A Social Critic." In Ihekweazu, 1996, 17
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  • ..., [[bluefish]]es, [[remora]]s, [[jack]]s and [[pompano]]s, [[snapper]]s, [[drum]]s (croakers), [[angelfish]]es, [[cichlid]]s, [[mackerel]]s, [[tuna]]s, [[g *** [[Sciaenidae]] ([[drum (fish)|drum]]s)
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  • ...iversity of Innsbruck (Austria).'' Retrieved July 28, 2017. </ref> Other research has shown that higher snowfalls from the [[North Atlantic oscillation]] cau .../111?maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&fulltext=%22+Martin+Sharp%22&searchid=1&FIRSTINDEX=0&resourcetype=HWCIT Ancient Biomolecules from Deep Ice Core
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  • ...piano]]), [[Paul Chambers]] ([[double bass]]), and [[Philly Joe Jones]] ([[drums]]). Musically, the band picked up where Davis's late 1940s sessions had le [[Image:PhillyLix.png|thumb|250px|Drum figures popularized by Miles Davis' drummer Joseph Rudolph "Philly Joe" Jones.]]
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  • Before the advent of [[cardboard]] and [[plastic]] containers and [[steel]] drums in the twentieth century, barrels were regarded as the "king of packages." ...port of fluids such as [[water]], [[oil]]s, and [[hazardous waste]]. Empty drums occasionally became musical instruments in a [[steel pan]] [[Musical ensem
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  • ...esonating cavity, if any, determine the sound of the instrument. Examples: drums, bells and cymbals. ...hey often mimic other instruments in their design, particularly keyboards, drums and guitars. Examples: synthesizers and theremins.
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  • ... citizens' privacy rights and frequent refusal to follow the law regarding search warrants; restrictions on [[freedom of the press]]; arrest, detention, and ...ather painting depicts Ethiopian Orthodox priests playing ''sistra'' and a drum.]]
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  • ...vid Grisman]] Garcia traveled the American countryside in the early 1960s, searching for their own ideal in the ''the high lonesome'' sound of [[bluegrass]] ...Kernan on electric piano, Dana Morgan junior on bass and Bill Kreutzman on drums. During the band's early days, Kreutzmann sometimes used a fake [[military
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  • ...ll-documented poltergeist cases in the history of British [[paranormal]] research, no satisfactory explanation has been put forth to explain the loud rapping plagued a magistrate who arrested and confiscated the drum of a vagrant drummer, and the [[Livingston Wizard]] (1797) of West Virginia, where all cloth
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  • During [[World War I]], with the need to detect [[submarine]]s, more research into the use of sound was undertaken. The British made early use of underwa In 1916, under the British Board of Invention and Research, Canadian physicist Robert Boyle took on the active sonar project with [[Al
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  • ...rth/boe/img/fig080.jpg A diagram of the Tengriist World view on a shaman's drum], and [ explanation of the diagram] ... earth.<ref>Polat Kaya, [ Search For the Origin of the Crescent and Star Motif in the Turkish Flag,] 1997. R
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